Let not the general barbecue chef legend

barbecue is one of the most popular snacks, which is more popular with consumers. Specialize in a barbecue shop, how do you see, which one is better to choose a barbecue shop, to see if you are satisfied with this one.


legend, a popular restaurant in the palace secret recipe, an integration of a variety of dining formats, with the combination of technology innovation and business innovation, the new variety of food items, Hot pot Shabu, barbecue, steamed and eat together, a tower pot, can rinse to bake, boiling hot, will the mainstream food delicious yiguoduan, fully meet the needs of people for food, will become nowadays the most popular dining formats.

The legendary chef

is divided into four layers, the first layer is Hot pot layer, second city of Shabu layer, the third layer is the fourth layer is a layer of barbecue, steamed with one layer, electric heating device exclusive research and development, the principle of heat conduction and convection steam ", through a special hollow tube, will the heat conduction to each floor, to achieve the" central heating, multifunctional restaurant dining, a variety of hierarchical pattern of "meta pot cooking skills, nutrition delicious combination of four layer to achieve a healthy fashion the perfect mix of


is a legendary chef with imported heat conductive metal materials, ACE power equipment, heat capacity, and in each layer is added to the bottom of the guide wire, increase the heat, thus ensuring the tower from the bottom layers of the pot, fire, and intelligent switch to adjust the heat, fire heart regulation. Five minutes can eat hot dishes, eight minutes can steamed steamed delicious barbecue, grilled or baked potatoes, arbitrary, taste classical delicacy, enjoy the joy around the meal.

: legendary chef to join support

shop support: support for market research and accurate location, and provide the entire store output support for the store design, decoration and other professional guidance.

equipment support: headquarters will provide professional tower pot, table, electric stove and has been supporting a series of professional equipment such as tableware.

VI image support: free use of the whole VI from the legendary chef, store image, staff image and so VI system and unified headquarters for reference.

advertising support: headquarters of unified advertising, all businesses can enjoy free advertising, free ride.

technical support: headquarters to provide unified technical training, so that all businesses are profitable.

ingredients support: the total mention to provide a unified system of exclusive distribution of ingredients, no business distress due to the impact of the taste of business.

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