With no evidence of fraud, Trump fails to make headway on legal cases.

first_imgBut none of the dozen or so lawsuits they had brought in battleground states appeared to be gaining any traction in the courts. And none seemed likely to give Mr. Trump the edge he would need in vote counts in the states that will determine the outcome.In seeking to foment widespread doubt about the legitimacy of the election, Mr. Trump and his surrogates seemed less focused on substantive legal arguments that could hold up in court, and more on bolstering the president’s political narrative, unsupported by the facts, that he was somehow being robbed of a second term. President Trump’s bellicose pledge to fight the outcome of the election in the courts crashed on Friday into skeptical judges, daunting Electoral College math and a lack of evidence for his claims of fraud.On a day that began with vote tallies in Georgia and Pennsylvania tipping in favor of Joseph R. Biden Jr., the Trump campaign declared, “This election is not over,” as the Republican National Committee announced it had activated “legal challenge teams” in Arizona, Georgia, Michigan and Pennsylvania. The Trump forces also named a new general to lead the effort, the hardened conservative political combatant David Bossie.- Advertisement – The most high-profile step of the day came when Pennsylvania Republicans asked the U.S. Supreme Court to step in and require election officials in the state to segregate ballots that arrived after Election Day and not to include them for now in the vote totals in the largest and most critical of the swing states.- Advertisement – On Friday evening, Justice Samuel A. Alito Jr. agreed to the request.But the move was almost entirely for show: Pennsylvania is already segregating those ballots, counting them separately and not including them in the announced vote totals. The secretary of state, over the objections of Republicans and Mr. Trump, has said they can be counted if they arrived by 5 p.m. on Friday, in line with a state court ruling that the Supreme Court has left open the possibility of reviewing again. – Advertisement –last_img read more

Cyclical stocks may be racing higher, but tech is still expected to be a long-term winner

first_img“You can see why people go crazy over them. I think there will be more juice for them in 2021,” he added. “In 2020 alone, the performance gap 70%. If the market is up 10% in the next year, the stocks at the epicenter could be up 80%. There’s that much juice in them … It’s stocks like Six Flags, it’s what you think was hit hardest in social distancing.” But Lee stresses that tech is still core and important to hold. “The revenue growth is going to be superior to the overall market,” he said. “I think it’s got legs. I think more money comes from the sidelines, so I’m not selling growth or tech.”He also expects the market to keep rising into the end of the year, and his S&P 500 target of 3,250 is too low with the market now trading above 3,600. “My target makes no sense because we’re in the fourth quarter, and there’s a Santa rally coming,” he said.‘Lousy fourth quarter’The S&P was up 0.7% Monday afternoon, and the Dow rose more than 1%. The small cap Russell 2000 jumped another 1.8%, heading to another record close. But the Nasdaq lagged, up just 0.4%.Lee said there are concerns that will worry investors, and the rapidly spreading virus will continue to hobble the economy even as the market can rally.“I think it’s going to be a lousy fourth quarter and I think that’s what everyone is bracing for,” he said. “Nobody thought the vaccine was going to change the fourth quarter, but now we won’t have to think the fourth quarter is what the next six quarters will look like. Stocks do bottom nine months before the economy. If the vaccine is going to be in the summer, then all the cyclicals should be rallying now.”Sam Stovall, chief investment strategist at CFRA, said he downgraded technology to market weight last week but he’s still positive on the group even with the vaccine trade. “It still won’t really be opening up the economy until late second quarter, third quarter next year. We still have a long way to go to experience a weaker economy. Let’s not be too quick to give up on that growth that’s served us well,” he said.The big internet names, such as Facebook, may not gain at the same pace they did previously, but within the technology trade there are sub-sectors that have good momentum. They include tech hardware, systems software, semiconductors, applications software and semiconductor equipment, he said.Some parts of tech are a cyclical trade like semiconductors and semiconductor equipment. Semiconductors were up 1.6% Monday.“What all of this means is the leadership of the market is broadening out,” said Art Hogan, chief market strategist at National Securities. “You want to have both. You just want to rebalance.” FANG may be lagging, but don’t count technology stocks out.Positive news on vaccines has spurred buying in cyclical stocks that should do well when the economy is running at full speed again. Last week, tech stocks, and high-flying FANG names, sold off after Pfizer’s positive vaccine news drove investors into many of the stocks that have been lagging since the economic shutdowns last March.Moderna’s positive vaccine news sparked the same reaction Monday, with FANG names — Facebook, Amazon, Netflix and Google-parent Alphabet — all trading flat to lower but tech gained about a half percent. Facebook and Alphabet are in the communication services sector and that sector was also up just slightly, compared to a 6.3% gain in energy; a 3.4% jump in airlines and a 2% increase in industrials.- Advertisement – Traders work the floor of the New York Stock Exchange.NYSE “The money is coming from the sidelines so that money goes into stocks and it’s going to push everything higher, especially if growth and tech is 75% of the market,” said Tom Lee, founder of Fundstrat. “People are taking cash off the sidelines and buying market exposure. It’s going to lift all boats.”Netflix and Facebook are considered stay-at-home stock plays that should benefit if the economy is shut down or people opt to stay at home to avoid the virus.“I think the active equity manager made a lot of money on stay-at-home stocks. Now, there’s tailwinds for the cyclical trade,” said Lee. He said those companies at the epicenter, like airlines or hotels, have cut costs and should see a topline recovery.- Advertisement –center_img – Advertisement – – Advertisement –last_img read more

