Clothing stores do a lot of customers

through observation, Xiao Bian learned that a good clothing store, in dealing with customers on this issue is very strict. As a clothing store owner, of course, hope that the business is booming, then how to do it? Following a small series together to see how to enhance the sales of clothing stores.

1, first smile and then happy to greet the object.

2, the introduction of the product when the first to introduce themselves, and then ask how to call the customer, customer response, customer judgment.

3, when the customer comes to the center of the store, must be close to the customer.

4, the customer try not to tell the price before the trial, if the customer insisted on asking, then the first product to introduce the flash point, in the price to inform.

5, when the customer fitting, a one-time to the dressing room put three clothes.

6, the customer did not look in the mirror, do not express their views, look at the customer’s expression in the appropriate say, give comments.

7, never Bimei in front of the mirror and the customer.

8, try to use the language to describe the life of the product, for the release of products using the designer language to describe.

9, for praise, we have to guide the customer to speak out, and then we are giving a positive response.

10, the critical moment in the sales process, as far as possible rich expression, body language rich (dancing), so that customers believe that you say is true.