Linyi proposed ten policies to encourage entrepreneurship

in such a popular business period, there are many entrepreneurs who want to be successful entrepreneurial cannot do without some government policy support in Shandong, Linyi recently continuously put forward ten policy in order to promote people’s entrepreneurial activities.

6, the city’s enterprises to implement the "two business" with "new" Linyi construction mobilization meeting issued the "Linyi Municipal People’s Government on the promotion of public opinion" (hereinafter referred to as the entrepreneurial innovation of the "opinions"). The lower the access threshold to implement policies to support entrepreneurship, from the optimization of intermediary services to establish the outstanding entrepreneurial base, a "real", puts forward 10 policy "to provide support for the city’s dry cargo", entrepreneurship and innovation. This newspaper for you to explain 10 opinions, boosting the city set off a new round of innovation and entrepreneurship boom.

1 low barriers to entry after the first photo card, card one strictly implement

strictly implement the registration system of registered capital subscribed, and other reform measures after the first photo card, three certificates, simplified corporate domicile, place of business registration procedures, the establishment of a negative list of market access system, in addition to laws and regulations and the State Council decided to retain the business registration pre-approval matters, the other will not as business registration pre-approval.

enterprises and citizens to apply for government departments, intermediary organizations issued administrative licensing, approval filing, certificates, assessment documents, in addition to laws and regulations, the above documents stipulated by the departments and intermediary organizations to carry out their duties independently and supporting documents shall not require other departments or individual citizens issued provisions of the.

2 implementation of policies to support their own business, re employment, employment subsidies to attract employees

where employment or reemployment in their own business personnel, engaged in initial entrepreneurial activities, except for national restrictions industries, are business support objects, enjoy relevant preferential policies to support entrepreneurship.

2015 – 2018, in addition to other institutions of scientific research institute does poineering work from universities, professional and technical personnel in the original insurance, for the first time to obtain a business license, Small and micro businesses and in the normal operation of the business to pay social insurance premiums for the 12 months to entrepreneurs, one-time start-up subsidies 12 thousand yuan.

to absorb employment and signed more than one year term of the labor contract, workers pay for continuous 4 months and above the social insurance, apply for subsidies in accordance with the creation of the number of jobs to give each job 2000 yuan one-time business Post development subsidies. For the employment difficulties of enterprises, to give 3 years of social insurance subsidies. < / recommendation

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