Rookie website experience sharing

, I’m a rookie station owner. I don’t have any special computer training, word, Excel, PS, which I haven’t learned, let alone ASP, PHP, and so on. Website is purely personal hobby, I am more perfect pursuit of this person, or do not do, do it well, and this has become a motive for my website.

remember when you started doing your website, because you didn’t know the language, it was rather hard to do. So, you just look for tutorials online. My website is under the efforts of a little bit of effort to do it. I choose the website program, is everyone is very familiar with CMS, the template is under the official website, and through their own simple modifications, so, my website was born. I’m on a non mainstream website, because almost all of these sites are pictures and Martian texts. It’s easier for me to get started. Originally intended to use the first letters as the domain name, but listen to a friend said that the domain name not what value, I think it is not without reason, through their own thinking, their own domain name to determine down, which is now the, so every day I was in your site is busy (had not heard of SEO, do not know what is called SEO), because I was in school, the time is not so free, but I have the time you went to Internet cafes to add content to your web site. Every day has not stopped, hoped that the spider can visit my station. read more

The importance of website copyright

many webmasters like to add copyright at the bottom of their own website, please do not reprint, how much resolution, etc.. Many webmaster is not very value this, in fact, this is also a very important part of the website construction.

I just started learning the building site, built a lot of LJ station, those stations do not have what quality, but after a certain period of time after, built a regular station. However, after the completion of the station, it is not long before, we see that there are similar to their own stations have also built up. The template is similar and the content is similar. It gives me a headache. read more

Valentine’s Day SMS keyword climax before and after feeling

Valentine’s Day was over. I had a short day with her. Valentine’s day. But I was busy celebrating her for many days. She was my website, haha! Because nobody accompanies, had to accompany my website ^_^……

to her, I was ready to fill the new clothes in February 10th, also prepared a lot of footage, the latest [2008 Valentine’s day, Valentine’s day classic Funny SMS, SMS… Etc., with the title related content introduced three contents, though not original, but I personally spent half an hour to collect a Valentine’s Day message, you rearrange the content posted some of the original, huh, finally have the results, there is a successful content included, and row in the first page, there is a lot of traffic increased in February 13th! Happy…… Expect…… I hope there is a climax! read more

The school network let me do stand let me earn

"I’m going up step by step, waiting for the sun to look at its face. Little days, big dreams, heavy shells, gently looking up……" Listening to Jay Chou’s snail, sitting in front of my favorite computer, to share my experience with the station. This experience may be no other students, such as unlimited scenery, and did not make much money, but she is my growth mark, but also regarded as a way to do the station.

in September 05, I came to Wuhan from Shandong and started my college life. When I left home for the first time, I felt like I was alone. I used to surf the Internet and look for my former classmates. It was this opportunity that I knew. At that time, the school network, not many people, I looked for us in Tai’an, one of the students, it seems that only a few people. At that time, I felt that there were two places in the school network, one was the personal page DIY and the other was a group (there was a secret of "graffiti board" at that time, and there were tens of thousands of people there. I just found the search for common words, what the "Shandong", "love", "friends" ah what are many related groups, but when I search for "girlfriend" even when a group has no chance, ah, I would build a playful name "Oh to find a girlfriend". At the same time, for fun, I also casually built a fellow villager group, called "Shandong people in Wuhan."". After turning several attractive posts from MOP, I didn’t manage the two groups very well. read more

Vertical industry chain analysis the industry of domestic maternal feudal lords vying for the thr

for the first time in the webmaster network hair article, before all see what you write, this talk about the development trend of mother and baby industry chain. Hope to communicate with you more. My QQ:8185046

is a typical Chinese father should be what? In many Chinese eyes, father is perhaps Zhu Ziqing’s that simple, honest man be scanty of words. This is the old man’s point of view. People ignore the young guys with unkempt hair, hip hop, casual clothes, and Han Han’s opinion leaders. They’re becoming a new generation of dads. read more

nteresting use mobile phone station webmaster

 , who spent three hundred hours last autumn scouring out a BlackBerry on the Internet, was excited by the first contact. Slowly, all functions will be used, and then began to download resources and themes from the Internet, in fact, it is very difficult. It’s not like an ordinary mobile phone. Just download it directly. All kinds of things have to be translated into their own default format, for example, the picture is in IPD format. Ha ha, I haven’t heard of it before.

