On the construction of Shanghai Longfeng practice the internal structure and the chain of the report


first in determining the target group browsing circumstances how to optimize the internal site user experience is to keep the user back even trigger click ads to effectively enhance the necessary website income way. So I when analyzing the internal structure of the site of the removal function, introduction of cumbersome interface, reasonable increase in the interaction of button arrangement optimization necessary and reasonable. By optimizing the station interactive function, can effectively improve the quality of the content of PV (page view) or page views, or click. Each user can browse the site browsing time adds more content, allowing users to have the opportunity to find more valuable things, but also allows users to have a chance to trigger the diversity of station advertising, let users access for advertising opportunities in front of the user. In order to achieve the purpose of advertising revenue read more

Listen to Wang Tong only then gathered for the first time in Shanghai Longfeng sentiment two

now offers Shanghai dragon service company is too much, when customers are faced with the same price, the optimization time almost. The customer will choose which? In fact, most of the business owners do not understand the Shanghai dragon. The most simple and most common way: love Shanghai, You’ll see. So for the general customers, he will search what kind of words? For example: you are an Internet company in Hefei. The customer is likely to search "Hefei site optimization, Hefei site promotion", "Hefei network promotion", but generally not found "Hefei Shanghai dragon" the words. So the company should provide service to Shanghai dragon competition "Hefei site optimization, Hefei site promotion", "Hefei network promotion" of these three words. Even your company’s website is not good, also talk about what read more

Link trading hot chain pay attention to choose

links businesses in general will be the site of the most prominent data show, such as "XX news" "gov link" PR "how much" and "love Shanghai included how much", we see the data, do not default for these links how high quality. In fact, the site did not, a lot of hidden trick. Let’s dig carefully.

Shanghai dragon determines the stability of the chain and for a long time, we must specify the plan to buy links. A lot of friends bought a month, next month will forget to renew or offset by other links, such behavior on the website of Shanghai dragon big disadvantage, very easily lead to drop right. read more

How to obtain high quality communication Links

Links construction is not easy, especially some website parameters generally website is particularly difficult, how important a skill of Links construction. I in this elaborates some methods of some of their own exchange process in Links, hoping to be useful to the webmaster friends. In this paper, by the local wine network (贵族宝贝7979la贵族宝贝) website editor first, please indicate the source, welcome Links cooperation, contact qq805209452.

when in the process of exchange Links in our website for the other parameters are not satisfied, we can take home exchange Links sending an advertising strategy, this method can be used for the B2C site link exchange, advertising on the one hand, their website brand, on the other hand may bring direct orders to they, they are very happy to. read more

How to prevent the Dede trojan website was hacked

2. Dede installed CMS system installed after deleting files. Install

3. Directory: the background. To modify the default Dede into the other name


now use Dede CMS system to set up the website owners. Many of its open source code for free, functional and powerful, so is the most popular the most used CMS, but at the same time, there are loopholes in the Dede. CMS system procedures, hacker attack methods emerge in an endless stream, causing the site is often black, is Shanghai love center security interception, affect the ranking and flow, let the webmaster very headache, summarized below to prevent Dede CMS system was set up to attack a method, which can effectively prevent the drive system is horse, only for all reference. read more

How to distinguish between the various needs of the users search

· transaction type: do you often first search products in online shopping before. For example, you want to buy a product or service.

· if someone is looking for the company, which belongs to the navigation search. If they use the name of your company, it is likely that you will display at the top of the page. The noble baby will show you to search the user site display of your site.

remember, for this type of search, your website may appear in different ways. The following, Taichung web design and web design Kaohsiung cite some examples: read more

On how to develop the hospital website optimization scheme

This is a

, a website in

optimization scheme on the hospital website, how are you just enter the industry newcomers come here, learn about, if you are a veteran not, oh, this is a little experience I do hospital optimization, hope that we can help.

