Website blog from the media why do we write less and less original

whether it is site, blog or from the media, it is always difficult to get rid of the original, less and less fatalistic. This is a vicious circle, not the original, it is difficult for us to have the light of day, every day to write original but could not escape the despair finally downhearted. Zhu Haitao is not making a fuss, do independent media time is not too long, but to see a lot of the circle lost out.


1, excellent originality can not guarantee vitality,

I’ve made a rough calculation of the articles on the famous blog Lu Songsong blog, leaving some source links, most of them no longer available. Especially when the posting time is more than one year, so far there are still few survivors. That is, websites, blogs, or from the media, live more than a year, at least not become " zombie " very little, and 35 years of survival and thriving blog, fingers can count. Writing articles on Lu Songsong’s blog is, for the most part, good for both writing and originality, at least for a point of view. And the quality of these authors can not help but think about the fact that webmasters and media writers may be even more frustrated.

2, the reality is to crush the webmaster bunch of " straw "

why so many webmaster and media people from a batch of the influx of a batch of withdrawal, the most direct reason is obviously the pressure of real life and overwhelmed, finally forced to quit. I think most people in the webmaster circle, from the media field, are ready to do not make money for the short term. The real brain fever dream on site in the short term is not afraid of who build up the family fortunes. So a lot of people begin to do this when the enthusiasm of the line is very high, the original article can write a few articles a day, and even if it is not making money, there is not much pressure. But after a long time, no money, nor see the dawn of victory, can no longer carry it, or some people have been disheartened. Behind each stationmaster may be a need to feed the family, no matter how many webmaster in the network has received much praise, as long as can not be converted into the real money to support the family, it is unbearable heavy.

3, dry finished, how to do?


said above, excellent original ability to ensure that long-term vitality can not be guaranteed. This original ability is also worth exploring. It can be said that as long as it is not the kind of genius writer, there is very little kind of dry goods that will never be written. Webmaster and from the media people, after all, not writing novels, most people write some kind of fixed type, such as technology, such as network marketing, such as seo. However, no matter which of them is written, it probably dries up. Zhu Haitao was able to write three original articles a day at first, but now the original frequency is much less. This is due to the need to spend more time doing other things and, on the other hand, limited material for writing.

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