The innovation of electronic products technology in food and beverage market

now, a large number of food and beverage projects, the restaurant industry to think of a more far-reaching development, we must learn from the concept of electronic product technology innovation. Electronics technology innovation will be killed by the market, even if it is in the subtle technical transformation. Similarly, food products, technology innovation as consumers will be spit dead.

AG-400 system with "police camera + Flash", realize the main function of traditional products, digital camera +USB amplifier + camera + video capture card + IPC + software ", and more reliable performance, management and maintenance more convenient;

AG-400 real-time dynamic equipment management of police camera using B/S network management software structure, can be concentrated and thousands of police network camera on hundreds of road unified management, maintenance, and real-time monitoring of the operation of all equipment.

AG-400 efficient network transmission system of communication bandwidth requirement is low, according to the specific implementation site network conditions (Yun Wei) the cost of using different access methods, such as optical fiber, copper wire, ADSL, DDN or wireless network. read more

North Korea by the most severe sanctions Pyongyang will suffer a new price

peaceful coexistence between countries, in order to give people a happy and peaceful life, but North Korea’s nuclear weapons, has been challenging the bottom line of the country. This time, North Korea by the most severe sanctions, Pyongyang will continue to engage in nuclear weapons because of the new price.

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Top ten children’s shoes brand list

children not only in the legs, many are still learning to walk, if the shoes do not fit, will not only affect the foot development, but also a lot of children never dared to walk. Therefore, to choose a pair of good shoes for children, has become the pursuit of countless parents. In short, as parents must be put or put in the first place, every hour and moment full range of want to protect their children, now on the market brand shoes real parents pick dazzled a superb collection of beautiful things. read more

Sunshine micro entrepreneurs Li Yi entrepreneurial legend

micro business in the current era has become one of the most common choice of business, however, this market has success at the same time, naturally there are countless failures, and almost every successful person has a nature of their own legend. In this paper, Xiaobian for everyone to introduce is the success of the sun micro business entrepreneur Li Yi.

she is sincere and gentle, as an understanding wife and loving mother, a hand with the housework, a hand to build his own career, from the micro business layman to utterly ignorant of, now have their own team, let me see is the pursuit of the dream of power, this is the sunshine derivative entrepreneurs – Li yi. read more

Winter food and beverage to join the selection of hot pot brand reasons

winter catering business? It also used to think, of course, is a hot pot. Why? Listen to small series to say to you.

a taste of hot pot taste better than Chinese food.

The high level of

Hot pot must highlight the bright red color, spicy flavor, fragrance, pleasant place, long road, and lead a person to endless aftertastes. All the dishes in Chinese is difficult to do at the same time, that is to say Hot pot taste stimuli is far more than the Chinese, but also people’s taste eat more, especially in young people and the new stimulus is their favourite, just this kind of group is the main force of catering consumption. read more

How to do small business bigger

a lot of people in the absence of sufficient funds, from the small business will start their entrepreneurial dreams, small business is the first time a lot of entrepreneurs of choice, but to make a small business, or the need to master certain skills. So, how to expand the small business? What are the secrets? Friends who are interested to go with a small bar to see it.

small profits and quick turnover, the amount of up to

small profits and quick turnover refers to the low price and low profit sales strategy. "Small profits and quick turnover" in the "small profits" is the price, the price can be "quick turnover", "quick turnover" can increase the total revenue. The key point is that when the price of the commodity falls, the quantity demanded (Sales) increases by more than the magnitude of the price decline (the final total profit increases). read more

nternet banking is now more fire

the rapid development of the Internet, the majority of entrepreneurs to bring business opportunities are naturally accessible. "Standing on the air, pigs can fly,  ," an internet financial entrepreneur describes the state of the industry.

VC is also busy. From last year’s cautious look at the Internet banking, now busy watching the project. IDG, Sequoia Capital, Softbank China, broadband capital, KPCB have been shot in the field of Internet banking layout. Since the second half of this year, the financial 360, the box to pay, dig wealth, the financial supermarket of the 91, favorable network, copper street, etc..

2012 in the second half of the year, Xu Jianwen asked to visit several VC chiefs, with Cowin sonhwa capital chairman Zheng Weihe, chairman Luo Fei, but he believes that this risk exists in the legal policy, questioned is not illegal fund-raising? "" borrowing targets 2, 30 thousand yuan, which have such customers? Borrowing costs so high, who borrow? " read more

Youth Entrepreneurship

waste of youth in the place should not be wasted in the future for the decision is regret, want to have a wonderful life, it is now starting to do it! Draw a wonderful life!

