nnovation order food business more prosperous

so that the restaurant business is very prosperous, and how to do a la carte work, will also affect the development of a store. In the current era of science and technology, coupled with the intense competition in the entire food and beverage industry, which in order to innovate above, you can also make the restaurant business more prosperous.

Street opened a small restaurant stew, when the rest of the weekend, a friend asked me to eat together in the past, how to taste it. Into the shop door, they saw a row of large cabinets, which placed a variety of dishes. According to the waiter’s introduction, the inside of the preservation of food, is all dishes.

this order in the way of the nearby but only one, only fresh cabinet inside the dishes are classified according to series and meat, hot and cold. Each dish has a number of different customers according to their own love, what kind of choice, the waiter will get this dish to the kitchen processing. Sold out of the dishes can not point.

this is home to most of them are stew, cooked in advance, but also a simple heating kitchen processing can. Seasonal vegetables are washed chopped pieces in the dish, fried up very quickly. We ordered a dish of stewed pork ribs and two dishes, less than ten minutes all together, really serve very fast.

we are curious to ask the boss: "you this is the amount of food every day, if one day, the guests are sold out how to do?" The boss listened to laugh: "that can close the door home. To tell you the truth, all the stew and vegetables store are the day to do a good job, not much is because of the opening of new stores, the sales situation is not very clear every day. After a period of time, we will be adjusted according to the flow of passengers. This is the most important way to order dishes, if the guests do not eat the food to eat overnight."

"do you have a very high cost of keeping a fresh cabinet, as well as the electricity bill?" Friends continue to ask. The boss is very seriously, said: "now the restaurant industry competition is too fierce, have to let us think of these new ways to attract customers ah. This way cost is larger, but the kitchen personnel arrangement but less a lot of it. The waiter is also less than the general configuration of the hotel. On the whole, it’s not too expensive."

and now the development of restaurants is very mature, the competition is more intense, as in the case of the boss said, the market is forcing the catering industry practitioners have to recruit from various aspects, to attract customers. It’s a good idea for the boss to attract customers in the region through an innovative way of ordering dishes.

now people’s life more and more requirements will be efficient, fast pace, the development of catering enterprises also have to keep up with the pace of the times, to meet the customer’s psychological needs of fast, will order, >

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