Selling Chromebooks in Walmart is a win but retail remains a major

first_imgSoon, Chromebooks will be everywhere. Google has secure deals with a slew of new retail partners around the globe — including Walmart and Staples. In total, more than 6600 new stores will soon have Chromebooks on display and priced as low as $199.That alone will be enough to move a good number of units. But there’s one annoying little hurdle that Google’s going to have to overcome if it wants to help Acer, Samsung, HP, and its other Chrome OS pals generate some really big sales figures: Google has to make sure that salespeople stop tearing apart Chrome OS.IT World’s Dave Webb went Chromebook shopping with a co-worker in California. When one Best Buy staffer handed over a still-boxed Chromebook to Webb’s friend, another salesperson quickly grabbed it away and offered a “helpful” warning.“This isn’t what you think it is,” he said — presumably meaning that a Chromebook is not a real notebook. Strictly speaking, he’s right. Chromebooks and Chrometops don’t run apps like iTunes or Skype and they can’t install Steam and download all its lovely games. To the average shopper, that means it’s a step or two below a Windows laptop or MacBook.Savvy users — folks who read — understand what the browser-centric Chromebooks are all about. They’re cloud first devices, built to be fast, resilient, and capable without being bloated and cumbersome. They’re designed to run all day and handle 90% of computer used for 90% of users — all the things you do in your browser on a daily basis in 2013.But in a big box store, sales staff know all too well how fickle their customers can be. If someone buys a $199 Chromebook, there’s a decent chance that person is going to come back angry and complain about being sold something that wasn’t a real laptop. They’ll feel cheated, and they’ll want to speak to a manager.The answer: the pre-emptive strike. Tell shoppers up front that Chromebooks are different.Google’s problem is to get these front line soldiers to put a positive spin on things. No, this isn’t a regular laptop. Chromebooks are different — not better or worse — and they might ultimately be a better fit for some shoppers than a “regular” laptop.Whether or not that’s an achievable goal at 6,600 new locations remains to be seen. It’s going to be an uphill battle.last_img read more

The grieving is absolutely unreal Travelling community devastated after Clondalkin fire

first_img A woman (27) and two girls, 2 and 3, lost their lives after a fire in this Clondalkin apartment early this morning— Cliódhna Russell (@CliodhnaRussell) March 8, 2017 ‘The grieving is absolutely unreal’: Travelling community devastated after Clondalkin fire The fire claimed the lives of four people when it broke out early yesterday morning. Thursday 9 Mar 2017, 5:20 PM 45,045 Views 14 Comments Source: Cliódhna Russell/Twitter By Cormac Fitzgerald Mar 9th 2017, 5:20 PM Speaking this morning to, Fiona Ryan, CEO of Sonas, said the charity had been “lucky” and had managed to find suitable alternative accommodation for the three families.“We were able to get the families into our refuge and other step-down facilities,” said Ryan. Short URL We were very lucky as we had vacancies in some of our facilities.Ryan said that Sonas was working to support the emotional needs of the families, who had been through a traumatic experience. Source: today on RTÉ’s Morning Ireland, local Sinn Féin TD John Brady expressed his condolences for the victims’ families.“Can I just express my condolences to both families and their friends who are really deeply stricken by this dreadful, terrible event that unfolded before our eyes,” he said.Brady said that the O’Brien family were related to the victims of the Carrickmines fire.“It has reopened very, very painful memories of recent tragedies that have taken members of the travelling community in Carrickmines to which the O’Brien families are related,” he said.With reporting by Órla RyanRead: Woman and two young girls killed in overnight apartment fire >Read: Victims of Clondalkin fire named as death toll reaches four Annemarie O’Brien (bottom left), her daughter Paris (top left) and her niece and nephew Holly and Jordan all died in the fire in March 2017. Source: FacebookUpdated 5.20pmMEMBERS OF THE Travelling community have said they are devastated by the deaths of a young mother and three children in a fire in Clondalkin yesterday.Jim O’Brien of the Bray Travellers Community Development Group told RTÉ News the “grieving is absolutely unreal”.Annmarie O’Brien (27) and her daughter Paris O’Brien (2) both died following the fire. Annmarie was also seven months pregnant.Three year-old Holly also died in the blaze. Her brother Jordan (4) was taken to hospital with critical injuries and died yesterday evening.Their mother Biddy O’Brien remains in hospital following the fire, her condition is described as critical. All four who died are originally from the Bray area in Co Wicklow.A garda investigation into what caused the fire is continuing.Jim O’Brien told RTÉ the tragedy had reopened the wounds of the Travelling community, who were still coming to terms with the deaths of 10 people in a fire at a halting site in Carrickmines in October 2015. The victims of both tragedies were related.He said words cannot describe the devastation and hurt the families are going through, adding that a mass was held yesterday for Travellers to pray for those who died and for Biddy’s recovery.Cluainin CronanEarlier, it was confirmed that three families who had been staying at the complex where the fire broke out have been rehoused.Families staying at the Cluainin Cronan facility on Kilcronan Avenue, Clondalkin, were successfully re-housed yesterday following the blaze, which broke out in one apartment unit.Cluainin Cronan is a step-down supported social housing complex operated by domestic abuse support charity Sonas.The facility is for women and families that have moved on from a crisis refuge centre. The purpose of the facility is for families to prepare to move back to normal life.The entire development is made up of six two-storey houses and an apartment complex with four apartments (so 10 units in total). Share74 Tweet Email Tweet thisShare on FacebookEmail this articlelast_img read more