Two, explore the optimization target

2, website structure. Look under the framework of the website, the main navigation, navigation should be clear, don’t appear dead links and links to the end of the road, this is certain to avoid. The best navigation tree structure. read more

The navigation system of the owners how to do the electricity supplier website

4: use breadcrumbs, let the user know the current page in the site tree structure which layer and what position do not learn to do beautiful flat structure, not science, you know.

believes that electricity supplier website owners should be aware that the optimization site navigation is the most important index in the business website, and good navigation system users can solve the three problems, the first is where I am right now, the second is the next thing I know to go where, how to, my third don’t know where to go next, please tell me where to go, the three is good navigation can provide benefits for the user. Of course, the site navigation system should be simple, unified, clear, to try to give the user the opportunity to choose their own, but let the user along the planned path to browse the website. read more

Love the future of Shanghai recently continuous adjustment and development of Shanghai dragon ER

: the first

keyword weight distribution

1. web site user experience better, too much advertising will make Shanghai feel that you do not love the station, is advertising, websites have too much JS, or pop, fall in love with the sea right down.

second: analysis of the site outside the chain to change

1. blog, BBS signature, forum text is no longer like the weight to that kind of high.

The analysis of Adjust the ranking algorithm

2. Links also changed, are too many sites, love Shanghai will not give good pre weight. read more

How to keep the key elements in the steady state flow

we are doing more and more personal website, will inevitably cause the competition in this industry is becoming more and more fierce. Everyone here to make a pot of gold, but that’s just wishful thinking. Because no one do not pay can be rewarded, so we don’t think about every day dream, that dream will not come true, never realize. So how do we make the website traffic is kept at a relatively stable level, and not far behind, or bidding documents. The chain, as the name suggests is the use of external links to their own websites, the chain has many kinds, here in detail. One point I want to emphasize is the chain must use the chain’s stability and variability. Sometimes the chain can not ensure the flow. read more

Take a hot topic comedytracks let thousands of new surge flow

Yu Muqing recently made a joke, called face network! Do not 2 months, usually because of the limited energy, update and promotion efforts are not great. Usually one hundred or two hundred of the traffic network will also lose face, just a look back cnzz a jump, actually there are more than 1200 flow figure:

3, the topic of the article page. The chain many webmaster love can strength website home page, in fact, if a website according to the natural source of the chain, the pages of the chain but more than home outside the chain of the chain! In the page can not only improve the article page keywords ranking, make weight within the chain will also indirectly enhance the website home page the. read more

Quickly improve website weight method four soft weapon


you may have for this title is very strange, but I explained then you wouldn’t have been surprised. Certainly the soft or soft, but it is soft to "soft" or "hard" effect is good effect, it is difficult to grasp, different people will Public opinions are divergent., have different views. The individual feels soft or hard, because I write so much more than the purpose of the soft start is to do the chain through the soft Wen, but always feel to have something useful in this article. "Hard" is to talk about some things in the article, not the kind of false nonsensical things, although these things sometimes bring effect will be very good, but it will bring regret for yourself. Love to share with you, if only to find "soft" writing, will give people a very bad impression. The article is too soft, is very disgusted with what we did in Shanghai dragon, we all love the original, love to see new things, hard dry cargo is you need. We will recommend more love and support, to help reproduced, help us to do links, so as to achieve the purpose of weight lifting. read more

Tears and a history of female rookie webmaster outside the chain

three, finishing up their chain of information, began to send the chain released, to set their own records, every day how much outside the chain, and recorded.

in Shanghai search outside the chain of various forums, the chain recorded one by one, then the actual collection of the chain resources of more than N, can send the chain, can do the signature of the forum only scanty, many forums are now refusing to release the link.

side chain continued for many days after, check the chain included, made twenty, the results included only 2, that anxious ah, this is what the situation? Later found some website source code using the rel= "nofollow" label, the label after use the outer hair, " read more

Stand in the perspective of Shanghai dragon ASO now mobile search bug

to write this article, I always think with the development of Internet technology, the mobile terminal algorithm of search engine in which method development, or is it the change trend is what? I’ll have these problems, not because I am particularly boring, not on the technical level of the research, I’m just a the ASO occupation attitude to consider this problem.