Double-digit decrease in crime reported in St Kitts-Nevis

first_imgNewsRegional Double-digit decrease in crime reported in St Kitts-Nevis by: – November 25, 2011 Share 13 Views   no discussions Share Tweetcenter_img Sharing is caring! Share Prime Minister of St Kitts & Nevis, Denzil Douglas. BASSETERRE, St Kitts (CUOPM) – Double-digit decreases in crime are being reported in St Kitts and Nevis over the past two months.Prime Minister Dr Denzil Douglas said the good news reflects the extent to which the law enforcement agencies are striving to valiantly keep persons and property safe.“Overall crime in September fell 48 percent compared to August. And in October, we again saw another drop in overall crime – this time of 23 percent, compared to the month before,” said Douglas during his weekly radio programme “Ask the Prime Minister.”Douglas, who has responsibility for the police and defence force, said that in one month alone, the Delta Squad, the new tactical force comprised of police and defence force personnel, destroyed 3,000 marijuana trees, seized five guns and hundreds of bullets.Douglas noted that the newly-appointed Commissioner of Police, C.G. Walwyn has gone to great lengths to foster relationships of trust and respect between the police and the public, and clearly this has been working.“Men and women from all walks of life have been actively helping our country’s security forces ‘take back the streets,’ to use Commissioner Walwyn’s expression. They have been providing information, tips, insights, and we cannot thank and commend them enough. We obviously cannot mention their names, but they know who they are. And this country is indebted to them because this spirit of trust and collaboration is the very best way – maybe the only way – to build a strong, safe, and cohesive society,” Douglas told listeners.He also noted that private individuals are actively helping the security forces in the form of material and other assets and expressed thanks “because this type of cross-sectoral collaboration is key to the building of safe and stable societies.” Caribbean News Nowlast_img read more

