Optimize the classification of goods need to adapt to the target market

investors have limited venture capital, if you want to make these funds really beneficial to the operation of the store, naturally also need a reasonable allocation of funds. Want to achieve a reasonable allocation of funds, natural need to optimize the classification of goods. Of course, the optimization of commodity classification actually need to adapt to the target market. The main feature of this approach is: in the commodity categories based on the established, according to the target market customers consumption levels to determine the same categories of goods in different specifications of goods sales accounted for, in order to meet the needs of the market, and thus ensure the rational allocation of operating funds.

Ao Jianchun stores located in an upscale district of Xinyu city circle, he is good at young brains, careful management, he also made a simple analysis on the target customers, found this area larger, residents in young people and children, the consumption level is relatively high. Therefore, he will store their position in the high-end consumer, buying cigarettes, wine, beverage, food and other goods in the middle and high grade, specifications of goods accounted for more than 70%.

took the cigarette, the tobacco companies based on the available supply, he combined with the characteristics of higher level of consumption habits youth in the District, four in the range of a price of 400 yuan, 200 yuan ~400 yuan, 100 yuan ~200 yuan, 100 yuan of the following specifications of cigarette phase analysis, found that residents consumption mainly at a price of 200 yuan ~400 yuan range, such as "Jinsheng (junper)," furongwang "(Huang Gai)", "Chinese (hard)". Consumption price of 400 yuan or more, such as "Yellow Crane Tower (1916)", "China (soft)", "Jin Sheng (blue and white porcelain)".

Based on this,

in order to buy more cigarettes in the middle and high-end cigarettes, and a small amount of low-grade cigarettes to supplement. Four types of price range of cigarette capital allocation after one, and then to the three "adjustment – run – re – adjust, re run", the final position in the proportion of 2.5:5:1.5:1 fluctuation.

in the end what kind of goods will be compared to the market, which in fact can be judged according to the market. While doing so, also let the good harvest Ao Jianchun: one is the specifications of the goods to meet the needs of the customer base, to maintain and develop a relatively fixed high and mid-range customers; two is the allocation efficiency of capital is obvious, especially in high-grade commercial single class commercial benefit and scale benefit and consumer benefits, increase the capital turnover rate.

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