The secret of entrepreneurs to control opportunities

entrepreneurship, is now a lot of people choose. But in the face of this long road of entrepreneurship, how should go in order to go far, go smoothly, it must grasp the opportunity.

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1996 years later, the myth of Li Tie’s stock operations repeatedly appear. Before and after the Spring Festival, he bought a deep breath of development, Sichuan Changhong, East ALPINE, a series of deep science and technology stocks began to create a miracle: the stock market began to rise. Many people just leave, have thrown. Li Tie not only did not retreat, but once again reached the stock also with him about the good, all the way up until he let go. The result is that 1 million of Li Tie’s money turned into a $1 hundred million.

11 month, Li Tie, in addition to the East ALPINE and Phoenix Phoenix, all out. As a result, the miracle really appeared again, quiet for nearly 3 months, the original stock of a few Li Tie, the overall decline, and these are the biggest gains in the two, the golden brain index once again shows the power. The essence of the gold brain index, is the accurate grasp of the timing!
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