Ji Yin Xiang investment black pepper chicken how net

to speed up the pace of life makes us these people every day seems to have to wait for the creation of the world, most of the time even to eat is a hurried panic feeling, is in such circumstances and things of Chinese fast food this convenient and delicious more favored by young people, nowadays has become a kind of fashion. But Ji Yin Xiang black pepper chicken rice came from Taiwan technology, more Chinese love. Such business opportunities, you heart it?

How about the

investment Kyrgyzstan Yin Xiang black pepper chicken rice? What are the advantages? read more

Huangzhong county school for the purchase of 6 new high school buses

Huangzhong county government, invested about 2000000 yuan, with 6 school buses for the township, five village, Tianjiazhai Lijiashan equilateral mountainous areas and ethnic areas. Models for the core set of 32 people in Xiamen Jinlong automobile group long head of the school bus, each seat is equipped with the safety belt, and is equipped with a special mirror after the car, the school bus safety door, speed controller and parking telescopic arm, belonging to the high professional school bus configuration. read more

Fair city six highlights Preview

in the eyes of Xu Guocheng, vice mayor of Xining, the 2013 Xining urban development and Investment Fair is not only a first meeting of the convergence of the city’s first masterpiece, but also a new venture to set sail. Speaking of the six highlights of this year’s fair city, he explains.

highlights: thousands of companies participating

this year’s fair city in a grand, warm, simple, pragmatic "principle, property and Home Furnishing Expo, car culture Expo, summer place name snack delicacy Festival three will be a festival organized by the merger. A total of more than 1 thousand and 400 participants invited participants, participants in the enterprise of more than 1 thousand, of which well-known enterprises reached more than and 300. From the scale, is the largest. read more

East land tax to commemorate the 90 anniversary of the founding of the party activities

East tax held in order to "practice of scientific development, strive to excel" as the theme of the history of counseling, organization to watch the ninetieth anniversary of the CPC founding documentaries, to carry out social practice to create a civilized city, held a "love for summer love warmth and celebrate the ninetieth anniversary of the CPC founding speech contest and a series of commemorative activities, requiring Party cadres dedication in practice, responsibility in development, innovation, learning courageously, as a good example, give full play to the exemplary role of Party members, the effect is obvious read more