because of small memory, only 16M. So many things play enough, delete, Download new. But there is no heart, will be hard to find the resources abandoned. Then find a free SkyDrive deposit, the more I know the more deposits. Later ruthless cruel, bought a space, got a CN, my small station also opened. Ha ha, read more

By means of brand advantage we can break through successfully in the competitive network constructi

website construction market competition has entered the white hot trend, especially in the first-tier cities, network construction market competition has entered the competition of funds, contacts, resources, companies want talent shows itself in this market, make excellent performance, it must be different from other companies with the advantage to win the competition. Among the many methods, to create brand advantages, establish a reputation, image and influence, help network construction company successfully break through. read more

9 perspectives analyze the links between advertising alliances and personal website profits

this article analyzes the links between advertising alliances and personal website profits from 9 perspectives.

, where does the money come from and who is paying for your website?

Although the

advertising alliance paid money to individual owners, they are not the real parents personal website. Those who pay for the site are those who wish to explore the market through the Internet, and they are willing to pay for advertising for their products and services, while they are looking for potential customers. This kind of business behavior belongs to website promotion, and is also part of enterprise marketing strategy. The advertising alliance acts as one of the channels of cooperation. It combines the very dispersed personal websites and makes accurate user positioning through classified advertisements, thus providing customers with the source of the enterprise. When a web user clicks on an online ad, it is equivalent to pushing the user to the service of the enterprise. And large enterprises like to advertise directly on the portal site, thus omitting the intermediate steps of advertising agents; of course, they also value the user groups in the hands of the vast number of personal websites. As a result, businesses pay for personal websites and actually pay for their own market. read more

s the family SNS model feasible in China

China is a focus on kinship countries, at present SNS mode in the world, China also launched a similar FACEBOOK campus network and network at home, there are some marginal SNS website, for example, if the neighbor contact home etc.. So, is it possible to use SNS as a family opportunity in China,


according to the author’s observation, the current China has launched nearly more than 10 families such as the SNS website, I show my family (, (, but even more distinctive but not much, I show my focus and tracking family, its core product is a family tree. And each family is even more family contact between friends. Whether it’s my home, my show, or my family, it’s still in its infancy in China. The technology of its 2 websites is very cattle. The key is to see how the market will work in the future. read more

Do not understand the code of the webmaster earn 4000 hardships experience confession

, I’m quite a beginner. All the successes are on the A5 forum. Let me talk about it.

I graduated from a computer major, but the school is all about textbook. Besides, what else can I do in school besides Internet cafes and


May 2009 I happened to see the site is now more and more, I also had to make a website dream, but the people around me no one will, don’t know where to start, so I saw a lot of Baidu search forum exclusively for Adsense service, so every day I as long as the Internet to A5 look at the various articles, the first point of understanding after I began to buy the domain name + space. I bought a 50M. Search all kinds of free code uploads. There are a lot of code that is free of charge but one to know there are many functional limitations, ah. Debugging is not in the machine, it is too cumbersome to send back and forth. Later, I heard that there is a movie system source code is not limited, I got a collection of movies, crazy to do the chain, and finally around IP30 per day. I also applied GG advertising, 30IP can point several GG! I love to remove the 2 months of hard film program. read more

nternet money profit and ability to enhance the inspiration

this few years to write articles, see industry insiders wrote an article on the Lu Songsong blog article, I think it is necessary to pay attention to these years Lu Songsong and harvest of this blog to write about, learning and inspiration is my most valuable person from Lou loose blog and the things.

trend, personal webmaster has become less and less, which is on the surface of things or local things, in fact, the Internet industry China, webmaster and Internet operators to promote the relevant practitioners or occupy a large part of their common problems are the lack of knowledge of system for Internet promotion or are interested in but has not yet started. read more

2 months in the mother earned 10 thousand of the students the webmaster story

, a student awake in slumber, from the beginning to the present,

when the computer network, gradually contact us, when I was a junior high school students every day in addition to school is to go home, I didn’t even know what is the network, only seen friends to play computer, then I know the computer is really pitiful, not to mention the network, what about the website the network of things, when I was 2 at the beginning of the semester when the school bought a room, I was very curious, although only 2 classes a week but think it is the most hard at school. At that time, the school room or 95 read more

Concentration is also one of the core competencies of SNS

because half of the fireworks, I am non professional writers, therefore, in the whole blog, there will be a lot of saliva of the text, ha ha, and later on in the article will not declare in particular. At present, many webmaster do SNS, including me, many of my friends have their own SNS operations, and they are getting more confused, why? Because they feel that they do not know what to do, because what has his SNS above, do not know which direction.

