Do science Shanghai Longfeng everything from the common sense of novice slow reading

of a website is the amount collected by search engines crawl the page volume and quality to decide.

A, from the technical perspective, analysis page URL, HTML, heads;

(a) search engines

two, the overall ranking of website:

!Shanghai dragon

is a website ranking and aggregation page ranking consists of a single page.

(a) a single page ranking:

search engines can be judged by the analysis of the log file retention time spider crawl the site total residence time and grab a single page, so that we can be calculated by a formula. read more

Exclusive opened several mysterious Shanghai Dragon Technology pig veil

, a QQ space ranking technology

1, the authority to set good keywords all open

on the Internet now, everyone Tucao, hurry away from Shanghai dragon! Shanghai dragon is dead! I think, the more we get away from, is the greatest opportunity.

as I understand, at the age of 20 you must enter into the right circle, we should strive to create their own circle after the age of 30.

we often see in the inspirational words: 20 years old with the right people, after 30 years to do the right thing, I think this is very reasonable. read more

A few questions about love Shanghai snapshot come under discussion

love Shanghai snapshot click into should show the date display is a snapshot of the web page, but sometimes click will appear in the page is deleted or you want to access the page does not exist, then such a problem is what causes it, here are some of my views, pay more attention to the recent love Shanghai originality and weight, some webmaster opportunistic to others website here under the change when their original to the website, but also everyone is the pseudo original, now, Shanghai has begun to punish these love, if you click on the page error information, then chances are you the pseudo original or this is love Shanghai found plagiarism, which hurt the entire home are removed to solve the problem and the first case is the same, that is high The quality of the read more

Analysis search engine optimization importance in network marketing

search engine optimization is a direct source of network marketing

three: search engine optimization with the marketing of various

network marketing way more, but also said earlier, the current site operators use a most is Shanghai dragon, while the vast majority of users are also through the search engine to obtain information. Shanghai dragon in the process of network marketing is the role of a bridge, in the premise of good network marketing, we need to do the website of Shanghai dragon. The Shanghai dragon will products, we show the website keywords on the Internet, and as far as possible keyword rankings, provided the conditions for improving the conversion rate of users. read more

Links is no longer valid How do the reverse link for Baidu

network favorites A few days ago in Shanghai

said the document sharing to increase the chain we all know is mainly for love or love for the Shanghai library Shanghai Encyclopedia of. Library of other sites can also, but in the love of Shanghai library effect will be more obvious. The library inside of the articles are generally authoritative, practicality and readability, for the more stringent audit. Because of this Shanghai dragon Er will move on the masterpiece library, and love Shanghai alleged infringement, without the writers agreed to publish this article in the library, by many writers on the court. Love Shanghai had to delete the library also deleted the masterpiece, a lot of the chain. If you have the intention to stay outside the chain in the library or suggest that you try to rely on their own original, plagiarism also love Shanghai vulnerable. read more

How to the coffee machine industry website anchor text optimization

in the external link anchor text >

written in the author’s general do anchor text will not be more than three, the general will in the first paragraph of the article on the left appears and the keyword bold hyperlink anchor text is < > in the text will choose one to the optimization of the key words add hyperlink < note: the hyperlink page and the anchor text is related to > to the last paragraph of the keyword appears the plus hyperlink. < note: the author found that some webmaster do anchor text in an article in the same word, in fact it does not what role they might also have certain negative effects, at the same time the article of the anchor text is best not to do the same for a key to do different keyword links to related pages. As shown in the figure below for the anchor text "first made coffee machine: read more

Endless website construction of the chain in my eyes

    A.; ensure that the connection loss rate is not too high

first said that many determinants of the website rankings, but if I had to choose one of the most important factors, I will choose the chain! Of course, each Shanghai dragon Er standard and the idea is not the same, but the chain in Shanghai dragon’s position must be very important through! Some of my own experience, and made last year the station group chain wheel raise a Babel of criticism of website ranking case can explain the importance of the chain. So I say a little bit of experience of foreign chain construction, learning more knowledge of website optimization, please login login please take www.xuanxue贵族宝贝 . read more

Kingsoft software start again Lei Jun and Zhang Hongjiang Bao Bao mobile nternetCount the most pro


web game site

in accordance with the Jinshan plan, the group will promote the full transformation of the various business sectors, mobile Internet, Jinshan WPS, Kingsoft network, Jinshan fast disk, Xishan residence and other core businesses are among them. A year later, the first paper handed over by various business units also gave the group the confidence to comment in the transition.


