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finishing / reporter Shi Haiwei

the evening of August 25, 2012, I received a long WeChat’s partner, the last sentence is "I withdraw". When I look ignorant. Just the day before, I described the company’s future with young employees and planned a shareholder meeting for three people in second days". This is our team official operation less than a month time, everything is just getting better organized, the development of the company. At any rate, I had no idea that such a WeChat would be received the night before. Yes, not even a phone. It’s just a WeChat.

actually, I’m a man who is afraid of taking a team with me. I always feel like a suitable products, as long as the supervision company in the general direction of any problem, but the fact that a product with your character and gene from birth, others to do will make others. Entrepreneurship, a lot of things you have to carry, you can not avoid.

at the beginning of my career, I just wanted to do a small and beautiful career. We sold some young artists’ works and concentrated on making limited reproductions. I hope everyone in China can afford to buy original works of contemporary art. In 2010, during the second years of my career, I even sold my own house. The reason is simple. I think my project is fun. It doesn’t have to be a small start-up, and it doesn’t have to be a big expansion. I’m sure it’s an art project that can be fun and produce a continuous cash flow.

from 2009 to 2011, I was doing the store. At first, we opened a shop in a friend’s gallery. In those 798 galleries, our paintings were relatively cheap and the business was very good. Later, with the change of my friend’s gallery, I began to work with photosynthesis. We decorated the 8~10 shop before and after the photosynthesis. The paintings were sold well. Decorative painting costs are not high, coupled with our pre – (investment) pressure very low, revenue has been good. But I never expected that when I planned to extend the decorative paintings to Hangzhou and Shanghai, the photosynthesis suddenly went bankrupt. That day I was Datong travel, or see the collapse of photosynthesis in micro-blog, was the news looting goods suppliers. The second day, I immediately back to Beijing, found that partners have long gone.

although the collapse of photosynthesis, I owed more than ten million yuan of money did not knot, but because of the profits of decorative paintings can be, so I did not lose money. Over the past two years, I have really lost a lot of money in my project, and there is no big profit, but it has strengthened my confidence in entrepreneurship. At least I know that the market for decorative painting is good.

recall two years ago, entrepreneurship, although a bit lonely, but the mentality is not impetuous, my company initially registered capital of only 30 thousand yuan, no money, no resources, no channels. I had a small appetite then

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