The innovation of electronic products technology in food and beverage market

now, a large number of food and beverage projects, the restaurant industry to think of a more far-reaching development, we must learn from the concept of electronic product technology innovation. Electronics technology innovation will be killed by the market, even if it is in the subtle technical transformation. Similarly, food products, technology innovation as consumers will be spit dead.

AG-400 system with "police camera + Flash", realize the main function of traditional products, digital camera +USB amplifier + camera + video capture card + IPC + software ", and more reliable performance, management and maintenance more convenient;

AG-400 real-time dynamic equipment management of police camera using B/S network management software structure, can be concentrated and thousands of police network camera on hundreds of road unified management, maintenance, and real-time monitoring of the operation of all equipment.

AG-400 efficient network transmission system of communication bandwidth requirement is low, according to the specific implementation site network conditions (Yun Wei) the cost of using different access methods, such as optical fiber, copper wire, ADSL, DDN or wireless network.

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