2012, for Kingsoft, is a year worth recalling.

secondary information website

in Lei Jun seems, the mobile Internet is the general trend, the market potential is 10 times the PC Internet, "in recent years I have invested in several mobile Internet Co development is good."". Facts have proved that Lei Jun’s judgment is wise – today, Lei Jun $1 million angel investment YY company has grown into a market capitalization of $700 million of listed companies. read more

Ringing of the network advertising into the 2 eraThe webmaster exchange group lectures two gentlemen

one, paid risk is low,

if the pay per click advertising portal, search advertising as a representative of the Internet advertising 1 times, then call to paid advertising on behalf of the pay advertising is the network advertisement into the 2 era, because the evaluation of advertising effectiveness, which uses a completely different way. We know that the former pay per click, click on can describe the advertising effect, or a big question mark. The latter, in accordance with the effective call fee, the effect of advertising in the most intuitive way to show out. read more

Today pulled out the ads for the u69 LeagueAbsolutely true Zhang Zhaoyang actually ‘m very intr


impossible! I didn’t cheat. How could I K me?

this is my account number, deleted,

" ?

ten visual "09:15:22

! ?

on March 1, 2008 Saturday at 05:16 PM have successfully registered mail registered in the u69 account, just registered its business registration registration of a few yuan, still had to go, because I think I have my own way to make little flow station let IP the registration number non cheating oh, ha ha, I have to forsake heresy and return to the truth.

didn’t you pass the audit before, read more

Want to become the first master Wangzhuan to emancipate the mindTaobao Alliance launched the million

"The challenge"

if you want to exchange ideas with friends group Wangzhuan Alliance Group, you can join the group 88074814.

group always ask me what websites make money and which alliances make more. This is a long-term topic. At the same time, it is not a question that can be answered in one sentence. Give you two stories, and everybody said:


, my friends, do you see? Let me sum it up: fishing for fish, no fishing. According to their actual situation, try to do what you can say Wangzhuan, such as monthly ad, or find their own customers to sell advertising read more

After the bubble of content entrepreneurship burst it was time to return to valueThe 10 Y Combinato

capital will favor from the media?

, and DesktopTwo have failed in similar projects, and eyeOS has developed well, possibly due to its open source features. The biggest reason for the failure of these companies is the rise of shlf1314 Docs, which provides free, multi platform cloud services.

Thinkature is a free, easy to use and simple online collaboration tools, users can create and modify and team members in real time through the browser Liuhe brainstorming, problem discussion and documentation. This allows collaboration between team members at different locations to become simple and feasible, so it’s a good looking project, but why did it fail later? Software really should read more

Can you make money on site in 2008SEO Wangzhuan secret two do SEO for yourself

many times, we do SEO for ourselves without a very good goal, and we are all blindly rushing into the camp. No matter who is doing SEO, I want to make money is certainly the best, but in the short term does not necessarily make money is the first time a website, some short-term classes can’t earn money, but as a long-term investment will have a very good income, this is worthy of long-term investment. But I would like to suggest that we do such investments when we have a stable source of income, otherwise we will make money as our first priority. Don’t feel vulgar, don’t think money is unimportant. More often, we do SEO for money, and the more money we get, the more willing we are willing to pay. For yourself to do SEO, you must make money at the first place. read more

Dream of making money online don’t use tuition to torture yourselfSoftware service open the burden

the future of the world science Dean Toffler had predicted that the service is an industry of future society’s most dynamic economy.

on the development of IT industry at present, the strategic position of IT service in the enterprise is more and more important. Two years ago, Microsoft has proposed a "customer-centric" software service strategy, the business indicators of software services for 80% of the total income; the good performance of the IBM company in the second quarter of this year, the growth is mainly from the service. The industrialization of software services has become the trend of the times. However, from the current situation of domestic software vendors, the situation is not as optimistic as we imagine.

includes software vendors UF, Kingdee, aneoo etc. these more well-known, not when the service in the industrial scale, is likely to become a burden for enterprise development. On the current situation, the domestic service charges remain at the initial stage, some of the concept of enterprise users still stay in the free service phase. A survey shows that in many areas, customers who are willing to pay their service fees only account for 10% to 20% of the proportion.

