Two tiger mom does not take the unusual way to build a rich life stage

recently hit TV series "tiger mother cat dad" sparked the problem of children’s education and women’s employment problem deeply, but in real life there are two tigers exhibition in the entrepreneurial market compete, created an unusual tale.

2002 July, Jiang Xia resigned from the work of an administrative agency in Nanjing, with more than two years old daughter, came to Jiangsu, Changzhou husband. She decided to do something herself. There was also a young mother, Yu Jian, who had the same idea. As a result, two young mothers decided to work together, Jiang Xia in charge of operations, Yu Jian is in charge of finance. But two people have no business experience. After thinking about it, they are ready to take the way.

2002 in October, at a toy show, they learned that the 12 zodiac cartoon animals as the theme of Fudan open round cartoon company, providing cartoon products franchise business. After joining, the business needs about 50 thousand yuan, including the use of trademark fees, margin, store decoration costs, purchase of goods, rent and office expenses, etc.. The recovery period is 11 months.


2002 December, two young mother’s cartoon paradise official business.


the first month, their sales reached 10 thousand yuan. So the mall will allow them to expand the business area of about 5 square meters from the initial expansion of about 15 square meters.

the entry of the business can gain a foothold, in addition to the election of the premises, but also with their choice in the purchase of Jiang Xia, cautious and careful selection of a relationship between cartoon goods.

as mother of their thought, such as Jiang Xia Jian

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