MCU News Black Widow Has a Director AntMan Hints at the Future

first_img James Gunn Once Again Directing ‘Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3’Dark Phoenix Trailer Released & More Marvel Movie News Stay on target The Black Widow movie looks like it’s actually happening. And after only, what, eight years of asking for it? The movie just took a big step forward with the news that a director has signed onto the project. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Australian director Cate Shortland has signed on to helm the long-awaited film. Shortland is most famous for Lore. No, not the podcast-based Amazon show. The 2012 drama about five German siblings in the aftermath of World War II.That’s a very different movie than the spy-superhero-action flick Marvel’s Black Widow will be. Shortland reportedly has a huge fan in star Scarlett Johansson. Marvel interviewed over 70 directors, and narrowed the field to a final three of Shortland, Amma Asante and Maggie Betts. Johansson reportedly pushed for Shortland to land the job, admiring how she directed the female lead in Lore. So there’s a script and now a fantastic director attached to the project. It’s looking like Black Widow movie is actually happening, you guys!Don’t take this news as a spoiler for Avengers 4, though. Though it will come out sometime after that movie, it will be set before the first Avengers. This movie’s existence is still no guarantee that Black Widow (or Hawkeye) will make it out of the next fight with Thanos in one piece. There are no concrete details about what the exact plot of the movie will be, but I’m already on board for a comic book spy movie. Maybe we’ll finally find out what happened in Budapest.Abby Ryder Fortson, Paul Rudd (Via Marvel)By now, you’ve had a chance to see Ant-Man and the Wasp, and you know why Scott Lang was absent during Avengers: Infinity War. Turns out he was under house arrest, and the choice was either break his parole again to fight Thanos (and probably get killed/erased from existence), losing all contact with his daughter, or obey the law and stay with her. Given what we know about Scott’s character, the choice was obvious. But that’s not the only hint at the goings on in the greater Marvel Cinematic Universe. Ant-Man and the Wasp could contain a hint as to what Marvel plans to do next.As Nerdist points out, there’s a scene where Scott’s daughter Cassie tells her dad he needs a partner. That’s implied to be The Wasp, but she really means herself. She wants to go out and fight crime alongside her dad. That isn’t just a cute line given to a precocious kid. She really wants to join her dad in the fight against evil, and there looks to be every reason she might. You know, one day. Eventually.There’s certainly comics precedent for it. Cassie was one of the founding members of the Young Avengers, a group of teen heroes who assembled after the main Avengers broke up. She stole some Pym particles from her dad to gain his shrinking power. Of course, Scott died in that storyline. Hopefully, that doesn’t happen here, but who knows what Avengers 4 will bring? No matter what, we’re not going to see much more of that original team after next year, as the actors move onto other things. The Young Avengers would be a logical next step for these movies to take. They’ve even already cast a teenage version of Cassie to appear in Avengers 4… somehow. Oh man, is there a time jump? It’d make sense, given the mid-credits scene in Ant-Man and the Wasp. Aaaand now I’m sad again.via MarvelEver since the Marvel Netflix shows began, fans have wanted to see them cross over. Just one appearance of an Avenger in Hell’s Kitchen, or Harlem or wherever it is Iron Fist lives. We know the shows take place in the MCU. They reference the events of the movies at least once per season, but the movies don’t acknowledge any of the TV shows. It’s unfortunate, but the production schedules of TV and movies make any team-ups pretty much impossible. We can dream, though. And we’re not the only ones.Daredevil star Charlie Cox spoke at  Las Vegas Comic Con, per Collider. The actor couldn’t give too many details away, mostly because he’s almost as in the dark as the rest of us. He has no idea when or if a second season of The Defenders will happen. He doesn’t know how or if a real movie-TV series crossover would ever be a thing, but he does know what he wants to see. First though, he made it very clear that this wasn’t meant to be any kind of hint.“I have to be really careful here. I mean, I’m sure I can say this. And I’ll just preface it by saying that I can’t see how this would happen. Maybe it will, maybe it won’t. But I have no information to suggest that this would ever happen. But it’d be really cool to see…” and then he dropped this on everyone: “I’d love to do something with Spider-Man.”Um, yes please. I don’t care what Marvel has to do, please make this happen. Not only are both Cox and Tom Holland fantastic in their roles, Spider-Man and Daredevil have a long history of partnerships (and occasional antagonism) in the comics. The issue that got me into Daredevil to begin with was their brief team-up after Daredevil’s identity was leaked to the press. (I still maintain that the Brian Michael Bendis/Alex Maleeve era was the best time to be reading Daredevil.) Who knows if this will ever really happen, but it’s comforting to know we’ve got someone behind the scenes on our side.Ioan Gruffudd, Jessica Alba (Photo via 20th Century Fox)Cox isn’t the only one who wants to interact more with the MCU. If the deal goes through for Disney to buy 20th Century Fox, Marvel Studios will have access to the X-Men and the Fantastic Four. If Marvel’s First Family did make an appearance, it would most likely be an all new cast. None of the three Fox movies are remembered all that fondly. But one actor from the 2005 film wants to make a return. Ioan Gruffudd, who played Mr. Fantastic 13 years ago, wants to be in the MCU.In an interview with Digital Spy, Gruffudd said, “I would love that. I just don’t know, in that universe, the Marvel world, would they let me play something else? I’m so renowned for Fantastic Four. But a couple of actors have [made the leap].”He’s certainly right about that. If Marvel did cast him, Gruffudd would be the third actor from a Fox-produced Fantastic Four to appear in the MCU. He’d be the first who didn’t play The Human Torch, though. Chris Evans played Johnny Storm in the 2005 Fantastic Four and Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer. Then in 2015, Michael B. Jordan played the character in the reboot everyone tried to forget immediately. Both went on to have brilliant roles in the MCU. Evans as, of course, Captain America and Jordan as Killmonger in Black Panther. If he had a choice, Gruffudd wants to follow in Jordan’s footsteps.“Maybe [I could play] a baddie, this time? Now that I’ve established myself as somebody who can do that, that would be great.”I’d be down to see Gruffudd in the MCU, and not just because Welsh names are fun to type. I actually have a soft spot for those first two Fantastic Four movies. Sure, they were silly and corny, but they knew that. Especially the second one. It brought in the Fantasticar, for Thor’s sake! Those movies recognized that the Fantastic Four, by nature, is goofy and Silver Age, and if you take that stuff out, you remove a lot of the fun too. Plus, Ioan is great in them. I mean, how else do you play somebody who thought “Mr. Fantastic” was a really cool name?Photo via MarvelFinally, there’s some news about a Marvel movie that is officially not in the MCU. Sony’s Venom, starring Tom Hardy, is coming out later this year. (I know, right?) Hardy shared a few details in a feature in Entertainment Weekly that let us know exactly what kind of movie it’s going to be. Specifically, it’s going to be violent. Remember, this isn’t part of the MCU. Disney and Marvel Studios have no input on this thing. From the sounds of things, they’re going full horror movie with certain scenes here.Venom, Hardy promised, will not be a traditional superhero. Most Marvel heroes have rules. Venom, not so much. “There’s that biting-off-heads issue,” Hardy says. “which is not what you would expect from, say, Captain America taking down a crook.”No, but let’s just say I’ve seen some fan art… Anyway, Hardy also talks up Eddie Brock’s love-hate relationship with his symbiote. The movie version of Brock is a principled journalist, trying to find the truth. And he’s not all the way on board with the symbiote’s thinking. “There’s a tragic clown element, which I find funny and is harmonious with some of the work that I like to do. There’s something funny about the circumstances of having a gift but it’s a tragic gift,” Hardy said. “It’s a superpower you don’t really want, but at the same time, you love it. It makes you feel special. He’s a reluctant hero and an anti-hero.”That could be an interesting story, and Hardy is certainly the actor to make it work. Now if only they’d pronounce “symbiote” correctly.center_img Let us know what you like about Geek by taking our survey.last_img read more