OAS summit evidence of ever-growing abyss, says Cuba

first_imgCuban flag. Photo credit” flags.netHAVANA, Cuba — In a statement on Wednesday, the Cuban government said thae the Summit held in Cartagena de Indias, Colombia, gave evidence of the ever-growing abyss that exists between “Our America”, as Martí called it, and the “turbulent and brutal North that despises us”. The statement continued:Cartagena witnessed a rebellion of Latin America and the Caribbean against the imposition of “one and a half government” which applied the imperial veto against the paragraphs of the Draft Final Declaration of the so-called Summit of the Americas that demanded the ceasing of the blockade and of Cuba’s exclusion from hemispheric events.Since the celebration of the former Summit in 2009, the illusions about the policy of President Obama vanished; a gap between his speeches and his actions widened. There were no major changes in the policy towards Latin America and the Caribbean. The blockade against Cuba continued and it was even tightened in the financial sector, despite the international condemnation and the overwhelming vote against it at the United Nations General Assembly. The purpose of the blockade is “to bring about hunger, desperation and overthrow of government”, which is now known as “change of regime”.The ALBA group met on February 4 last in Caracas on the occasion of the celebration of an anniversary of the historical Civic and Military Rebellion of 1992. It adopted one Declaration on the Sovereignty of Argentina over the Malvinas Islands, another on the blockade and considered the imposition of Cuba’s exclusion from these events to be unfair and unacceptable. President Correa resolutely stated that if this issue was not solved, Ecuador would not attend the Cartagena Summit. This statement shook the entire region. That courageous stand was the prelude of what happened next.President Raúl Castro expressed at the ALBA meeting: “I want to thank President Correa, Evo and all of you for your statements…You are absolutely right; this is an issue of utmost importance. We have never asked for a step like that to be made, but that does not mean we will not support this one which we think is only too fair.”The president of Colombia, Juan Manuel Santos, who visited us in a respectful way and received a response from President Raúl Castro Ruz stating that Cuba, if invited, would attend the Summit, as usual, with absolute respect, abiding by its principles and the truth, takes the credit for having introduced directly the issue of the blockade and the exclusion of Cuba.President Evo Morales, who was the first to question the Summit at the ALBA meeting on February in Caracas, waged a battle in Cartagena and stated as follows: “We are going through a phase of disintegration. It is not possible that one country could veto the presence of Cuba. Therefore, there is no integration; and with the absence of Ecuador, an absence that is only fair to protest the US veto against Cuba, what kind of integration can we talk about?”On April 13 last, President Chávez exclaimed: “Now, truth to tell, if these two governments, the United States and Canada, refuse to discuss issues that are so profoundly inherent to Latin America and the Caribbean such as the issue of Cuba, the sister nation of Cuba, the fraternal Cuba; or the issue of the Malvinas Islands, what’s the use of holding any more Summits of the Americas? We will have to do away with these Summits”. Before that, he had written: “We likewise call for an end to the shameful and criminal blockade against the sister Republic of Cuba, a blockade that has been cruelly and brutally imposed by the empire for more than 50 years against the heroic people of José Martí.”At a mass rally, full of youth, in solidarity with Cuba held on April 14 in Managua, Daniel Ortega stated as follows: “I think it is high time for the government of the United States to listen to all Latin American nations, with the most diverse ideologies and political thoughts, ranging from the most conservative to the most revolutionary. But, despite that, they all agree that Cuba must be present in these meetings; otherwise there won’t be any other so-called, or wrongly called, Summit of the Americas”.The unitary and solid stand adopted by Our America on the blockade, the exclusion of Cuba and the Malvinas Islands issues was really impressive. The firmness and dignity upheld by the President of Argentina in her strong defense of these causes were of the essence.We felt proud when the President of Brazil, Dilma Rousseff, expressed with serene dignity, in front of Obama, that the Bigger Homeland can only be treated as an equal and reaffirmed the common stand in support of Argentina and Cuba.The Caribbean leaders gave evidence of the soundness of the Caribbean Community (CARICOM) and the fact that the Caribbean and Latin America are likewise indivisible. Their defense of the Argentinean sovereignty over the Malvinas Islands and their traditional and categorical support to Cuba were transcendental.The left forces, the popular movements; the trade union, youth and students organizations as well as the NGOs gathered at the Congress of the Peoples in Cartagena expressed an emotional solidarity with Cuba. The Inter-Parliamentary Meeting of the Americas condemned the exclusion of and the blockade against our country.The United States underestimated the fact that on December 2, 2011, in Caracas, on the occasion of the Bicentennial of the Independence of that country, under the leadership of Chávez, and on the occasion of the fifty fifth anniversary of the Landing of the Granma, the Community of Latin American and Caribbean States (CELAC) was founded, an event that had been anticipated by the leader of the Revolution, Fidel Castro Ruz, on February, 2010, when he wrote: “no other institutional event in our hemisphere in the course of the last century has been so transcendental”.At that first Summit, when Cuba was elected as President of CELAC for the year 2013, Army General Raúl Castro Ruz stated: “With the decisions that we have adopted here and the joint work that we have carried out during the last three years, we have vindicated more than two centuries of struggles and hopes. Having come this far has required efforts, blood and sacrifice. The colonial metropolis of the past and the imperial powers of the present have opposed this endeavor.”Obama does not seem to understand either the significance of the Bolivarian victory of April 13, 2002, or the fact that right now it’s been ten years already of the coup d’etat organized by his predecessor with the support of the OAS and the Spanish government headed by Aznar against President Hugo Chávez, in an attempt to annihilate the Bolivarian Revolution and assassinate its leader. As the Venezuelan Foreign Minister, Nicolás Maduro, reminded him of, looking him straight in the eye, in a memorable speech delivered at the Cartagena Summit, the US government remains adamant in its conduct of intervening in the internal affairs of Venezuela and supporting the pro-coup faction whose members have now become electoral candidates.President Obama should realize that the Cartagena Summit was not an auspicious setting to recommend a democracy for Cuba, much less so when the one that intended to do that was left there in absolute isolation, forced to apply the veto out of lack of ideas and political and moral authority. He devotes himself to demagogy prior to some troublesome elections. He should rather take care of his wars, crises and politicking. We, Cubans, will take care of Cuba.The United States never wanted to discuss the terrible consequences of neoliberalism for Latin America and the Caribbean; or the situation of immigrants in the United States and Europe, who are separated from their families, cruelly deported or murdered at walls like the one that has been built by the Río Bravo River. It never agreed either to talk about the poor, who account for half of humanity.The empire and the former colonial metropolis do not listen to the “indignants”, their citizens and minorities who live in poverty in those opulent societies, while investing huge amounts of money to bail out corrupted bankers and speculators. In the superpower, 10 per cent of families control 80 per cent of the wealth. Those resources are enough to solve the problems of the planet.The new thing about the Cartagena meeting was that many of the governments, with natural differences and different approaches, demanded an alternative model that gives priority to solidarity and complementarity over competition based on selfishness; guarantees a harmonious relationship with nature rather than the plundering of natural resources or frenzied consumption. They called for the protection of cultural diversity as opposed to the imposition of values and living styles that are alien to our peoples. They asked for the consolidation of peace and rejected wars and militarization.They launched an appeal to recover the human condition in our societies and build a world that promotes respect for the plurality of ideas and models; the democratic participation of society in government affairs, including the consultation about economic and monetary policies; the combat against illiteracy, infant and maternal mortality and curable diseases. They called for greater access to both free and truthful information and potable water. They recognized the existence of social exclusion and the fact that human rights are to be exercised by all and should not be used as a political weapon by the powerful.This time, the United States government was forced to listen, not to an almost unique voice as had been the case for decades or to a slender minority as it happened until very recently. Now it was the majority of peoples which expressed itself at the Summit to promote this indispensable debate either through their Presidents and Heads of Delegations or through the stand adopted by those who did not attend. The Summit had to be censored because the empire listens with deaf ears.In Cartagena, the Monroe Doctrine – “America for the Americans” — was laid bare. As if no one could remember about the deception of the Alliance for Progress in 1961 and the Americas Initiative or FTAA in 1994, they have tried to trick us into trusting the “Alliance of Equals”.As Commander in Chief Fidel Castro Ruz had predicted during an international event held in Cartagena on June 14, 1994, the so-called Summits of the Americas have only benefited the North.When expressing his opinion about a similar meeting held in Washington 120 years ago, José Martí wrote: “After viewing with judicial eyes the antecedents, motives, and ingredients of the feast, it is essential to say, for it is true, that the time has come for Spanish America to declare its second independence.”During the meeting itself, ALBA declared both officially and publicly that without a radical change in the nature of these Summits, it will never attend these meetings again. Other continental leaders have also advised so.As to the OAS — that unburied corpse — there is no need to say anything about it.The Republic of Argentina has the inalienable right to exercise its sovereignty over the Malvinas, South Georgia and South Sandwich Islands as well as over the surrounding maritime areas.Cuba is mindful of the fact that the Bigger Homeland will not be complete until the brother people of Puerto Rico is able to exercise its inalienable right to self-determination and until Puerto Rico, that Latin American and Caribbean nation, submitted to the colonial status imposed by the United States, achieves its full independence.With a solid consensus on regional sovereignty and the defense of our culture within our rich diversity, with almost 600 million inhabitants and abundant natural resources, Our America has now the chance to solve the grave problems of extreme inequality in the distribution of wealth and could contribute, with its already obvious strength, to the “equilibrium of the world”, the defense of peace and the preservation of the human species.To that end, and in the face of the attempts to divide us and derail us, which will continue to appear over and over again, Our America needs to stay together. No one in the North should ever forget that 51 years ago the Cuban people were already defending, at these same hours, a Socialist Revolution in the bloodstained sands of Playa Girón and that, ever since then, “all the peoples of the Americas were a little bit freer.”Caribbean News Now Sharing is caring! Tweet Share 13 Views   no discussionscenter_img LocalNews OAS summit evidence of ever-growing abyss, says Cuba by: – April 20, 2012 Share Sharelast_img read more

