You will never refuse to succeed

life, whether you are embarrassed because of the face to refuse others? Do you want to be able to say "no"? A lot of people are forced to agree to each request, would rather do everything, not to refuse to help, even if they do not have time. In fact, learn to refuse to accept the same euphemism can win the respect of the people around you, Xiaobian teach you a few techniques to refuse.

1, keep a simple response. If you want to refuse, firm and direct, this skill is very effective. Use phrases such as: "thank you respect me, but now is not convenient" or "I’m sorry, I can’t help". Try not to say too much in your body language. Remember, you don’t have to let it go.

2, give yourself some time. Break the "yes" loop, use the phrase "I will come back to you" and then consider your options. Consider it in your spare time, and you will be more confident in your refusal.

3, consider a compromise. If you agree to this request, take this method, but with the limited time or ability to do. Avoid compromise if you really want to refuse.

4, distinguishing rejection and exclusion. Remember that you reject a request, not a person. Usually people will understand that you have the right to refuse, as if they had the right to ask for help.

5, don’t be ashamed of your child. It’s important for them to be rejected sometimes, to make them more self controlled. This is an indispensable part of the adult world. Not to let them protest, but to let them know who is responsible for setting boundaries.

6, do it yourself. To clear and Tanzania is what you really want Bai shi. Get to know yourself better and find out what you need in life.


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