actually, what I want to say is that concentration is also one of the core competencies of SNS. Take the beauty Street talent network, the net friend knows that this site is a draft, but in fact it has achieved its purpose. If a SNS, a netizen above, do not know what you’re doing, so, this site you have no core competitiveness, because UCHOME is open source, everywhere is a face, you have the game, others have, because it is a game of roaming. read more

Choose the network walked along the bitter Road two

A5 started in November last year in this network I walked inside the bitterness, I talked about the road network from November to April, today to talk about me from December to the present road network


many webmaster know, in December last year, the network storm prompted many individual webmaster have left the circle, and I do the industry belongs to the extreme industry —–> SF. Now, in retrospect, I felt a bit sad for the last few months. Want to feel at that time is in debt, I also checked the IDC for IDC, so just two months time for 10 IDC. As a result, the station has been K finished, and finally put all my stations are closed, and look forward to that glimmer of hope, so I’m here to give those novice Adsense reminder, do not change your IP frequently! read more

From heaven to hell how does the picture affect conversion rates

love you use pictures in the blog article? Yes, if it’s not too much trouble, I believe we are not on the mind to put some beautiful pictures to decorate the contents of the two kinds of consequences but your picture may lead to the following:

pictures will help you achieve your business goals, and may also hurt your conversion rate.

sounds very simple, but unless you can truly understand the picture of how to influence purchasing decisions, pictures of some nuances may bring different effect to your conversion rate. read more

f you can’t leave Baidu your website can only stop here

Baidu, undeniably, is a very successful web site, and it does give the station more traffic search engines.

, but any webmaster site, its mainstream quantity can not unilaterally rely on Baidu!


this sentence, is the dream cold often to nearby webmaster speak a word. The fact is already there, and if you do know how to dig traffic at Baidu, then you might be the second Taobao tomorrow, but unfortunately you don’t have the strength of Taobao.

Baidu’s daily traffic is very large, these traffic is not available for each webmaster, but these traffic can be used for us? Obviously, we are not so tough to that point. For any website, it’s just a small, very small classification of the entire life circle. While Baidu is facing the general classification of whole life circle, here it was all but, cover and contain everything, if it was collected to divide each webmaster hand flow, then as a drop in the bucket. read more

Grief and indignation rookie Adsense exchange links are so difficult

these two days, because they do a new station, like all the webmaster, waiting for Baidu included, but could not wait to karma, like all owners with their new sites: QQ space message code ( and another station for Links, so depressed things out.

"PR how much?" "Baidu included how much?" "how much traffic?" this is my last few days heard the most a few words, I can only say to him, my new station, no PR, not included, no traffic.

actually, I also know that there is no way. You do not include, it is indeed not a few webmaster willing to link with you. Of course, except by K’s station. General owners are paying attention to this, but for my rookie, for new sites, it is really difficult. read more

08 years do stand to earn little cheaper to eat burned

one day in March, 08, suddenly thought of a local classified information website. Say, do, do, I never ambiguous. The first step: registering a CN domain name. There’s no other reason. Just one yuan, cheap.

second step: give the website a good name. What is the name of that? Then, our local famous website, is the "Dongying information port".

third step: waiting for Baidu included, half a month later, the site included. Dongying information port, a few words ranking is really good, Baidu ranked third. Just depend on this keyword. Come to 300-500ip every day or so. read more

Finally stepped into the ranks of the webmaster

I’m from Xi’an, in mid October 2008, I finally escaped from the evil of the office cubicle, started to move a webmaster, concentrate on their own website, although just started, I was full of hope, the past few months, from now can be absolutely ignorant of, and the people in the chat some professional things. Although my website is not big, but I like it very much, all have one after another, plan oneself experienced, in the website bigger, think about this not long not short a few months, really memorable read more

Children’s Web operators climb up behind glass flies and see bright prospects

  in many websites classification, the children website becomes the emerging star, along with the Internet popularization, the future child Internet time arrives, the website which aims at the child has also mushroomed. Baby, mom said, Kaka, Yaya net, etc. the rapid rise, there are a large number of new sites in the birth of 61flash  early childhood, children blue cat, and other domestic websites especially extension services developed for children is very small, including the advertising model, are copying foreign models.
read more