Cardiff lose relegation battle

first_imgLoic Remy scored his 14th goal of the season to help end Newcastle’s six-game Barclays Premier League losing streak and send Cardiff down. On a day when several hundred home fans carried out their threat to walk out of St James’ Park before the end of the game after losing patience with owner Mike Ashley and manager Alan Pardew, Shola Ameobi’s first-half header set his side on the road to a lacklustre 3-0 victory. The visitors rallied and looked like they might get something out of the game, but late strikes from Remy and substitute Steven Taylor, coupled with Sunderland’s shock win at Manchester United – their first since 1968 – ensured that Ole Gunnar Solskjaer’s men will be playing in the Football League once again next season. It was never likely to be a comfortable afternoon for Pardew whatever happened on the pitch, with many fans arriving in mutinous mood and some departing on cue after 60 and then 69 minutes. Large sections of the home support sang anti-Pardew and Ashley songs throughout and voiced their support for discarded midfielder Hatem Ben Arfa, who was among the crowd. Pardew has vowed to spend more time on the bench rather than in the technical area after his ugly clash with Hull’s David Meyler, and he maintained a low profile for much of the game, although he was booed by some fans whenever he did make it on to the sideline. Nevertheless, the 52-year-old would have been reasonably pleased with what he saw before the break as his side dominated and took a deserved lead which might have been more decisive. However, the defensive frailties which have haunted the Magpies in recent months remain and they might have been exploited on another day. Newcastle were fortunate not to be behind with just six minutes gone when Krul’s weak punch fell to striker Fraizer Campbell on the edge of the box, and he steered his effort wastefully wide. But it was opposite number David Marshall who kept his side in the game as the hosts hit back. He produced two fine saves within seconds to keep out full-back Mathieu Debuchy’s well-struck 16th-minute shot and then his bullet header from the resulting corner. However, he was left helpless with 18 minutes gone when Moussa Sissoko crossed from the right for Ameobi, who had pulled away from marker Steven Caulker, to head firmly home. Newcastle looked as if they might run riot, with Sissoko seeing a shot and then a cross deflected against the woodwork, while Cheick Tiote drilled an effort wide after a flowing move. But in the meantime, the visitors might have got themselves back into the game as Wilfried Zaha made his mark. The winger, who had started on the right, decided to try his luck on the opposite flank and tricked his way past Debuchy before firing in a 29th-minute shot which Krul blocked instinctively with his trailing leg. Zaha got in behind Debuchy once again two minutes later, but this time the defender recovered to make a vital interception. Pardew’s men restored a measure of order as the first-half approached its conclusion, but the game was far from over as they re-assembled in the dressing room. Solskjaer replaced midfielder Kim Bo-kyung with Newcastle old boy Craig Bellamy after the break, while Massadio Haidara came on for Magpies left-back Paul Dummett. However, it was central defender Ben Turner who caused panic in the home defence when he latched on to a half-cleared 48th-minute corner, but steered his shot wide. Bellamy made an impact as he gave the visitors greater impetus going forward, and his pass to Campbell allowed him to send in a right-wing cross which floated across goal and just wide of the far post. Central defender Mike Williamson saw a 57th-minute shot deflected wide as Newcastle responded, but the flow of play was largely towards his goal, although with the Bluebirds unable to find any kind of cutting edge. But they might have been back in the game with 14 minutes remaining when Jordon Mutch headed down for substitute Kenwyne Jones to poke the ball towards goal, only for Krul to block. And when the Dutchman spilled Bellamy’s cross seconds later, Aron Gunnarsson’s effort was smuggled away by Fabricio Coloccini. But Cardiff’s fate was sealed at the death as Remy tapped home after Tiote’s 87th-minute shot had been blocked into his path, and Taylor completed the scoring in injury time when he stabbed home from Remy’s knock-down. Press Associationlast_img read more