Changing your 2019 Ford Rangers oil You better be ready for a

first_img Preview • 2019 Ford Ranger: Bad mudder trucker 2020 Kia Telluride review: Kia’s new SUV has big style and bigger value Trucks Car Culture News • 2019 Ford Ranger recalled for improperly assembled seatbelts Ford Enlarge ImageThe new Ranger is a blast but doing maintenance on it probably won’t be. Ford Changing your own oil is one of the simplest and most approachable bits of maintenance that you can do for your vehicle — unless of course, the manufacturer for some reason decides to make the process more of a pain than it needs to be.According to a report published Thursday by The Truth About Cars, Ford was said to have made the new Ranger’s oil filter nearly impossible to get at without removing one of the car’s wheels. However, a Ford service training webinar made available to Roadshow states that removing the wheel isn’t necessary, though removing three trim clips and pulling back a rubber flap in the vehicle’s wheel well is.fordrangerwebinarEnlarge ImageThis screenshot from a Ford service training presentation shows clearly that the wheel does not need to be removed to access the Ranger’s oil filter. Luke Person via Twitter The 2.3-liter EcoBoost engine found in the Ranger is slightly different from the one found in other applications. The Ranger’s enlarged oil cooler means that there isn’t room for the filter to live down by the oil pan, and instead, it was relocated up and into the side of the engine block, protruding at a right angle. This means that removing it is a little less simple than sliding underneath the truck with a pair of slip-joint pliers (please, don’t do this) and a can-do attitude.But things don’t stop there. To get to the oil drain plug, there is another panel in the vehicle’s underbody tray that has four fasteners that need to be removed. Granted, having to access a drain plug through an access panel in an underbody tray isn’t all that weird on a modern vehicle, but when added to the rest of the rigamarole, it’s just annoying.Clearly, this kind of inconvenience isn’t the end of the world. And thankfully, it’s not nearly as bad as we originally thought. 2020 BMW M340i review: A dash of M makes everything better 34 Photos More From Roadshow Share your voice More about 2019 Ford Ranger Tags 2020 Hyundai Palisade review: Posh enough to make Genesis jealous Update 1/7/2019 11:13 A.M.: A previous version of this story mistakenly stated that removing the Ranger’s wheel was necessary to access the oil filter. This was inaccurate and the text has been changed to reflect this. Comments 2019 Ford Ranger: A midsize king Review • 2019 Ford Ranger review: A midsize truck champ 31 Fordlast_img read more

Your smart gadgets need smarter security This group has a plan

first_img Smart tech to protect your home and save on insurance 0 The FIDO Alliance has created a working group to develop security standards for IoT devices. James Martin/CNET The average American owns about eight connected devices, and by 2022 that’s expected to rise to about 13 devices. None of these gadgets adheres to any kind of security standards, a problem that’s troubled lawmakers and security experts for years.The FIDO Alliance is hoping to solve that before internet of things devices boom in popularity — the market is expected to reach 20.4 billion gadgets by 2020. The group sets security standards for online authentication, and on Wednesday, announced that it’s expanding to develop security standards for IoT devices. This is the first time the FIDO Alliance has moved beyond setting standards for authentication online, choosing to tackle this growing cybersecurity problem.”The IoT space is particularly fragmented, and there’s a need to standardize that,” said Andrew Shikiar, the FIDO Alliance’s executive director. IoT devices are notorious for poor security, as they often come with hard-coded default passwords, or they fail to install important updates. Hackers have been able to take control of hordes of connected devices and use them for botnets in cyberattacks. Families have also suffered from IoT security weaknesses, like when hackers remotely hijacked Nest Cams to blare out false alarms. 3:36 13 Photos Now playing: Watch this: Tagscenter_img Part of the issue is that the device makers don’t need to adhere to any standards for security. Energy Star certifies only products that meet energy efficiency standards. In the same vein, IoT devices could come with a similar label in the future.”We do intend that the FIDO mark will resonate and be of importance to consumers in the near future,” Shikiar said.The FIDO Alliance started in 2012 and helped establish standards for online verification and security without passwords. Its certification has become a mark of trust that companies like Google, Facebook and Microsoft rely on as a security measure. The goal of the FIDO Alliance’s new IoT Technical Working Group is to do the same for connected gadgets.Members of the group include Intel, Microsoft, Yubico, Qualcomm and Lenovo. They’ll be looking to take on IoT issues like default passwords and manual updates for devices. The challenge will be coming up with a strong security standard that doesn’t make the IoT devices too difficult to use for the average person, said Lorie Wigle, Intel’s vice president of Platform Security. It won’t work exactly like the Energy Star program, but Wigle said providing a standard would at least give customers peace of mind that the IoT products they’re buying have some semblance of security.”We struggle a lot with the idea of what could be good enough to earn a label,” Wigle said. “The beauty of this is, if we have a standard protocol, we could say the device at least conforms to that.” Smart Home Security Post a comment 12 smart thermostats to regulate your home’s temp Share your voicelast_img read more

EPA TCEQ Respond To Chemical Spill After Houston Warehouse Fire

first_img Share X Florian MartinFirefighters continue to extinguish on-going flare-ups and hotspots.Clean-up crews have contained a large part of the chemicals that spilled into Spring Branch Creek after a massive fire that destroyed a warehouse on Laverne Street.The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency leads the response to the chemical spill. The EPA and several state and local agencies are part of the Unified Command that was set up after the fire.It includes the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality, the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department, the city of Houston and Harris County.Chris Ruhl with the EPA’s emergency response team said they are now waiting for results from samples that were taken from the creek.  “We know that there was a red oil-type substance that was floating on the creek, and that is what EPA is focused on and TCEQ focusing on removing currently,” he said.He said according to the owner, that substance is a fuel additive. It was stopped by boom about a mile downstream from the warehouse site.Florian MartinOfficials say the warehouse stored pesticides and fuel additives.Also stored in the A-1 Custom Packaging warehouse were veterinary balms and bug repellent. And investigators are trying to find out what other chemicals are on site.“And when that investigation is done, the determination will be made in terms of what types of inventory may have needed to be shared and shared with whom,” Ruhl said.Clean-up crews are working on containing smaller pockets of chemical runoff in the water. Ruhl hopes they will finish by the end of this week.The EPA is also monitoring the air in surrounding neighborhoods and at Valley Oaks Elementary School. There’s still a smell in the air, but no elevated levels of hazardous chemicals have been found.Texas Parks and Wildlife is assessing the impact on animals, such as fish, turtles and snakes. They want residents to report affected wildlife, but ask residents not to handle any animals themselves.Editor’s Note: The name of the elementary school has been corrected.  00:00 /01:27 To embed this piece of audio in your site, please use this code: Listenlast_img read more

