Winter food and beverage to join the selection of hot pot brand reasons

winter catering business? It also used to think, of course, is a hot pot. Why? Listen to small series to say to you.

a taste of hot pot taste better than Chinese food.

The high level of

Hot pot must highlight the bright red color, spicy flavor, fragrance, pleasant place, long road, and lead a person to endless aftertastes. All the dishes in Chinese is difficult to do at the same time, that is to say Hot pot taste stimuli is far more than the Chinese, but also people’s taste eat more, especially in young people and the new stimulus is their favourite, just this kind of group is the main force of catering consumption.

two, eat the most appropriate new drink chat.

eat hot pot has a strong participation, everyone has interaction, we are not formal. Eat hot pot dishes are not cold, lively and free. At the same time dishes are very rich, three people can eat a dozen dishes, and Chinese food is not. All this Chinese food is impossible.

three, affordable mass consumption.

hot pot consumption is lower than the Chinese food, generally speaking to eat a string of incense consumption in between 10-15 yuan, eat a la carte between 20-30 yuan. Compared with Chinese food consumption is much lower. And as a treat or family dinner without losing face. In fact, hot pot is a low consumption of high Heng eat form.

four, the fact that the first shop to open a hot pot shop is not wrong.

investment franchisees know that in Chongqing hot pot restaurants more than the Chinese restaurant is an indisputable fact, but fifteen years ago it is the opposite. It is an indisputable fact that the other provinces in the country are developing rapidly. The food and beverage industry bigger and stronger and the flowers and the Hot pot were short of the industry, such as TANYOTO, Little Swan, little sheep etc.. The most explosive hot pot.

five, do not think that the hot pot to be affected by the season and a single species.

now Hot pot flavor of a wide variety, spicy, sour, sweet, light, and ignition, the ignition of the soup, soup plus snacks and see Lucai investors how to locate the. In fact, at present, a lot of hot pot products are evolved from the Chinese food, as long as we change the costumes of the vessel, it is a feature of Chinese food.

six, hot pot restaurant work without Chinese food.

regardless of the time, the workload, the process is more dominant than Chinese food. So it is the best second career choice.

in the operation of the hot pot, there are the following small skills value

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