Jiangsu gasoline may return to the era of 6 yuan

although the market has been reported above, a variety of hydrogen oil, synthetic oil, as an environmentally friendly energy saving oil, the market has a broad space for development. But today, it seems that there is no real use, below we look at the specific situation of oil prices in Jiangsu.

5 on the evening of 25 August 24, the domestic refined oil prices ushered in this year, the largest increase, No. 92 in Jiangsu V gasoline rose 0.17 yuan per liter. After the price adjustment, under the pressure of a lot of bad news, the recent international crude oil shocks in Europe and the United States, a narrow range of fluctuations in the rate of change, although the adjustment is expected to remain stagnant, but the price is still expected to remain.

In accordance with the current increase of

estimates, June 8th is 24 next Wednesday, oil prices when the window opens, four rising to become a high probability event, if the price adjustment cash, Jiangsu gasoline may return to the "6 yuan era".

Zhuo Xu Na information analyst believes that since the pricing cycle, the international crude oil prices in Europe and the United States show up more or less the trend, however, price change rate were partial slight concussion, expected adjustment for three consecutive days "marking time".

according to the current number of refined oil analysts estimates, as of the current round of price adjustment period of sixth working days, opened in June 8th 24 when the oil price window, it is possible to achieve four rising, corresponding to the increase rate of about 80 yuan -95 yuan / ton, equivalent to the gasoline price rise probably rose six or seven cents. At present, Jiangsu No. 92 V gasoline is 5.94 yuan / liter, so the price adjustment in the future may allow oil to break $6.

after the last price adjustment, Sinopec Nanjing oil company’s multiple gas station with promotional activities, such as the Jiuxiang River, Xiaozhuang, etc. Jiangning Shunda gas station, No. 92 in V per liter of gasoline 0.2 yuan discount, there are a number of gas station No. 0 diesel has none, 0.14 yuan per liter discount -0.2 yuan / litres.

the face of Jiangsu area prices rose four cases, with gasoline prices rising situation. I think the vast number of consumers, or hope that we have been reported that the new energy, can be put into use in the market quickly!

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