, do not for a long time, so to be honest, I am now feeling the stones. So this article is mainly about some of his own ideas, if wrong, hope that the exchange. read more

Rethinking the anchor text meaning from the perspective of the user experience

as shown above, we usually add 2-3 anchor text in an article, usually is a pointer to the first page of the anchor text, pointing to another page in the anchor text. The fundamental significance of anchor text or enhance the overall weight of the site, the key to optimize a keyword, but the anchor text for the user, may be meaningless, especially to anchor text links first, users click on this link back to the site is not the first page. Some websites love add anchor text of an article originally words is not, at first glance is the anchor text links of various colors. So the user is difficult to insist on reading an article, affect the user’s interest in reading. Users do not want to stay and click on the page, Shanghai also does not love love, love all these data can be accounted for by Shanghai. read more

The enterprise website content construction site chain attract spider

spider come or not depends on your website content quality, content quality, natural spider crawling frequently, it is for you to take it, it will not go. How to carry out the chain attract spider in my station, palletizing machine as an example and analyzed mainly from the following aspects.

this is Like attracts like. argument, the main idea is to use the keyword classification, so the new article list form. This is the point and line, the line is the list page, keyword is point to point line function. This perplexing website connects a clear site structure pattern. This is also I do a method of stacking machine of Fuji station chain. read more

The news press decided Shanghai dragon success

perhaps for many novice don’t know how to post the news, how to send the news to the perfect marketing effect, understanding is not very thorough, for what the website can send the news, there is still doubt what problems and how to site is not how to send, then in detail about the soft soft news press.


Shanghai Longfeng road is a change rapidly Road, we do not need to know programming code, we only need to follow the pace of the Internet, make the best of natural ranking, but in this way, with the help of software read more

To prevent the site collection experience is love Shanghai K station

now to everyone for example:

in 2008 to build my website, in 2008 the site now can be an old station, only included the home page, the snapshot is relatively old, then I also do the station soon, just a little bit. The first step is to set up the site, and then the content of the new station, so every day send some original articles and pseudo original, every day about 30-50, about 1 months after this, love Shanghai included the 1000 page PR rose to 2, then others see those big web site included are millions of pages the traffic, and particularly large, produced a great temptation, so I began to collect, beginning when the acquisition 100-300 every day, has collected more than a week, love Shanghai included, even if included, later or lost, I think it is the quality problem, and then slowly the collected articles are modified, some of their words and, let the quality of these articles become higher, so the observation for about two weeks and was collected, and before the acquisition All information was collected, with love in Shanghai included included more I become more greedy, the daily number of acquisition increased from 100-300 to 300-500, the time over a month included really love Shanghai rose to more than 10000, was really excited, always think the higher the site was included, cattle, and later collected for a period of time, when the love of Shanghai included up to more than 50 thousand when the traffic has reached more than 5000, this has been the collection included up to 130 thousand, slowly flow suddenly fell, originally a day more than 5000 IP down to dozens of iP, it was really mad, it clearly what is love Shanghai punished, after several days have collected began publishing false original article, published manual > read more

Love of Shanghai 7 13 black Friday

: why didn’t the first website by 6.28 events

second: love Shanghai 7.14 black Friday comes


believe in the love of Shanghai 6.28 event was affected by the webmaster of schadenfreude, certainly not because of the content of the site itself quality is high, but because I have just escaped, some site is not affected by the events of 6.28 in Shanghai, in fact, I feel strange, why is the same content of low quality website. This is not caught it, so with fluky psychology to look at love Shanghai 6.28 event. read more

Optimization of five strokes Shanghai dragon skills allow you to easily do the hospital website


within and outside the chain chain we are basically Qingjushulu, here say the chain points.

web content is fine is not much! The mature type of hospital cases into the hospital website related content sections, true and useful.

, editor of the location:

whether the query through the network or professional books, or the hospital experts talk, just powerful, authoritative content. Even if the number of update site, you each station every day update two articles always do

at present, more and more hospitals are aware of the importance of Web site optimization, a very realistic manifestation by Shanghai dragon to bring you the rewards are very objective. But for now our hospital site optimization team, especially beginners, optimize team on behalf of the Weifang kidney disease hospital network operations and share more practical five strokes Shanghai Longfeng optimization techniques. Things in a commonplace talk of an old scholar said online rotten, we’ll start with the actual point. read more