Sunshine micro entrepreneurs Li Yi entrepreneurial legend

micro business in the current era has become one of the most common choice of business, however, this market has success at the same time, naturally there are countless failures, and almost every successful person has a nature of their own legend. In this paper, Xiaobian for everyone to introduce is the success of the sun micro business entrepreneur Li Yi.

she is sincere and gentle, as an understanding wife and loving mother, a hand with the housework, a hand to build his own career, from the micro business layman to utterly ignorant of, now have their own team, let me see is the pursuit of the dream of power, this is the sunshine derivative entrepreneurs – Li yi.

in recent years, micro business has become a hot word. I do not know since when, many friends of many people around me are all transformed into a "derivative", which are in decline stage in 2015 a lot of micro business team, but Li Yi’s performance was rising steadily, she has been determined to lead her team members trust route go a long period of development step by step zone.

2013 years, Lee opened her micro business life. Prior to contact micro business, she is engaged in the work of regional agents in a cosmetics company, sales of skin care beauty products have their own unique insights.

in 2013 with a supplier in Guangzhou face to face communication, Li Yi’s life trajectory has changed. "Listen to my suppliers about his entrepreneurial story, when I think he can do it, why can’t I?" So, Lee was determined to go to Guangzhou with her husband to find out exactly what.

after repeated investigation, Li Yiyi then decided to rent an apartment in Guangzhou, because of the unfamiliar, Lee should choose from the most simple "explosive" start every day with her husband carrying a sack to walk to home purchase, through the communication with customer delivery, WeChat, non-stop operation of high speed, but the spirit is abnormal excited, she said: "during that time, tired and happy, their will always be rewarded." In this way, "explosive" test the water micro business, earn sixteen thousand yuan of the first month of Li Yijing, second months rose to forty thousand yuan, but only do "explosive" is not what Li Yi wants, have their own brand, its own product R & D is Li Yi’s dream.

"if you have a dream, why not?" In the third months of Guangzhou, Lee and her husband along with the sale of explosive products while investigating skin care products manufacturers, from the formula to the packaging, each program Lee Yidu strict checks, pro. Finally catch up in the fall of 13 Canton Fair, white Mei Mei brand with the freedom to take a series of skin care products listed.

because it is a new concept and concise and generous packaging, a listing will get a lot of business recognition." Li Yi said, with the listing of the effect of free ride is good, but do micro business with the regional agent to do cosmetics, are laying sales channels recommended

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