Steelers smash Stars

first_imgSheffield Steelers smashed Elite League basement dwellers Dundee Stars 11-1 at the Motorpoint Sheffield Arena on Wednesday night. Press Association Michael Forney helped himself to a hat-trick and Robert Dowd bagged a brace as the Steelers put Dundee to the sword. Elsewhere Braehead Clan consolidated their position at the top of the table with a 3-1 win over Coventry Blaze and Cardiff Devils triumphed 4-2 over Belfast Giants. last_img read more

Update on the latest sports

first_imgThe 2020 WNBA season, delayed and shortened by the coronavirus pandemic, is being played in a bubble at the IMG Academy in Bradenton, Florida. There are two other games on the Saturday schedule: Los Angeles vs. Phoenix and Indiana vs. Washington.COLLEGE FOOTBALL-KANSAS SEASON OPENERKU adds Southern Illinois to open football season – for nowLAWRENCE, Kan. (AP) — Kansas has added Southern Illinois to open its football season in just over a month. The game, however, might not be played.The revision came after New Hampshire backed out of the game Sept. 5 because of the Colonial Athletic Conference’s decision to suspend fall sports due to COVID-19. Associated Press July 25, 2020 WNBA RETURNSStorm beat Liberty in WNBA’s season openerBRADENTON, Fla. (AP) — Breanna Stewart had 18 points, eight rebounds and four steals in her first WNBA game since helping Seattle win the 2018 championship, sending the Storm past the New York Liberty 87-71 Saturday in the season opener.Stewart missed all of last season after tearing her Achilles tendon while playing for her Russian club team in April 2019. Jewell Loyd scored 14 points for Seattle and Sue Bird — who also missed the 2019, season because of a knee injury — added 11 points and five assists. Layshia Clarendon led the Liberty with 20 points. Sabrina Ionescu had 12 points, six rebounds and four assists in her WNBA debut. — New York Mets relief pitcher Brad Brach says he missed preseason camp because he tested positive for the coronavirus. Brach confirmed he and his pregnant wife both had COVID-19 and experienced mild symptoms, including loss of taste. Jenae Brach gave birth to healthy twin boys, Carson and Brody, on July 17. Brad Brach helped the family settle into their Tennessee home before reporting to the Mets today.— Milwaukee Brewers shortstop Luis Urias has been cleared to return to baseball activity after testing positive for coronavirus before the start of Major League Baseball’s preseason summer camp. The Brewers are sending Urias to their secondary facility in Appleton, Wisconsin. The Brewers have said Urias remained asymptomatic while going through the MLB protocols on returning to action.— Cincinnati Reds infielder Matt Davidson has tested positive for COVID-19. He went on the injured list one day after he started the opener as a designated hitter. Davidson popped out and grounded into a double play during the Reds’ 7-1 win over the Detroit Tigers at Great American Ball Park on Friday night. The Reds signed the 29-year-old to a minor league deal earlier this year. He also played for the Diamondbacks and White Sox. Davidson hit three homers in Chicago’s season opener in 2018.— Dodgers ace Clayton Kershaw’s back issue that forced him to miss his opening day start is improving and he hopes to return soon. Manager Dave Roberts said Friday that Kershaw had an MRI after tweaking his back three days earlier. It showed no structural damage. Kershaw gave no timetable for his return. The three-time NL Cy Young Award winner has been receiving treatment daily.— The pandemic-delayed Major League Baseball opener was a hit on television. The Nationals-Yankees game on ESPN was the most-watched regular season game in baseball on any network in nine years. It averaged 4 million viewers according to Nielsen fast national ratings and peaked at 8:30 p.m. EDT with 4.48 million viewers. No regular season game had been viewed by that many since 4.7 million watched Boston beat the Yankees 3-2 in 10 innings on Aug. 7, 2011. That game was also on ESPN. UNDATED (AP) — Chicago Blackhawks goaltender Corey Crawford has revealed that he missed the start of training camp because he tested positive for COVID-19. He said he was in quarantine at his place in Chicago.The 35-year-old Crawford skated with the team on Saturday and faced shots from teammates. His return is a big development for Chicago as it prepares for its qualifying series against Edmonton. The best-of-five series begins on Aug. 1.In other NHL news:— Carolina Hurricanes All-Star defenseman Dougie Hamilton missed a second straight practice Saturday, and his status remains unclear as the team prepares for the return to play in the coming week. The team said on its website Wednesday that Hamilton left that day’s practice early in “some visible discomfort” and he didn’t practice Thursday. At the time, coach Rod Brind’Amour offered no specifics. Hamilton broke his left leg in January and was sidelined until the NHL suspended the season because of the pandemic, but he had returned for the beginning of training camp. NBA-NEWSAP source: Knicks close to deal to make Tom Thibodeau coachUNDATED (AP) — A person with knowledge of the details says the New York Knicks are finishing a deal to make Tom Thibodeau (THIH’-buh-doh) their coach. The person told The Associated Press that no contract has been signed but a deal is expected to be announced next week.ESPN first reported that the Knicks and Thibodeau were completing a five-year contract. Thibodeau was the 2011 NBA Coach of the Year in Chicago and is a former Knicks assistant under Jeff Van Gundy. Update on the latest sports The Jayhawks and Salukis will play for the fourth time on Aug. 29 at Memorial Stadium.Jayhawks athletic director Jeff Long said Saturday the school wanted to look regionally for an opponent and that whatever school was chosen had to adhere to Big 12 testing protocols once they have been set. Whether the game actually takes place has yet to be determined. The Salukis play in the Missouri Valley, whose own school presidents are expected to address their football season in the coming week.GOLF-BRITISH MASTERSParatore wins British Masters for 2nd European Tour title MLB says Barrera tested positive for the performance-enhancing substance DHCMT, the chemical compound used in a drug that fueled Olympic athletes in the former East Germany decades ago.Barrera said Saturday that he appealed his suspension but it was upheld by an arbitrator. In a statement