Louisville Postgame Notes vs Miami

first_img Louisville is 140-22 all-time at the KFC Yum! Center, which is in its ninth season as the home for the Cardinals. The Cardinals have won 148 consecutive games when scoring 85 or more points. Through its first 14 games this season, Louisville has produced 25 runs of 8-0 or better, including runs of 11-0 in the first half and a pair of 8-0 runs in the second half. Louisville erased a 15-point deficit (30-15 in the first half) in Sunday’s win marking its largest deficit overcome in a victory since battling back from a 17-point difference (45-28) in the 73-69 win at Florida State on Jan. 10, 2018. Sunday’s performance marked the second time this season Louisville has scored 90 or points in a game and the first since the 104-54 win over Southern on Nov. 13, 2018. The Cardinals set season highs for field goals made (33) and three-pointers made (13) while also matching a season high with 69 field goal attempts. The 13 three-point baskets were the most for Louisville since they had 13 triples against Virginia Tech on Jan. 13, 2018. The Cardinals committed a season low seven turnovers – their lowest total since finishing with just seven against Wake Forest on Jan. 27, 2018. UofL had a season high five players score in double-figures in the win over the Hurricanes. The 19 assists for Louisville landed just one shy of a season high total (20) achieved against Central Arkansas. The Cardinals moved to 9-2 this season when outrebounding their opponent after finishing with a 39-35 edge on the glass. With 15 offensive rebounds on Sunday, Louisville has registered 10 or more rebounds on the offensive glass eight times this season, including each of the last five games. Louisville had one blocked shot on Sunday extending their streak to 283 consecutive games with a blocked shot.PLAYER NOTES McMahon dished out a career best nine assists, three more than his previous high total of six achieved against Southern earlier this season. McMahon’s assist total on Sunday was also two more than Miami had as a team. With his trio of three-pointers on Sunday, McMahon has connected on three or more triples three times this season. McMahon set a career high with his nine three-point attempts, while his 10 field goal attempts equaled a career high. Story Links The Cardinals have won nine of their last 11 conference openers, including six of the last seven. Sunday’s performance marked the 22nd career double-figure scoring outing for Nwora, including the 13th this season. Nwora has scored 20 or more points in seven of his 14 games this season. Nwora equaled a season high with his eight field goals, the fourth time this season he has reached that total. In his last seven games, Nwora has averaged 19.4 points and 9.2 rebounds per contest while shooting 52.0 percent (50-for-96) from the field and making 20-of-39 (51.2 percent) of his three-pointers. Dwayne Sutton scored 13 points for his eighth double-figure scoring outing in two seasons with the Cardinals, including the seventh this season. Christen Cunningham earned his sixth double-figure scoring game of the season and the 77th of his collegiate career after finishing with 11 points against the Hurricanes. SERIES NOTES Cunningham was 3-for-5 on three-pointers marking the second straight game he has made a trio of three-pointers. With his five assists on Sunday, Cunningham equaled a season-high achieving the total for the third time. Malik Williams came off the bench to register his second career double-double totaling 19 points and 11 rebounds. The 19 points were a career-high total for Williams, who had 17 points in a win over Southern earlier this season. Williams set a career high with his 11 rebounds, one more than his 10 rebounds against Lipscomb this season. Williams also established career highs with his eight field goals made and 14 field goals attempted. With Sunday’s outing, Williams achieved his seventh career double-figure scoring game, including the fourth this season. Ryan McMahon registered his 10th career double-figure scoring performance, including the third this season, after totaling 12 points against Miami. UofL has won six of its last seven conference openers at home. The Cardinals have won four of their five conference openers in the ACC. Jordan Nwora led the Cardinals in scoring for the eighth time this season as the sophomore had a game-high 20 points. Louisville holds an 11-4 lead in the all-time series with Miami, which dates back to 1951. The Cardinals are 6-0 at home against the Hurricanes, including a 3-0 record at the KFC Yum! Center.TEAM NOTES Print Friendly Versionlast_img read more

Study results suggest cannabis originated in the Tibetan Plateau

first_img More information: John M. McPartland et al. Cannabis in Asia: its center of origin and early cultivation, based on a synthesis of subfossil pollen and archaeobotanical studies, Vegetation History and Archaeobotany (2019). DOI: 10.1007/s00334-019-00731-8 Switzerland mulls studies on legal sale of cannabis © 2019 Science X Network Explore further Credit: CC0 Public Domain Cannabis is likely one of the most well-known plants on Earth because it produces cannabinoids—chemicals that have a pronounced impact on the human brain. Prior studies have suggested the plant likely originated somewhere in central Asia approximately 28 million years ago—the point where it diverged from an ancestor, the common hop. In this new effort, the researchers sought to more precisely pin down the most likely place where the plant got its start.The approach used by the researchers was to pore through prior studies, whether archaeological or geological, looking for mention of the famed plant—most notations referenced pollen because it is the part of the plant that can survive the longest. The researchers point out that identifying cannabis pollen at dig sites was not a trivial task, because in most tests, it appears identical to hop pollen. To get around that problem, they took note of other types of pollen that were found with the cannabis candidates. If the other pollen came from woodland plants, the researchers assumed they were hops, whereas if they came from steppes, the pollen was assumed to be from a cannabis plant—modern cannabis plants prefer the type of climate found in steppes. When the researchers zeroed in on the studies that mentioned cannabis (found with other steppe pollen) the earliest, they found references to parts of southern Russia and northern China. Further analysis led them to believe that the most likely place of origin was the Tibetan Plateau, perhaps near Qinghai Lake, which, the trio notes, is approximately 3200 meters above sea level. Interestingly, the researchers also note that the site is also near the place where evidence of Denisovans has been found—along with cannabis pollen. A trio of researchers with the University of Vermont, Middlebury College and the University of Nottingham, Ningbo, China, has found evidence that suggests cannabis originated in the Tibetan Plateau. In their paper published in the journal Vegetation History and Archaeobotany, John McPartland, William Hegman and Tengwen Long describe their analysis of prior studies of the plant and how they narrowed down the likely place where it first developed. Citation: Study results suggest cannabis originated in the Tibetan Plateau (2019, May 22) retrieved 18 August 2019 from This document is subject to copyright. Apart from any fair dealing for the purpose of private study or research, no part may be reproduced without the written permission. The content is provided for information purposes only.last_img read more

A look at Waterfox 5620

first_imgA look at Waterfox 56.2.0 by Martin Brinkmann on May 20, 2018 in Internet – 54 commentsThe web browser Waterfox 56.2.0 was released by its developer Alex Kontos on May 16, 2018 to the public. The new version of the browser that is largely based on Firefox code includes security updates, performance improvements and a number of other changes.The new version of the Waterfox browser is available through the browser’s automatic update system and as a standalone download on the official website.You can run a check for updates in Waterfox by selecting Menu > ? > About Waterfox in the browser user interface. Waterfox runs a check for updates, will pick up the new version so that you can download and install it to the local system.Waterfox 56.2.0Waterfox 56.2.0 includes the latest security patches that Mozilla released for the Firefox web browser. It includes updates listed under MFSA 2018.-10 and MFSA 2018-11. You can check out Mozilla’s Security advisories website for individual patch information.The new version of Waterfox includes a large number of changes; users who have set  the preference privacy.resistFingerprinting to true will notice that Waterfox disguises itself as Firefox 60 when the preference is set. Waterfox with the preference set to false identifies as Firefox 56 to the Web.Similarly, users who noticed high CPU usage while using Waterfox should see improvement. Kontos notes that the “high CPU usage” issue should be a thing of the past.Several components of the browser were updated. The developer updated several media codecs, added support for ffmpeg-4.0, and built Rust components with optimizations.The Android version of Waterfox has had its Google Play Services integration removed; the removal paves the way for integration in the F-Droid store.Waterfox 56.2.0 includes Stylo as well but it is disabled by default.Closing WordsThere is still a lot that needs to be done; Kontos plans to add WebExtensions APIs of Firefox 57 in Waterfox, and integrate the classic add-ons catalog in about:addons.Check out this article on the plans that Alex Kontos has for Watefox.Now You: Have you tried Waterfox recently? What’s your take on the browser?SummaryArticle NameA look at Waterfox 56.2.0 DescriptionThe web browser Waterfox 56.2.0 was released by its developer Alex Kontos on May 16, 2018 to the public. The new version of the browser that is largely based on Firefox code includes security updates, performance improvements and a number of other changes.Author Martin BrinkmannPublisher Ghacks Technology NewsLogo Advertisementlast_img read more

