Hubei does poineering work from retained personnel relationship 5 years to promote entrepreneurship

is now the country in order to actively promote the whole social entrepreneurship, have launched a lot of entrepreneurship policy, at the same time that some entrepreneurship policies also help to a lot of people want to start, Hubei launched the 4 edition of the   employment and entrepreneurship policy; professional and technical personnel and institutions to enjoy the benefits".

5 years retention does poineering work from human relations

provide preferential policies for Internet entrepreneurs. For example, on the network business venture industrial and commercial registration, can be identified as flexible employment, participate in social insurance and enjoy flexible employment support policies, which in the network business platform business network real name registration, stable operation, good reputation, enjoy business loans and discount policy.

the province will implement business license, organization code certificate, tax registration certificate of "three in one", a unified code of social credit, the implementation of the "one as a code". Fully relax the registered capital of the company registration conditions, simplify residence (place of business) registration, "according to a multi site, allowing the housing as" safety, environmental protection, not disturbing market players domicile (place of business) registration.

entrepreneurs can enjoy tax relief

College graduates,

5 years retention does poineering work from human relations


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