released by the players’ association, the 25-year-old said the failed test and suspension came “as a complete surprise.” He said he has never knowingly used a banned substance. Barrera was on Washington’s 40-man roster and part of its 60-man player pool. He appeared in two games in 2019 and was not a member of the postseason roster as the Nationals went on to win the franchise’s first title.In other MLB news:— World Series MVP Stephen Strasburg has been scratched from what was supposed to be his first start of the season for the Washington Nationals because of a nerve issue with his right hand. Nationals manager Dave Martinez announced the news about four hours before the scheduled first pitch against the visiting New York Yankees on Saturday. Martinez said Strasburg would be replaced as his team’s starter by Erick Fedde. Martinez said Strasburg was given an injection for the issue, likening it to “basically a cortisone shot.” He said Strasburg felt something was wrong with his hand during an exhibition game last week. Share This StoryFacebookTwitteremailPrintLinkedinRedditMLB-NEWSNationals catcher Tres Barrera banned 80 games for drug testUNDATED (AP) — Washington Nationals catcher Tres Barrera has been suspended for 80 games without pay by Major League Baseball after testing positive for an anabolic steroid. NFL-NEWSChiefs’ Duvernay-Tardif first to opt out of 2020 NFL seasonUNDATED (AP) — Kansas City offensive lineman Laurent Duvernay-Tardif is the first player to announce he is opting out of the upcoming NFL season. The 29-year-old is choosing to put his medical degree to use on the front lines of the coronavirus pandemic rather than helping the Chiefs defend their first Super Bowl title in 50 years.Duvernay-Tardif has been working to fulfill his requirements to become a doctor in the offseason, and has spent this summer working at a clinic in his native Canada. He said that experience helped him decide that if he was going to take any risks with his health, it would be to help patients dealing with the virus.The NFL and its players association agreed Friday to an opt-out clause for the upcoming season. Two people with knowledge of the decisions told The Associated Press that those who opt out voluntarily will receive a $150,000 stipend and those with medical opt outs will receive $350,00 rather than their contractual salary. The deadline to opt out is Aug. 3. In other NFL news:— Kansas City quarterback Patrick Mahomes acknowledges there is “some risk” in returning to the team facility for training camp. But he says he’s comfortable with the protocols established by the NFL and its players’ union to ensure a safe environment. The Super Bowl MVP was at the facility Saturday along with rookies and select veterans, a day after the league and union agreed to a proposal opening camps in earnest next week. The players’ board of representatives voted to adopt changes to the collective bargaining agreement that provide for new training camp and roster rules, economics and protocols for operating amid the coronavirus pandemic, as well as an opt-out clause.— The Las Vegas Raiders have signed their entire seven-person draft class. The rookies all took tests for COVID-19 earlier in the week and then officially signed their deals. The Raiders had seven picks in the draft in April led by first-round receiver Henry Ruggs III and cornerback Damon Arnette. Ruggs was picked 12th overall and is being counted on to add a dynamic playmaker to an offense that ranked 24th in the league in scoring last season. Arnette was picked 19th and will be in competition with free agent addition Prince Amukamara for a starting cornerback spot.— Alex Smith could move one step closer to returning to the football field after a gruesome injury. A team spokesman says the Washington quarterback is set to take a physical with a team doctor on Monday that he must pass before being cleared for football activities. The 36-year-old Smith hasn’t played since November 2018 when he broke the tibia and fibula in his right leg. He underwent multiple surgeries and has worked to get back to game action. Washington expects 2019 first-round pick Dwayne Haskins and former Carolina QB Kyle Allen to compete for the starting job this season under new coach Ron Rivera.— The Minnesota Vikings have signed head coach Mike Zimmer to a three-year contract extension through the 2023 season, finalizing a key piece of business Friday before the beginning of training camp. The deal was agreed to earlier in the week. Zimmer has a 57-38-1 record over six years. It is the third-best winning percentage of the nine head coaches the Vikings franchise has had over 59 seasons. The 64-year-old Zimmer trails Bud Grant and Dennis Green on the team list. Mike Miller finished the season as interim coach after David Fizdale was fired 22 games into last season. In other NBA news:— Zion Williamson will be out of quarantine by the time New Orleans plays in the first official game of the NBA restart at Walt Disney World. Whether the Pelicans will play him that night or not remains anyone’s guess. The NBA said Saturday that Williamson will have to serve a four-day quarantine for leaving the league’s Disney bubble on July 16 to tend to an urgent family matter. He returned to Disney last night and immediately went into quarantine. That means he will likely be released from quarantine sometime Tuesday, two days before the Pelicans play the first “seeding game” against the Utah Jazz.NHL-NEWSGoalie Corey Crawford returns as Blackhawks await Oilers NEWCASTLE, England (AP) — Renato Paratore has won the British Masters for his second career victory on the European Tour after closing with a 2-under 69 containing his first bogeys of the week. The Italian golfer’s first dropped shot of the Newcastle tournament came on his 63rd hole, which was at No. 9 in his final round. It ended his bid to become the first player to win a European Tour event without a bogey since Jesper Parnevik (JEHS’-pur PAR’-nek-vihk) in the 1995 Scandinavian Masters. Paratore also bogeyed the 11th hole but recovered to play the last seven holes in one under par and claim his first title since the Nordea Masters in 2017.Paratore finished on 18 under overall, three strokes ahead of Rasmus Højgaard,.The European Tour made its full return following a four-month suspension because of the coronavirus pandemic with an event held without spectators and featuring regular COVID-19 testing of players and caddies.last_img read more

