Chen Hailin entrepreneurial strawberry success

We all love to eat

sweet and sour strawberry, strawberry sales have been very impressive, there are a lot of people have devoted themselves to the strawberry ranks, want to say today is such a 90 guy he returned home to their own strawberry, strawberry king is now, annual income of more than one hundred thousand, with the view of him how is success.

was determined to be a new farmer

from the end of the college entrance examination that year, returning home has become the direction of Chen Hailin struggling. On the one hand is affected by their parents, Chen Hailin’s parents through the land transfer contracted about 1.3 hectares of land, planted vegetables for more than and 10 years. Vegetables are easily affected by the weather, and vegetable prices fluctuate, leading to the traditional pattern of vegetable income is not stable. Chen Hailin was secretly determined, we should change the mode of traditional thinking and the ancestors "heaven".

on the other hand, in Chen Hailin’s view, "hunger breeds discontentment" this truth at any time will not become obsolete, in rural entrepreneurship development planting with great prospect, he also hoped that the new farmers as a free.

Chen Hailin did not study agriculture at the university. During the Chengdu Shuangliu University, once introduced by a friend, Chen Hailin went to Zhejiang at the Shuangliu agricultural expert seminars, learn some advanced planting patterns in coastal areas, and absorbed some avant-garde ideas. He also learned that the strawberry cultivation in Zhejiang area is very good, to promote local farmers income. Home business sparks of fire in his heart burn more wang.

do enough work to return home after school

After graduating from college in

2015, Chen Hailin returned to his home town to grow strawberries. He was facing the pressure is not small: on the one hand, the parents feel it hard for him to read the University, the thought of "agriculture" can be out of doors, in the city civil service exam or when the general workers what results in the outside, walking in a circle and finally he returned to the countryside, the beginning of the parents nature can not accept; on the other hand, parents are planting vegetables for more than and 10 years, now to "plan" about 0.67 hectares of land to grow strawberries, before they have never worked, so there is no bottom of my heart.

to plant strawberries, early Chen Hailin has done a lot of homework, he often soak in some agricultural forum, the exchange of experiences with friends, and by e-mail to some experts and professors of knowledge. Hard work pays off, he is not trained by diligent study and practice, from the "layman" gradually transformed into "expert". At the same time, he also actively to parents do ideological work. Chen Hailin’s determination to see the kind of strawberry so determined, parents will have to be him.

first encountered problems in


has a plan, the key in action. The first year, Chen Hailin recommended

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