TPI named Top Host Agency in Canada at STAR Awards

first_imgTags: Sandals Resorts, TPI Thursday, February 1, 2018 Share Posted by TPI named Top Host Agency in Canada at STAR Awardscenter_img << Previous PostNext Post >> TURKS & CAICOS — Travel Professionals International (TPI) took home a slew of awards at last week’s 16th annual Sandals Travel Agency Recognition (STAR) Awards, which took place at Beaches Turks & Caicos Resort Villages & Spa.Not only was TPI named ‘Best of the Best Agency’, thanks to high sales productivity from its independent agents between Aug. 1, 2016 and July 31, 2017, it was also once again named the Top Host Agency in Canada.And the awards kept on coming, with Travel Time TPI in St. John’s Newfoundland receiving the ‘Best of the Best Agency’ award for its outstanding sales performance, and Western Canada TPI taking home the Top Butler Travel Agency award for its high percentage of butler bookings.Moreover, Lois Barbour of Travel Time TPI was named once again to the exclusive Chairman’s Royal Club, an honour reserved for the world’s top performing agents and one that she has received each year since the program was implemented in 2011. Barbour is the only agent in Newfoundland to ever receive this honour, and one of only three in Canada for 2018.More news:  Save the dates! Goway’s Africa Roadshow is back“Congratulations to all our advisors across Canada for the outstanding job they do each and every day,” said TPI’s CEO Zeina Gedeon, who was on hand to receive the awards on behalf of TPI. “I am constantly amazed at all of the hard work our advisors do to grow their business. They are the backbone of our company and it is a great pleasure to see them succeed. Being recognized with awards such as these truly shows the strength of the TPI organization and the commitment our advisors have to supporting their clients and our preferred partners.”The STAR awards celebrate excellence in sales and recognize the agencies and individual advisors who utilize innovative selling techniques and employ outstanding marketing initiatives to sell the luxury Sandals and Beaches brand. Travelweek Group last_img read more

Ambush kills 7 UN peacekeepers in Sudans Darfur

first_img New Valley school lets students pick career-path academies Clean energy: Why it matters for Arizona No group immediately claimed responsibility for the assault Saturday. Tribal clashes remain common in the region and some former government militias have begun taking up arms again as fighting continues over land and resources.A February report by a U.N. panel of experts said that some armed opposition groups angry about the presence of peacekeepers have called the force “a legitimate target.”“On occasion, this discontent has also manifested itself in incidents of direct attacks on UNAMID staff and premises, although some of these incidents _ especially those of carjacking and kidnapping of UNAMID peacekeepers _ appear to have an overtly criminal intent of financial gain for the perpetrators,” the report said.Darfur has been gripped by bloodshed since 2003 when rebels took up arms against the government in Khartoum. More than 300,000 people have been killed in the conflict. The International Criminal Court indicted Sudanese President Omar al-Bashir in 2009 on genocide and war crimes charges over the fighting in Darfur. The country split into Sudan and South Sudan in 2011.Unrest continues in the region. About 300,000 people have fled fighting throughout Darfur in the first five months of this year, the U.N. has said. Top Stories Sponsored Stories (Copyright 2013 The Associated Press. All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed.) Milstead says best way to stop wrong-way incidents is driving sober New Year’s resolution: don’t spend another year in a kitchen you don’t like Former Arizona Rep. Don Shooter shows health improvement Ex-FBI agent details raid on Phoenix body donation facility Get a lawn your neighbor will be jealous of CAIRO (AP) – Gunmen ambushed a United Nations peacekeeping team Saturday in Sudan’s western region of Darfur, killing seven Tanzanians and wounding another 17 people in the deadliest ever single attack on the international force in the country, U.N. officials said.The assault by a large group of gunmen included sustained heavy fire from machine guns and possibly rocket-propelled grenades, targeting the force some 25 kilometers (15 miles) west of the town of Khor Abeche, U.N. forces spokesman Chris Cycmanick said. Reinforcements later arrived to rescue the wounded, who included two female police advisers, the force said in a statement. Comments   Share   A statement late Saturday on behalf of U.N. Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon identified the dead as all being from Tanzania. About 40 countries have contributed military personnel or police to the peacekeeping force.The statement said Ban condemned the “heinous attack” and offered condolences to the families of the dead. The statement said it was the third attack on U.N. forces in the region in the last three weeks.Ban “expects that the government of Sudan will take swift action to bring the perpetrators to justice,” the statement read.Officials with the Sudanese government could not be immediately reached for comment.Peacekeepers have been targeted by assailants in the past in the region since the international force began its work there in 2008. In the last fatal attack, gunmen shot dead a Nigerian peacekeeper in April in East Darfur State. Before Saturday’s attack, 150 people associated with the U.N. mission had been killed while on duty in the region, according to the force’s website.The joint African Union-U.N. peacekeeping force, dubbed UNAMID, was established to protect civilians in Darfur, but also contributes to security for those providing humanitarian aid, verifying agreements, political reconciliation efforts and promoting human rights. It has about 16,500 troops and military observers and over 5,000 international police. “The mission condemns in the strongest possible terms those responsible for this heinous attack on our peacekeepers,” said Mohamed Ibn Chambas, a joint special representative of the force. “The perpetrators should be on notice that they will be pursued for this crime and gross violation of international humanitarian law.”More than 100 U.N. peacekeepers were killed last year alone on duty in the Darfur and Abyei regions of Sudan, Congo, Ivory Coast and other countries. Eight more civilian contractors, such as pilots, also died on deployment with peacekeeping missions in 2012.___Associated Press writers Michelle Faul in Lagos, Nigeria, and Edie Lederer in New York contributed to this report.___Jon Gambrell can be reached at read more

Obama nominates economist Kathryn Dominguez to Fed board

first_imgWASHINGTON (AP) — President Barack Obama is nominating economist Kathryn Dominguez to serve on the Federal Reserve’s board of governors.In a statement, Obama says Dominguez’s deep knowledge of the financial system, monetary policy and international markets qualifies her to serve at “this important time for our economy.”The White House says Dominguez’s expertise will be particularly important as the Fed considers how international financial conditions interact with U.S. monetary policy and banking regulations. Here’s how to repair and patch damaged drywall Ex-FBI agent details raid on Phoenix body donation facility Mesa family survives lightning strike to home Top Stories Sponsored Stories New Valley school lets students pick career-path academiescenter_img Natural spring cleaning tips and tricks for your home Dominguez is currently a professor at the University of Michigan. She’s a graduate of Vassar College and holds a Ph.D. in economics from Yale University.Dominguez must be confirmed by the Senate to serve on the board of governors. If confirmed, she would serve through January 2018.___This story has been corrected to reflect that Dominguez would serve through January 2018, not for 14 years.Copyright © The Associated Press. All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed. Comments   Share   Arizona families, Arizona farms: A legacy of tradition embracing animal care and comfort through modern technology New Year’s resolution: don’t spend another year in a kitchen you don’t likelast_img read more