"improper white-collar when farmers" story in the earth, the Huan River on both sides of this vast land that is uploaded to the typical venture deeds of Wadian township of Anyang county farmer Yang Yongchao and family Yongchao Xue Yanli couple.

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How to join the snack bar

snacks are a lot of friends favorite food, then, if you want to open a snack bar, how to operate better? Xiao Bian for this, we carried out a detailed introduction, I hope you can be a lot of attention, the only way to better open their own business.

Selection and analysis of


variety selection is an important part of the snack business, to a certain extent, it determines the success or failure of the snack bar. Suitable for snack franchise varieties can be divided into three categories: one is a kind of food. Such as rice, rice, rice noodles is second. Such as soup – including noodles, noodles, beef noodles and so on. Fried Eggs, Stir-Fried Noodles with Vegetables and noodle broth is similar to powder, Guilin, Yunnan Rice noodles rice vermicelli; third point type. Such as steamed buns, pancakes, Steamed Jiaozi Steamed Pork Dumplings, etc.. read more

What are the notes of a vegetarian restaurant

because now people love to get out of the way for a vegetarian, vegetarian restaurant has become the choice of many people. However, if you want to successfully set up shop, in fact, there are more attention to our attention. So, what are the notes of a vegetarian restaurant?

why the food and beverage industry is always so prosperous? Because the Chinese people have always been not stingy to eat, the industry directly led to fierce competition in the restaurant business, and in the tide of this competition, but a sudden emergence of a vegetarian restaurant, blowing the trend of urban food. read more

Let not the general barbecue chef legend

barbecue is one of the most popular snacks, which is more popular with consumers. Specialize in a barbecue shop, how do you see, which one is better to choose a barbecue shop, to see if you are satisfied with this one.


legend, a popular restaurant in the palace secret recipe, an integration of a variety of dining formats, with the combination of technology innovation and business innovation, the new variety of food items, Hot pot Shabu, barbecue, steamed and eat together, a tower pot, can rinse to bake, boiling hot, will the mainstream food delicious yiguoduan, fully meet the needs of people for food, will become nowadays the most popular dining formats. read more

Pudong Shanghai plans to support 6000 entrepreneurs in the past three years

high threshold of entrepreneurship in Shanghai, the public entrepreneurship, innovation and the impact of the policy disappeared. In recent years, Shanghai is also vigorously encourage innovation and entrepreneurship, Pudong is planned within three years, will support the business of the 6000.

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Xianyang two men were killed in the tomb of the death of third people surrendered

for Tomb Raider, cultural relics are a lot of things, many people at the cost of illegal crime fighting tomb. The past two years, many of China’s ancient tombs have been stolen, the recent 2 men in Xianyang when the tomb was killed in hypoxia, another person survived after surrender.

1 13 in the morning, Xianyang, a man in the tomb of the fruit trees in the tomb, the two people died of suffocation due to hypoxia, another person surrendered himself to the police.

1 on the evening of 13 August, the city of Ma Zhuang Zhen Qin Xianyang District village a villager told China Daily reporter, 13 on the morning of the village to a lot of fruit to the police, I heard someone in the tomb, with dynamite hole, two people died on the inside. At that time, the villagers also saw a few of the tomb in the orchard with a shovel. read more

New recommendations need to choose the recommended object

do a good job of new products, not only need to choose the right time, but also need to do a good job in the selection of new recommendations. After all, the same product, not everyone can accept. So, in order to do a good job in the new retail recommendation, then you must choose the right, select the recommended object.

if the consumer object is selected, the election is accurate, then it will greatly improve the chances of success, to achieve a multiplier effect. And choose the wrong object, even earnestly, painstaking, often may not succeed. So what kind of customers are most likely to accept new products? Or retail customers should be recommended to what kind of customers better? I think the following types of people to consider: read more

Dry cleaners are very profitable business skills

is now in the winter, is a relatively strong demand for dry cleaning service season, while the entire dry cleaners business is also very hot, dry cleaners have a very broad business opportunities, very favored by investment entrepreneurs. So, what are the operating skills of the dry cleaners?

brand not only carries the corporate culture, but also contains a variety of business to consumer commitment. Today, the enterprise through the media to spread the company’s products, brand and consumer communication. But in reality, consumers are often unable to feel the promise of publicity, which stems from the lack of consideration for the details of the consumer, resulting in consumer psychology can not meet. read more

nvestment in environmental protection is becoming increasingly profitable trend of rapid growth

modern economic development is very shocking, which makes all aspects of pollution become quite serious. Therefore, many people have to explore the environmental protection industry demand. National emphasis on environmental protection has gradually increased in recent years, earnings are showing a rising trend.

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