XC : Syracuse looks to earn automatic bid to nationals

first_imgIndividual performances were a primary focus in a lot of Syracuse’s early season meets.But with the Northeast Regional this weekend and NCAA championships the following week, personal accolades are set aside — so much so, that the Syracuse men’s and women’s teams will run together, in a pack, in their meet this weekend.If no one is left behind, Syracuse’s cumulative team score will prosper.‘We always try to run as a team,’ redshirt sophomore Sean Keefe said. ‘We will go out pretty conservatively at the start because we feel like our strength is in the second half of the race. Really, the last 3K we hope to move through the pack and finish hard.’Seventeen SU runners, nine women and eight men, will travel to Buffalo this weekend for the Northeast Regional meet. Syracuse is looking to win the regional on the men’s and women’s sides for the third straight year. But the Orange’s top seven men and women will race what could potentially be their last race of the season if their performance isn’t up to par and doesn’t help them qualify for nationals.AdvertisementThis is placeholder textTo secure an automatic bid to the NCAA championship Nov. 21 in Terre Haute, Ind., the teams will have to place in the top two this weekend. But in addition to the automatic bids, 13 at-large bids will be given to teams.Syracuse plans to clinch its bid for nationals with an automatic bid. That way there’s no worry at all about whether SU would receive an at-large invite.‘Both teams are in a perceived fine position to receive an at-large bid,’ associate head coach Brien Bell said. ‘But we prefer to take the auto and just get out of town.’In the men’s race, there is a clear-cut regional favorite, and it isn’t Syracuse this year. Iona is the frontrunner, and Providence and Columbia pose challenges as well.By running in a pack and taking it slow from the start, the men’s team plans to finish in consecutive top spots, knocking off some of the other teams that could potentially snatch the two automatic bids.‘I think it’s all about the team right now and just making sure we qualify for nationals,’ Keefe said. ‘We don’t really care so much about individual performances. We’re just going to run in a pack as a team like we have been throughout the season.’Keefe said to place in the top two this weekend Syracuse needs to have five runners finish in the top 20. But an even higher goal would be for the men to place five runners in the top 15, earning all-region honors. The women’s side will be racing some similar competitors. The Orange harriers will battle it out with Providence, Cornell, Columbia and Boston College to defend their regional title and garner an automatic bid to the NCAA championship.The women’s team has had a stellar season, head coach Chris Fox said, and nothing less than perfection is expected this weekend.The same top seven women that ran at the Big East championships will be running this weekend, with sophomores Lauren Kersjes and Alexandra Clinton traveling as alternates.Freshman Jessie Petersen, who will be appearing in her first regional meet Saturday, said she and her teammates plan to approach this race no differently than the others.‘A first-place team finish would be good this weekend,’ Petersen said. ‘I am going to work with the girls on the team, give it my all and see how the results turn out.’Championship season is the time of year when individual goals are set aside. The regional race is about placing in the top two as a team to make it to nationals. Because it’s not until SU qualifies for nationals that the objective can be to make the podium at the NCAA championship.‘This race is 100 percent important,’ Bell said. ‘If you don’t run well here, you’re not going to nationals.’acptachi@syr.edu Facebook Twitter Google+ Published on November 9, 2011 at 12:00 pmcenter_img Commentslast_img read more