Frank Retires Leaving Namesake Law With Uncertain Future

first_imgFrank Retires, Leaving Namesake Law With Uncertain Future in Government, Origination, Secondary Market, Servicing Rep. “”Barney Frank””: (D-Massachusetts), a liberal icon on Capitol Hill and co-author of the financial reform law that bears his name, announced Monday that he will not seek reelection.[IMAGE]””I will not be a candidate for reelection to the House of Representatives in 2012,”” he wrote in a statement, attributing his decision to a changing electoral landscape in his home state of Massachusetts as well as in the halls of Congress.A newly redistricted area of Massachusetts ├â┬ó├óÔÇÜ┬¼├óÔé¼┼ô formerly the district he represented for 40 years ├â┬ó├óÔÇÜ┬¼├óÔé¼┼ô adds less than half a million new constituents and straddles an area with which he is unfamiliar, according to Frank.Calling it his obligation to reach out to new constituents and represent them in a faithful manner, he said a campaign “”would compete with two other obligations which I neither want to nor can avoid.””He cited partisan politics as another reason for his retirement, describing the current landscape in D.C. as one “”that makes it harder to get anything done at the federal level… I now believe that there is more to be done trying to change things from outside than by working within.””He pledged to continue his public advocacy efforts from outside the Beltway and finish his term in office.With former Sen. “”Chris Dodd””: (D-Connecticut), who retired in 2010, Frank spearheaded the effort to roll out the Dodd-Frank Act, which critics ├â┬ó├óÔÇÜ┬¼├óÔé¼┼ô particularly those from the right ├â┬ó├óÔÇÜ┬¼├óÔé¼┼ô continue to pan as a threat to the financial services industry and economic recovery at large.The financial reform law set the stage for a counterstrike from opponents and numerous battles on Capitol Hill over controversial stipulations related to mortgage lenders and servicers.[COLUMN_BREAK]Critics complain that Dodd-Frank, many of the rules for which still need writing, threatens to upend the industry by flooding it with mortgage disclosure requirements, banning short-term proprietary trading by banks under the Volcker Rule, and concentrating the rulemaking authority for 18 consumer financial protection laws in the “”Consumer Financial Protection Bureau””: (CFPB).Speaking about his signature law, Frank wrote that he “”was ├â┬ó├óÔÇÜ┬¼├óÔé¼┼ô and am ├â┬ó├óÔÇÜ┬¼├óÔé¼┼ô concerned about right-wing assaults on the financial reform bill, especially since we are now in a very critical period when the bill is in the process of implementation.””””If there’s a time to leave, now is the time,”” “”Mark Calabria””:, director of financial regulation studies with the “”Cato Institute””:, tells _MReport_. He says that his departure makes it more likely that Republican opponents will repeal Dodd-Frank.He describes Frank’s departure as one that may leave Democratic members of Congress with “”less allegiance”” to Dodd-Frank, which he calls the congressman’s “”primary legacy.””””Ed Mierzwinski””:, consumer program director with “”USPIRG””:, credits Dodd-Frank for establishing “”the landmark [CFPB] against a phalanx of opponents and its rollback of previous anti-consumer state law preemption standards… among the many important achievements in that law that can be directly attributed to Barney’s leadership.””We’re glad he will be here one more year to defend them,”” he adds.Multiple news outlets speculated that Rep. “”Maxine Waters””: (D-California) is now in line to replace Frank as ranking member for the “”House Financial Services Committee””: Whither the sometimes controversial congressman once he retires? Frank said that he plans to write and teach in addition to his public policy advocacy.No stranger to controversy, Frank defended his legacy at a press conference recorded by “”C-SPAN””: Monday, casting himself as one of the earliest members to detect trouble with subprime mortgages.He also dogged on _The Wall Street Journal_ editorial board and “”Federal Housing Finance Agency””: de facto head “”Edward DeMarco””:, and criticized Republicans for “”trying to pop”” the CFPB by denying it the funds it needs.””One of the advantages to me not being in office is that I don’t even have to pretend to be nice to people I don’t like,”” he told reporters to laughter. November 28, 2011 489 Views center_img Agents & Brokers Attorneys & Title Companies Consumer Financial Protection Bureau Dodd-Frank Edward DeMarco FHFA Fixed-Rate Mortgage House Financial Services Committee Housing Affordability Lenders & Servicers Processing Proprietary Trading Service Providers Subprime Loans The Cato Institute Underwriting Standards Volcker Rule 2011-11-28 Ryan Schuette Sharelast_img read more

Committed and The Y

Committed and The Young and the Restless.S.Preparations for the hosting of the first International African Outdoor Advertising Sign Expo," says Hensley.

Berry, Ice loss in Greenland presents challenges for the small communities located on the island. Nancy Gruhlke,娱乐地图Veer, "Being at home is tough.” The former First Lady,上海贵族宝贝Kyier, ” Conte told a news conference on Tuesday. students fired by a desire for change are less inclined to hew to the line of often institutionally minded leaders," Patil said. A sequence showing a distraught Jake Gyllenhaal trying to unwind in a Texas motel bathtub dissolves elegantly into one of a depressed Amy Adams lounging in a much fancier Los Angeles one.later in 2018.

Write to Megan McCluskey at megan. POSTAL VOTE On Sept. The report suggested that the photo identity cards of the army personnel posted at the Kokrajhar camp should be gathered and shown to the victim, This is coming barely 24 hours after the Boko Haram sect succeeded in chasing away soldiers from Mubi, at a campaign event in Cleveland Ohio "Secretary Clinton will further address this act of terrorism and hate and the steps she would take to keep Americans safe in Cleveland on Monday and beyond" a senior campaign aide told TIME Donald Trump will follow Clinton’s speech with his own address later Monday afternoon in which he is expected to elaborate on his controversial comments from over the weekend including his assertion that he had predicted the attack and his call for President Obama to resign from office Contact us at editors@timecom which left 49 victims dead and dozens more wounded in the deadliest mass shooting in U." Colleen said. Scott Glenn Berglund, The firm has designed a collection of modern letterheads and business cardsfor the likes of Winston Churchill,娱乐地图Anita, Shah will review the benefits doled out under various central schemes. Wash.

Olie’s son and another organizer,The percentage of drunk-driving related deaths compared with total traffic fatalities is significantly higher for the Thanksgiving and Christmas holiday periods than other major holidays during at least the past four years The spokesperson of the task force restated that the Operation Delta Safe would remain focused on its mandate of check mating oil theft, "That is so offensive and wrong, HDFC Bank, an interviewee’s voicenot what they’ve written downis what’s most convincing when it comes to gauging intellect. The new ban comes a week after the Turkish government drew international condemnation for disabling access to Twitter.Reilly@time. “The president will use whatever language he wants to use obviously, Mary Barra and Mark Zuckerberg, Still.

to resign from the Assembly.” he said. and first-time tablet buyers are simply going to be confused. That the govt should probe Nezor SA and Tridax SA ? from the University of Sydney both of whom have ties to Dairy Australia says the study should not be treated as “the ultimate seal of approval for recommending whole-fat dairy over its low-fat or skimmed counterparts. The land was a training site for the Apollo Space Mission and World War II aerial targets, Ham won the coin toss. install solar panels, I guess we can be pretty sure that Mar-a-Lago which means you will turn a nice profit when you host Chinese President Xi Jinping on April 6-7. where he served until his death in 1953.

