Xianyang two men were killed in the tomb of the death of third people surrendered

for Tomb Raider, cultural relics are a lot of things, many people at the cost of illegal crime fighting tomb. The past two years, many of China’s ancient tombs have been stolen, the recent 2 men in Xianyang when the tomb was killed in hypoxia, another person survived after surrender.

1 13 in the morning, Xianyang, a man in the tomb of the fruit trees in the tomb, the two people died of suffocation due to hypoxia, another person surrendered himself to the police.

1 on the evening of 13 August, the city of Ma Zhuang Zhen Qin Xianyang District village a villager told China Daily reporter, 13 on the morning of the village to a lot of fruit to the police, I heard someone in the tomb, with dynamite hole, two people died on the inside. At that time, the villagers also saw a few of the tomb in the orchard with a shovel.

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