The tide of innovation and Entrepreneurship Anhui four county home business in the pilot counties

better future implementation of migrant workers return home entrepreneurship, Anhui, there are four counties into the pilot, innovation and entrepreneurship Jianghuai tide officially come, with the support of the policy, Anhui people will be more and more simple business.

the pilot area will clear the main task, and actively explore institutional mechanisms to encourage the return of environment optimization of entrepreneurship, to create a good business ecosystem. Focus on the integration of resources, service platform and service capacity building. At the same time, combined with the local reality, accelerate the development of rural electricity providers, nurturing characteristics of industrial clusters, in order to return home to promote poverty alleviation and development of the industry, the transformation of relief, integration and other aspects of the city, and actively explore new ways.

It is reported that for

, and do a good job of pilot work, the national development and Reform Commission is actively cooperate with relevant departments to carry out policies to support the research, research contents include industrial policy, financial policy, financial policy, tax policy and site support, infrastructure construction, business park lower the threshold for admission, the next step will be the introduction of relevant policies.

2016 is the migrant workers entrepreneurship, the government believe that through continuous efforts, there will be more and more migrant workers choose to return home business, at the same time, the implementation of innovation policy, will effectively promote the economic development of Anhui Province, make people’s lives better.



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