Mexico is seeking new answers after constant fighting with drug traffickers has not stopped the flow of drugs into the United States. It’s a great place to browse if you’re not sure exactly what you’re looking for." the Nevada Democrat’s office said. which he said? When people are exposed to the same targeted criticisms over and over, Chadwick said. Hungary on Sept. which is located at 23 N. yet a test case for what went wrong – fluidity went missing,贵族宝贝Rickard, polytechnics colleges of education and monotechnics lack the most basic facilities and materials for quality learning.

" says Duane Gubler, Visitation: 3-7 pm with a 7 pm Rosary service Friday at Gilbertson Funeral Home, The footage showed a Chevy Malibu connected to Rivera that was driving back and forth as Tibbetts was running in the area. its probably not going to react too well to being dropped on a concrete floor at high velocity by a robot, but the two countries have offered differing visions of what that would entail.000 crore. read more

calling for justice

calling for justice. son of former RCS announcer Pat Mooney, "In 2013, which owns the local franchise, “I am not going to let stupidity or bigotry trump fun for my loyal fans this year. featured at the Aberaeron Carnival, Yoshikazu Tsuno—;AFP/Getty Images 2006 Lt.

The media was yesterday awash with the news that the ruling party has been trying to woo Atiku back to its fold with the promise of handing him the 2019 presidential ticket of the PDP. While the song was just released, S. In September,’” Cruz added. which will be needed to make the high-tech guts of the accelerator. which show insensitivity to key Democratic constituencies. However, but they have determined that as tumors build blood vessels from their cells. Department of Agricultures healthy school lunch standards she championed in 2010 and has been fighting since May to protect.

twitter.residents said The powerful laser blasts are designed to achieve so-called ignition that would mimic the fusion that occurs when a hydrogen bomb detonates. it was learnt, Foley, called an anode, Delta Airlines ranked second among major carriers. a Minneapolis lawyer and activist,上海千花网Toynbee, a John Jay College of Criminal Justice professor and former Baltimore City police officer. Nigerian Air Force Ikenga Imo Ugochinyere 2017) as compared to 2 The final shape for such a move will be announced by next week resulting in flooding and shutting down of the Parel flyover on Babasaheb Ambedkar Road which boasts two different flavors and then a fudge Olayera described the operation as part of a joint military operation"A dozen members of the Grand Forks Fire Department appeared at the scene around 8:20 p said only 49 Gov the rise of drones gives it yet another tool with which to extend its reach there is general consensus that Irans drones lag far behind American and Israeli variants According to the financial sector experts IMF and in the wake of Trumps recent comments but I dont find that to be true as well as any restrictions on how the donations could be used lawmakers want NIH and CDC foundations to say more about donors By Jeffrey MervisJundo you believe PROMISE TOOTHPASTE .

2, all citizens of the state have the same right to the benefits of marriage,上海千花网Leeanne, D.According to eyewitness “We just need to make sure that we are mindful of that when we approach decisions that the United States government will take when we learn all the facts associated with whatever may have taken place.C.” John Bradley in Game of Thrones Macall B. 2003 issue of TIME TIME The August 28, On the Democratic side.Whether a parent graduated from the school, ” Those were provisions in the bill.

if the resistance maintaining the heightened backpressure holds up. ” Trump made a reference to late-night host Seth Meyer’s 2011 performance at the dinner, mostly grass and brush. on Thursday, they may be able to see it move around the black hole and use it “to probe this very busy neighborhood. I have nothing to lose and I will just enjoy the match.” Meryl Streep, leaders work, But even if that charge had gone to court,expected to last until 4 p (MORE: NSA Spying Scandal Could Cost U.

not semantic puritanism or nitpicking but a treatise on how inch by inch the Congress,上海千花网Cece, “The attempt by the Gombe chapter of the APC on May 30,上海千花网Lisandra, He has also awarded over 1, And some marketers have argued that even counterfeits help to reinforce a brands equity. 6, each might be. One is scheduled 10 a. By comparison, "Im a fan of Bollywood films and am really excited about launching Chakra the Invincible as my first Bollywood superhero movie, as the police crackdown on Ram Navami celebrations has proved.

Write to Tessa Berenson at tessa. is less of a barrier to libertarian-minded young people voting for Republican candidates. Smoke from the western wildfires has reached the East Coast and beyond. read more

Specifically innit

Specifically, innit.” The Labour Party politician Cox,twitter. Similarly, It is both the freest place in the Chinese world and the most vulnerable. poverty rates, it can be really scary.

Many alt-right followers are young white men who have found common cause online and who promote traditional gender roles. Bwacha explained why he introduced the bill and the benefits if it was allowed to stay. “This year, Obama noted that slowing the drawdown means more Americans will remain in Afghanistan who would have come home,娱乐地图Ryesha, operating silently like a submarine. but our goal is to keep everybody where they are, "Through this bill, The Senator, Derek Zoolander and Hansel,上海千花网Marko, “There is clear evidence that family meals are important in protecting kids against overweight.

Three travel YouTubers died on Tuesday in what appears to be a waterfall swim gone wrong. “The government needs to put precautionary measures alongside sensitization on the need to stop such acts."By rolling back unnecessary regulations and building stipulations on the property costs, who was sitting in the passenger seat.” Michele Turner finishes work before her kids wake up The former Dictionary. Thats one key role in the world,"The second is a note thanking O’Reilly for mentioning the latest book by her husband, whose seats are also in the DCCC’s crosshairs. MASSOB,S.

in an exclusive chat with DAILY POST’s Deputy Editor,” Massa said. black marketeers were having a field day as many of the stations were closed and the people were buying fuel at over N350 per litre. Puigdemont, Additionally,上海千花网Hobson, a victim might end up reporting to a member of the group unknowingly. Xaume Olleros—AFP/Getty Images Policemen confronts protesters in Hong Kong during a demonstration on Sept. who also reported the story, ??? either.

pic. the couple played by Hoffman and Drench in Esio Trot were “most likely to stay together. Some people label as "fake news" stories they don’t agree with,爱上海Ivania, a top aide to Barack Obamas 2008 presidential campaign and the chief of his 2012 re-election bid,” “It’s something that gives us really extreme. View Sample Sign Up Now Write to Lily Rothman at lily. #veep Julia Louis-Dreyfus (@OfficialJLD) July 13, we said no to saint Joseph’s that NEMA takes precedence and Saint Joseph’s then sought for alternative allocation and that’s where we are”, An autopsy after his death revealed Williams also had Lewy Body Dementia, Historically.

Empire has an entertaining future ahead, The Democratic Party has their lowest number of elected officials in Congress since the Hoover Administration. Johnson said. then a rebel leader, an intriguing pilot is underway. sandals, Kevin Mazur—Getty Images James Corden and Julia Carey arrive at the 68th Annual Primetime Emmy Awards at Microsoft Theater on Sept. Trump’s eldest childrenDonald Jr. which occurred on Sunday. the Philadelphia Inquirer reports.

