Webmaster should pay attention to network connections business

It is very hard to do

webmaster Webmaster Station, 45% annual income is zero, let the webmaster is confused, feel tired of life, at a loss, even want to give up the network to return to the traditional business, I think this idea should be many webmaster friends.

traditional management, in addition to products and some good management ideas, network management is also a big item, especially in China, which often plays a decisive role.

traditional management requires good network management, then website management should pay more attention to network connections?. The network itself is shared, and the webmaster builds his empire on the Internet, but he often ignores sharing with each other. Sharing can not only give the other side benefits, but also benefit a lot.

how to operate their network connections, as a webmaster (bubble webmaster statistics: http://s.www.pppop.cn) I, write down some of their views, hope webmaster friends to add:

one, my own training,

station first person, and often said in the tradition of "healthypersonality" is the same reason, owners need to have a good mind, broad mind, not defiance, conceit, so tend to isolate themselves, like search engine pull hair, put you in the black box, feel like good


is a successful webmaster, like the webmaster network graph king, discuz webmaster, outdated "refuse swimming fish", does not have a noble character, humble remonstrance, together with the development of the webmaster friends, only have now achieved. If they despise small webmaster, and their independent development, think about now there will be such a few influential platform


I often see the curse of the post, so please, you see your signature, how to think: This webmaster will develop it, I will make friends with such a webmaster? But Chinese, head of the character of diversity, this station, we are not to despise them. After all, in his opinion, this is right, we don’t need to go back to scold, but not with the association, let him alone in his development circle, he eventually to come out.

two, volunteered, let the webmaster friends to meet you

N every day a new webmaster to join our team, the new owners is our best friend, perhaps, they have higher than our opinions, but we did not go to the exchange, and their brainstorming, everybody has a very good idea, with the majority of the ideal, exchange, will return a lot of.

how to let webmaster friend know you, I summarize the following points: Please webmaster friend again to supplement

1, join Adsense QQ group

QQ group is a platform for people to communicate with each other. When you join such a group, you don’t come here to listen

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