How to do small business bigger

a lot of people in the absence of sufficient funds, from the small business will start their entrepreneurial dreams, small business is the first time a lot of entrepreneurs of choice, but to make a small business, or the need to master certain skills. So, how to expand the small business? What are the secrets? Friends who are interested to go with a small bar to see it.

small profits and quick turnover, the amount of up to

small profits and quick turnover refers to the low price and low profit sales strategy. "Small profits and quick turnover" in the "small profits" is the price, the price can be "quick turnover", "quick turnover" can increase the total revenue. The key point is that when the price of the commodity falls, the quantity demanded (Sales) increases by more than the magnitude of the price decline (the final total profit increases).

now, the market is becoming more and more perfect, all kinds of business people have done, so do not mean to make high niche high profit margins is not feasible. The price is high, scared to leave. Look at how good the profits, not sold, profits do not come out, equal to zero. Moreover, the backlog of funds, business is like this: do not make a loss, at the same time, did not make the business, but also reduce the chance of dealing with people in the future.

copy the wealth out of

if you are in the south part of the city in a restaurant called "A", the business is hot, so you can go to the north of the city to open a shop, the same "A" and refer to the mode of operation of the south, 80% will be successful. Then, you want to do it again, you can copy the store to other cities, so, "A" blossom in the country. As a result, your small business bigger. Copy the wealth of the case, the most famous KFC, McDonald’s.

Many brands of

are from the beginning of the small business developed slowly, make a small business into a big business is possible, a small business can succeed, as long as you grasp the correct method of operation, and have a good attitude, believe that your business will be bigger and bigger. To achieve the success of hitherto unknown.

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