Top ten children’s shoes brand list

children not only in the legs, many are still learning to walk, if the shoes do not fit, will not only affect the foot development, but also a lot of children never dared to walk. Therefore, to choose a pair of good shoes for children, has become the pursuit of countless parents. In short, as parents must be put or put in the first place, every hour and moment full range of want to protect their children, now on the market brand shoes real parents pick dazzled a superb collection of beautiful things.

face so many brands, different styles of children’s shoes, what brand of good quality? Of course, from the comfort of the first consideration, the following Xiaobian to introduce the ten major brands of children’s shoes list, the introduction of some of the better children’s shoes brand, for their children to pick a pair of children’s shoes to protect their feet!

‘s ten brand list: babudou shoes


is in the SUNWORD of Japan bobdog company authorized domestic brand shoes, the use of the trademark image of company: Shanghai bobdog children Ltd. (main children’s clothing), Zhongshan OurGame Stationery Gift Co. Ltd. (main stationery), Guangdong Bao pie (main shoes). Three companies are trademarks of English: bobdog.

children’s shoes top ten brands NO.2:ABC children’s shoes

ABC children’s shoes are Taiwan famous brand, products include: Children’s shoes, children’s clothing and accessories. "Because of love" is their brand advocates, "will care for the healthy growth of children in every family" as the enterprise mission, launched the "A+" products, the pursuit of product development and design details, bring a full range of comfortable product experience for children.

children’s shoes ten brands list NO.3: Altman children’s shoes

Altman shoes specializing in children’s products development, production and sales, "science and technology to create a health, health care for children" is their concept, is committed to providing a healthy and great sense of technology products for children all over the world.

children’s shoes ten brands list NO.4: Red Dragonfly children’s shoes

red dragonfly is not only a well-known brand of leather shoes in China, it also involves the field of children’s shoes, to show the brand’s eternal emotional theme of human affection, friendship, love and truth of human care.

‘s ten brands list: NO.5 blue shoes

blue shoes China the card brand, with all kinds of fashion shoes for men and women sports comprehensive leading products.


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