Shijiazhuang positive marathon run the city

in the cold winter, the body is full of energy to run it! Shijiazhuang (positive) marathon, many sports people actively involved, people run, let the winter is no longer cold!

12, 2016 Shijiazhuang (Zhengding) International Marathon in the torch square successfully concluded. It is reported that the number of participants in the competition of nearly 20 thousand people, is the largest number of participants in the history of Shijiazhuang, the impact of the largest sports competitions. The racing line after thousands of years of the ancient city of Zhengding Longxing Temple, the Rong mansion, Tianning Temple, Kaiyuan Temple, Guanghui temple and other attractions, the city culture and will highlight the marathon is the fusion game.

12, nearly twenty thousand people participated in the Shijiazhuang International Marathon (2016). For Shijiazhuang, this is the largest number of participants in the history of the most influential sports games. Shijiazhuang to provide security, transportation, logistics and other meticulous event services.

at the same time, the tournament drugs and equipment have been upgraded. Each ambulance is equipped with ECG recovery equipment. The game has a total of 12 fixed point of care, 16 ambulances, bicycle patrol Gang 70 volunteers, 22 emergency physicians runners and 12 motorcycles riding the rescue team, 1500 police officers and security personnel to provide security for the event order and traffic events, 2000 volunteers from Shijiazhuang University, Hebei Medical University and other institutions to provide services for the event.

the starting point and the end of the track are located in the torch square, the event route through the Shijiazhuang New District and positive, in order to improve the rationality of the track, but also retains the distinctive landscape of Shijiazhuang.

according to the organizers, the game line after the Hutuo River, Hebei Province, Garden Expo, Longxing Temple, rongguofu, Tianning Temple, Kaiyuan Temple, temple, South Gate Scenic Zhengding guanghui. In such a way to understand the history and culture of a city, one of the reasons for running friends love marathon, embodies the run a horse (marathon), know a city, the original intention of the event.

happy run is new this year, although the length of only five kilometers, but let the parent-child Shima more elements and humanistic care. Because the distance is not long, a lot of parents and children into the battle together, the joy of running has become a veritable parent-child run. Personalized runner team, is a big thing, there are also a variety of runners on the track, so that the spirit of entertainment in the healthy running activities have been fully reflected. The enterprise run group now has become more and more popular Shima scenery, many enterprises in the marathon and their spirit of enterprise to find a good point.

sports research institutions, from the purchase of equipment, cross city or even to participate in the marathon, from the tourism, the basic necessities of life, to run the friends of sports habits and sports products recommended

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