How to improve the success rate of micro business

are there people around you who are in the micro business? There must be some. The past two years, the rapid popularity of micro businesses, and even beat Taobao electricity supplier, becoming the most popular Internet business choice. Circle of friends filled with micro business to get rich story, then these people really earn money through micro business?

in the mobile phone by WeChat, micro-blog, unfamiliar street and other social networking platform open shop business entrepreneurs, known as micro business. Data show that the current emerging industries in the country about 10 million 70 thousand practitioners. Chongqing has a number of micro business, no statistics, micro business in Chongqing to earn money, before the reporter learned that the investigation, some people worry about joy.

however, micro entrepreneurs more failures. A company called "know-it-all Liangping" WeChat public number, two training courses were opened last year, organized nearly 40 entrepreneurs open micro shop, and opened a micro shop cluster in public home page, to the realization of its nearly 80 thousand fans "". A few months later, know-it-all encountered an unexpected attack by hackers, restore the page, founder of the old Fu off micro shop clusters, but no one seems to contradict, micro shop entrepreneurs have abandoned this business.

How to improve the micro

"2015 Chinese micro Business Development Research Report" said that at present the whole micro business system mechanism has not been fully established, to improve the micro business entrepreneurs recommended

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