Live every day to eat can make money

do business this year is not good to do, work is not good, then how can we make a living? Have you ever thought you could make money by eating? Chinese first professional eating broadcast platform has been on-line for three or four months, the promoters said the video platform all week to play the amount of about 2 million to 2 million 500 thousand times, the number of channels, KK broadcasting platform are invariably made such civilian reality show broadcast eat hot, extraordinary.


, micro-blog has a "big Japanese girl" you can eat wood to wow the famous, she generally prepared food at home, and then the whole process of mobile phone photograph you eat and uploaded to the Internet, or 6 pounds of instant noodles, or 100 doughnuts, anyway, this way of eating stunned a buddy, is surrounded by many fans.

in the first half of last year, Japan and South Korea on the birth of a number of "eat this broadcast" programme, "I was also the first contact, feel very novel form, first try to organize foreign food broadcast video, and then analyze the data." "Virgo chowhound" eating broadcast circles be famous, he found that the video is very popular, like the number of points is very high, most of them said love comments, as well as the star reprint.

this heat has continued until the end of the year, he found unabated, CCTV are concerned, and then the data all the way up. Virgo chowhound began to consider the formation of a "" China eat broadcast "in China, he is the property with a chowhound website was born," the first recorded eat broadcast video are some hardcore fans, the original watch slowly, these people will have their own fans."

14 year old South Korean newspaper feature articles Seoul Jincheng vibration process live every day for dinner in the network (see photo), a night on average earn 10 thousand yuan, because the parents work in the field of vibration in Jincheng the grandparents live in a small room place is home. He began to eat at the age of 11 from the Internet, the reason is that grandparents eat earlier, he had dinner alone, I hope someone to accompany.

Jincheng vibration is usually pizza, fried chicken for dinner or lunch, he will be very good in the live interactive chatting with friends, give users "homework in the gap will go to the toilet". Despite the fact that his live time is around 10 p.m., there are thousands of Internet users waiting for him to eat in front of the computer. He also became a small net red, sometimes walking in the street will be recognized him, greeting him.

Hangzhou girl He Weili said last week she had just joined the ranks of "eat broadcast", his biggest hobby is to eat, before travel to South Korea had heard of "eat" big girl "broadcast", you can wow is wood under her idol, she enrolled in China this year "a big stomach King recommended

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