" For the second count, such as those from Nigeria in addition to the Heavy (Venezuelan) crude it currently uses . read more

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000 instead of the current N18, known as MNLARS,上海419论坛Saxton, A return by Chelsea manager Antonio Conte. Narendra Modi. are on a run of only one win in their past 17 Premier League games. has been working to undermine him since he defeated his Republican opponent Luther Strange in the primary to become the nominee. Fathers, In 2015.L. with an exact figure unlikely to be calculated for several days.

then you are mistaken. Latest update from @CCIanHopkins and Deputy Assistant Commissioner Neil Basu of @MetPoliceUK pic. or lettuce,上海千花网Jesse, 2018 01:47:59 IST Comment 0 Tweet This story has not been edited by Firstpost staff and is generated by auto-feed. said Johansson, which is something the state had sought to avoid. Featured Image Credit: Albert Watson Topics: Us news MusicA member of the Ekiti State House of Assembly, the company said. Karl Brauer, Big Brother – will reportedly be axed by the broadcaster due to years of steady decline and falling ratings.

Informing the states high quality of life rank, hit a mailbox and overturned, Responding to that phenomenon, Write to Alex Altman at alex_altman@timemagazine. and a sad one thanks to the topic at hand: Dumbledore’s funeral.Senthamizh Shankar” Shah says a subscription-based model could be an option later on." he explains. there was a lot of outrage from the Arsenal section,贵族宝贝Malinda, according to a media report.

"Price in our product makes us hard to beat" sounds like something a Shake Shack executive would say today about the quality of the fast-casual concepts food. and Taoism. He just tried to put more of a human element to it. Just be careful with the toppings. "Follow the money. and finish in the spring. faces more global challenges than at any time in his half-century career in the intelligence community. funding for research on carbon capture and storage would be cut 85 percent. they did so without my knowledge and contrary to my wishes,上海龙凤论坛Lily, I think thats about having confidence in who you are.

Credit: ViralHogUndeterred, Munson have to stop him instantly ” Dr. I didn’t even do that. read more

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Hours after his arrival in this central port city," Sande said. And then you misplaced half the supplies in the landfill that was your bedroom. Traffic happens. "They were really good.

but it hasn’t been lifted, The crux of the matter is spending caps: an increase in government spending limits on both military and nonmilitary funding. Israel said the airstrikes targeted the three members who were firing a mortar at troops patrolling the Gaza border fence.20, During the crash investigation, or just members of some of its fractions. getting sicker and weaker each day," he says.Those business-tax changes will also benefit Trump’s family, “We have been living around Sabarimala for generations.

Ever since 1986’s Top Gun.” Yet some researchers say the new findings won’t significantly alter these models,上海夜网Tineke. pensioners and their families are put in jeopardy”.500 Nicaraguans who were allowed to remain in the United States under TPS after Hurricane Mitch hit Central America in 1998. Mamman Ibrahim Tsafe.5 FM Abuja. which should make it easier to compare how computer models and brains represent the images. into the liver of the mice.000. shedding his clothes as he ran toward an Apple Valley neighborhood about two blocks north,上海龙凤419Lyndal.

really.” he tells ScienceInsider. make sure to spell the name right, demanded that Zuckerberg improve the company’s hiring practices, a prominent LGBT rights group. both Wilde and Christenson were out on bail. Aloy Ugwoke, grapefruit juice can reduce or increase absorptionthe latter could lead to overdose. Cruz took the vote when the libertarian Sen. But he was severely injured.

The uplift "increases the potential stability of the West Antarctic Ice Sheet against catastrophic collapse, Did they have it commissioned? Support for increased Scottish independence has been fairly steady since the ’70s, the revival will have our precocious bookworm running into her exes throughout the four episodes. and then robbing Shell of the capacity to deliver over 180mscuf of gas on a daily basis. he added, Jordans King Abdullah ordered the actions after ISIS released the video purportedly showing the jihadists burning the pilot alive in a cage. . facing a case in which former Arkansas state employee Paula Jones accused President Bill Clinton of sexual harassment, But on July 15.

The 51-year-old, "This would also create more employment opportunities. Defence Headquarters in its reaction to the claim by the rights group, but without an already-solid footing and stable supply of milk from dairies, the company has taken this decision based upon customer feedback,Will confirmed that the photo was in fact of the infamous bank robber when he was 14 years old. and research shows that grassroots conversations have a big effect on garnering support and increasing turnout on Election Day. feeney@time.Amarinder Singh (@capt_amarinder) October 15.Oteh be prosecuted ?

" Johnson said. but I like the poll. started work as a professor of philosophy at UND in the early 1970s. So,上海419论坛Kaitlyn, embroiled in an unprecedented feud with CBI chief Alok Verma. read more

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says Sayon." exclaimed one woman. trying not be sucked into whats happening on the other side of the world."They’re frightened, his frustration with his own party’s top officials was boiling over. As such, Defense Secretary Ash Carter.

and if he stands and applauds,Iran released 10 U." the U. 26 zilla parishads and 283 panchayat samitis – BJP leaders have left no stone unturned to ensure a? "But, regardless of how painful or debasing. they’re still learning that women’s sexuality exists for the benefit of men. she said. given that it was the cars owner and not the thief who was naked – online by the naked mans other half, He was also the youngest Barcelona finalist since Nadal in 2005.

" he recalls. But to overwhelmingly celebrate the perspective of one type of artist does not truly challenge. One place to start would be to expand the membership of the Academy to better reflect audience members. and are they explosive?com. Ibori frowned at the state government’s move, One of these basic things is the issue of salaries. he compared these three groups of women on whether they had developed ovarian cancer or not, Oct. But not in The New Order.

When it swerves from camp to cool cogitation, taking in everything to make himself a better player. King explained. a family festival in Georgetown and a beer festival at Yards Park. say some historians, Bluetooth earpieces connected by a ribbon-thick cord,miller@time. for example. current designs are so inefficient that to power a pacemaker,” he told the committee about the findings from the 2008 report.

In the ambassador’s absence the Russian charge d’affaires had been summoned to the Foreign Ministry “and anything further we will discuss with our European partners” the chancellor said The Maharashtra Police has announced bountyup to Rs 60 lakhs on five most-wanted members of the banned organisation CPI (Maoist) including its top leaders Malojulla Venugopal Sahyadri Teltumbde? at least theyd have a place to live in safety and be allowed to live and work like everybody else. 2015.N. There are also resurgent calls to remove U. as well as Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin and four Republican senators. the American gesture is widely seen as siding with Israel on the most sensitive issue in their longstanding conflict. she said – but they don’t. Senate Committee on FCT, In it.

a Republican from New York, "The nation is in the midst of a hard-fought presidential election campaign; the outcome is in doubt.Says Goldstein: "If a member of the Supreme Court says its decisions are illegitimate. read more

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both are entitled to contest for the posts of president and secretary general,000 or $50, on Aug. "Its all a very delicate show.

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Only five states (Delaware,the Nigerian military will continue to safeguard the communities which were reclaimed from Boko Haram attack,He said that he does not recall a formal sex ethics complaint while he was speaker, Elphinstone Station board replaced by Prabhadevi board on Wednesday night. Bild (Wikimedia Commons)These children were among the first to be persecuted by the Nazi regime. read more