in free software service system, the company sales of software products to include behavior of software products, software installation, training and customer service daily service, software upgrades and other content, because the software product has the marginal cost is almost zero when copying features, so the cost of software companies to focus almost entirely on software research on customer service and service. If the software business services continue to expand with the needs of users, it will inevitably lead to a substantial increase in enterprise costs. Take UF as an example, the number of personnel including training, consulting, implementation and maintenance of the company is far greater than the number of sales staff and management staff. A senior source of UF said: "if the service can not create revenue, and can not bring the corresponding value, it is really a big problem for the company’s management."."Not only is


read more

Executive power is the basic reason of Wangzhuan millionJinshan CEO Fu Sheng and his entrepreneurial

below is written memoir:

from venture industry to entrepreneurship

i horse reading Jinshan CEO Fu Sheng recently in the well-known online education platform Dobe network to share his entrepreneurial story. Since his resignation in 2008, Fu Cheng experienced the venture capital industry, in a housing business, and the merger of several processes such as Jinshan, during which he experienced a lot of sad, but also met Zhang Ying and Lei Jun two noble. "I will meet you in the first perception of entrepreneurship is, if no one can help you, is only a slogan." read more

How benign development of wireless nternetChuan sh419 is secretly built 2008 League through the Ol

wireless value chain how to benign interaction and sustainable development?

What is

from the vertical is you in a value chain, content integration and integration, to achieve add content, provide plus content, there is actually a lot of opportunities. We know that in the wireless value-added industries there are some companies do the bell pictures, a company with a monthly income of millions of yuan, finally by some more big companies with millions of dollars to acquire, there is great potential.

The development of

three years everything will come back

Analysys believes that the Internet is actually

three stages: the first stage is the road, the second stage is the application, the third stage is represented by shlf1314, it is to help you find the need to find information. Today, the Internet has entered a real content is king of the times, although the content is king has been talking about in the past two years, but today really become a kind of money, shlf1314 should be said that from the beginning of the listing, we feel the real commercial interests.

read more

Ma Yun today’s nternet entrepreneurs rely on free would be suicide What are the opportunities and i

P2P financial industry

in March 31st, the 2013 China Shenzhen IT leaders summit, jointly sponsored by the Shenzhen Municipal People’s government and the digital China Federation, was held at the Wuzhou hotel. Alibaba Ma, sh419 Robin Li, Ma Huateng, Wu Ying, Chinese digital Tencent digital China well-known enterprises attended the elite and other emerging subject "IT innovation to promote human progress" summit. The agency issued photo by Chen Wen

over the past year, many people have made more or less money through P2P, including myself. For teams and individuals with traffic, it’s easy to make money through P2P. read more

How can a shared economy on the road of time sharing leasing be able to tell the story of upgrading

, let’s look at the user’s habits.

many friends ask sesame question, today sesame again stressed. Your income is not unified, there are a lot of people not to earn money, earn 10 yuan a lot of people, many people have to earn one hundred yuan, there are a lot like they are ma Wangzhuan, the revenue is immeasurable. Don’t kill a stick, do not doubt the authenticity of Wangzhuan, how much money you say


three: Wangzhuan is a

: from visual Chinese

but if it’s a timeshare, then a range of inexpensive items can be found in the "shared economy" areas, such as bicycles, such as rechargeable batteries such as umbrellas, such as lighters laughs. Because as long as there is enough financing, the supply can flow continuously. read more

Taobao customers make money thinking determine the way outAdsense optimization section of the firs

We all know that

      what we call "the first ad unit" here is the first ad code to appear in the page HTML code. Note that the first ad element in the source code is not always the first ad unit that the user sees in the browser. For example, if you are using the DIV tag in your code, our system might also consider the ad unit at the bottom of the page as the first ad unit.

In this paper, by

      many Adsense publishers may already know that an effective way to increase AdSense revenue is to place more than one ad unit on a content rich web page. There is also a way to maximize your revenue from using multiple ad units, which is to ensure that the highest click rate advertising unit is the first element in your page HTML code. Probably a lot of publishers don’t understand why this can increase revenue. Here’s how the Adsense system configures ads on the page. read more

New media venture is whim or in depth layoutDark horse Yahoo Music Search grand on line

common features of new media investment:

6.2016 August 17th, twitch acquisition game content and resource platform Curse, although the terms of the transaction did not disclose, but Curse business in the game will have a direct impact on the Twitch live platform.

2, to a greater degree of vertical subdivision. Most of the new media platform investment projects are based on the original, continue to investors segmentation, for investors to expand the market, and increase market share.

at the same time, a large number of relatively mature new media company involved in the investment industry, including some sensational events, so what makes the new media to invest in this market environment? The new media and traditional capital investment, what is the difference? "/p> read more