Andre De Grasse wins prestigious award

first_imgAfter winning both the 100m and 200m dashes at the 2015 NCAA Championships on June 12, junior Andre De Grasse was named the 2015 National Men’s Track Athlete of the Year by the U.S. Track & Field and Cross Country Coaches Association on June 17.De Grasse became the second Trojan in three seasons to win the award, after Bryshon Nellum won in 2013.De Grasse began his record-breaking day with the 100m dash, posting a time of 9.75 (+2.7w), his personal record. Though he was aided in part by the wind, his time is the fastest any-condition time run by a Canadian athlete, the second fastest any-condition time by a collegiate runner and a tie with Tyson Gay’s time at the 2008 Olympic Trials for the-fastest any-condition time at Hayward Field in Eugene, Oregon.Forty-five minutes after this historic win, De Grasse won the 200m with a time of 19.58 (+2.4w), the world-leading any conditions time. De Grasse became the first Trojan to win both the 100m and 200m dashes at the NCAA Championships since Clancy Edwards did so in 1978.Both times ranked in the top 10 fastest performances in world history in all conditions.In addition to these individual events, De Grasse also ran the second leg for USC’s 4x100m relay. The team placed fourth with a time of 38.75.This wasn’t De Grasse’s only impressive award win of the year. He also was named the 2015 Pac-12 Men’s Track Athlete of the Year after an impressive showing at the Pac-12 Championships May 16-17, which earned him a spot at the NCAA Championships. De Grasse again won both the 100m and 200m races and ran on USC’s winning 4x100m relay. His 100m and 200m performances at the conference meet were also historic, as his 100m time of 9.97 (+0.6) set the USC, Pac-12 Meet and UCLA Drake Stadium record. His semifinal 200m time of 20.03 (-0.1) not only tied him for second on USC’s all-time list, but also set the Canadian record.The NCAA Championships capped off the Ontario native’s first season at USC after he transferred from Coffeyville Community College in Kansas. De Grasse has another year of eligibility if he wishes to return.last_img read more

Italian ADM settles on final 67 online gambling concessions

first_img Italy’s customs and monopolies agency – ADM, the governing body overseeing Italian gambling laws is reported to have finalised its long-awaited online gambling licensing procedure.Having revised Italy’s online gambling laws to include tougher AML protections and customer requirements on registration, the ADM has settled on sanctioning 67 new online gambling concessions.As communicated last February, the ADM has renewed online licenses for Italian legacy operators, Snaitech, Lottomatica, Sisal, Eurobet, Goldbet, Stanleybet and Microgame.The legacy operators are joined by established foreign incumbents William Hill, bet365, bwin, Pokerstars and Betfair all securing new ADM approvals.Settling on its final 67 concessions, the ADM welcomes new faces to Italian sports betting, with Smarkets, Pinnacle and Energybet securing online licenses.Industry analysts will be monitoring the movements of fresh Italian incumbents closely, assessing whether new players can secure growth in a marketplace adjusting to severe advertising restrictions and new tax demands.Closing 2018, the Lega-5Star coalition government passed its ‘Budget Law’ mandate sanctioning tax increases across all gambling verticals, as online sports betting taxes increased to 24% GGR duty.Following its final review process, the ADM has chosen to exclude seven operators from securing concessions – Pi Piper Ltd, Betclic Ltd, Goal & Gaming srl, Constitution of B&B online, Rabbit Entertainment, Play Live Ltd and Rating Consulting.The management of Goal&Gaming has moved to appeal its exclusion with the Administrative Court of Rome, with other rejected operators expected to appeal the ADM’s decision.The ADM closes its online licensing procedure having secured a reported €13.4 million in concessions for the Italian tax authorities, granted at €200,000 per registered applicant. Björn Nilsson: How Triggy is delivering digestible data through pre-set triggers August 28, 2020 CT Gaming bolsters Italian profile with The Betting Coach  August 27, 2020 Related Articles Submit SBC Magazine Issue 10: Kaizen Gaming rebrand and focus for William Hill CEO August 25, 2020 Share Share StumbleUponlast_img read more