Indonesia reports 54th avian flu case

first_imgJul 17, 2006 (CIDRAP News) – Indonesian health officials are reporting that a 44-year-old man who died last week tested positive for the H5N1 avian influenza virus, according to news services.If the man’s lab results are confirmed by a World Health Organization (WHO) accredited laboratory in Hong Kong, he will be Indonesia’s 42nd avian flu fatality and 54th confirmed case. Also, Indonesia will be tied with Vietnam for the highest avian flu death toll.The man, who lived in East Jakarta, died Jul 12 after being hospitalized for 2 days with high fever, coughing, and breathing difficulties, Indonesian health official I Nyoman Kandun told The Jakarta Post. Kandun said the man had a history of contact with chickens, and the article said he was a fried-chicken vendor.With the latest death, the case-fatality rate for avian flu in Indonesia is 78%, whereas Vietnam, with 93 cases and 42 deaths, has a fatality rate of 45%. According to the WHO tally, the overall case-fatality rate is 57% (230 cases, 132 deaths).Kandun said Indonesia expects more human H5N1 cases because the disease continues to circulate throughout the country, with a presence in 27 of 32 provinces. He added that culling millions of chickens throughout the country would be too costly and urged Indonesians to take basic safety measures such as washing their hands after handling sick birds.Vietnam seems to have stemmed avian flu outbreaks. The country has not reported a human fatality this year, whereas Indonesia has had several cases each month.According to the Post report, the Indonesian government needs $980 million to finance its avian influenza programs from 2006 to 2008. The funds would go toward activities such as compensating farmers for culled chickens, purchasing vaccines, and planning for a pandemic.A senior WHO official in Indonesia, Steven Bjorge, told the Post that worldwide concern about the avian flu situation in Indonesia is continuing and said he hoped that health and agriculture ministries would work more closely to fight the disease. He suggested that that comparisons between Indonesia and Vietnam can be misleading, because Indonesia is much larger than Vietnam. (Indonesia has the world’s fourth largest population and the 16th largest area, whereas Vietnam ranks 12th and 65th in those measures.)In other developments, yesterday at the Group of Eight summit meeting in St Petersburg, Russia, world leaders issued a joint statement supporting a Russian proposal to build “the WHO Collaborating Centre on Influenza for Eurasia and Central Asia,” provided the center meets WHO and other international standards. Leaders also vowed to follow through on the commitments they made last January at the Beijing International Pledging Conference on Avian and Pandemic Influenza.Meanwhile, Channel NewsAsia reported that Singapore will stage a large-scale test of its pandemic response plan on Jul 21 and 22. The test, called Exercise Sparrowhawk II, will involve 1,000 personnel from key government agencies and 19 locations, including transportation terminals, hospitals, clinics, and schools.The report said masks will be given to visitors at hospitals, and the health ministry will ask the public to wear masks if they experience flu-like symptoms. Rapid-response teams are slated to institute infection control measures and manage initial cases at healthcare facilities. Hundreds of volunteers will play the role of patients, and police will practice for crowd-control situations, such as when people descend on clinics to purchase antiviral medications.See also:G8 summit statement on global fight against infectious diseases read more

Croatian tourism workers send a message to the world: Holidays in Croatia are safe

first_img“In our restaurants and accommodation we invest great effort to ensure that our guests have a top holiday experience in Croatia, our food, culture and natural beauty. We and our employees do our best to serve our guests with maximum quality and safety, while respecting all disinfection and distancing measures and the use of prescribed protective equipment. Croatia must be open, but it must also be safe, we take care of that every day.”Said Gordana Fabijanić, owner of the famous tavern Didova Kuća on Pag, which has been one of the recommended restaurants in the famous Gault & Millau guide for years. Gordana is also a member of the UGP’s Catering and Tourism Committee ASSOCIATION VOICE OF ENTREPRENEURS: HOLIDAYS IN CROATIA ARE SAFE! Croatian tourism workers, caterers and entrepreneurs have decided to react in an affirmative way and send a positive message to the world: Holidays in Croatia are safe! #CroatiaIsSafe This year, too, the tourist season on the Adriatic is filling newspaper columns, but not for good. Failures in the organization of the tennis tournament in Zadar without adherence to the prescribed protection measures and inadequate reaction after the first news about the infected competitors endangered the little tourist season we had hoped for. The UGP is still optimistic and believes that # CroatiaMay save the season, protect the health of its citizens and guests, provide hospitality to all and move forward. Holidays in Croatia are safe because caterers and tourism workers are responsible, and we want the whole world to see it with the slogan #CroatiaIsSafe, emphasize from UGP. Unfortunately, after the news about coronavirus-positive tennis players ravaged all world media and caused very negative reactions about the epidemiological situation in Croatia, there was no timely reaction from the Ministry of Tourism and CNTB, as well as any form of communication with potential guests from abroad. extinguishing the media fire, they point out from the Association of Voices of Entrepreneurs and add that they demand full focus of the Government and readiness to manage the crisis situation. Numerous tourists, over 200.000 of them, have been able to see the top professionalism of Croatian tourist workers and caterers on the Adriatic in recent days. Because of all this, UGP members, tourism workers and caterers, decided to send a message to domestic and foreign tourists: “Croatia is safe, and we are professional and we follow safety recommendations!” “We want to convey the message to all media in the world and in Croatia that Croatian tourism workers and caterers adhere to recommendations and regulations related to preventing the spread of coronavirus and we urge all tourists to come to Croatia and EU countries not to close borders with Croatia. We are serious and professionaland.”  said Vedran Jakominić, a member of the Committee for Hospitality and Tourism of UGP. “We have repeatedly warned that the elections were called at the wrong time and every day this statement is becoming more and more accurate. The Voice of Entrepreneurs Association brings together numerous entrepreneurs engaged in tourism, catering and related activities. We will do everything in our power to save the tourist season and the livelihood of our employees. Some EU countries, such as Slovenia and Austria, have already announced the possibility of re-closing their borders with Croatia, and many reservations that tourism workers have been fighting for in recent months have been literally canceled overnight. The damage done to tourism and the economy is great. ” stand out from UGP. Photo: Split-Dalmatia County Tourist Boardlast_img read more