The new idea of the chain construction soft links so that optimization effect more ideal

website promotion, the chain always holds its not easy to see the advantages, and even in importance as "the chain as emperor" of the honor. However, although the chain for the emperor, but the persistence of the link is not very much, so why? The reason lies in the low quality of the chain website, so in the face of search engine is updated every time when there is always a large site is removed outside the chain. Light is dozens of, can not produce any impact, but hundreds of thousands of the chain was suddenly removed, but the site is facing cold territory, not the right to drop, it is foreshadowed by K. So how to stabilize their own chain? Eliminate easy to increase, difficult to become the most difficult thing to do, most of the webmaster through various methods in the increase of the chain base case, to improve the quality of the chain. In addition to do it? Perhaps write soft Wen is a more significant effect, but also good quality under the condition of the chain can really get a lot of high weight website. But, how many people can truly be write a high quality of soft text? And a high quality soft Wen and ordinary soft brought is nothing more than the value of the difference between. As a webmaster or business owner, if the site has not been a good increase in the chain of channels, please use one or two minutes to read the following text:

1: low quality of the chain and the value of the difference between the chain

also is the chain, some sites bring hundreds of the chain of the spider or accurate customer is higher than some of the same industry website thousands of links and the effect brought by the same; is the chain, the search engine weight but have finally AIBA diameter. As an example to illustrate: A5 is now launched PR0-PR6 soft text generation service (, will be different sectors of the soft text and links brought to their different sectors of the web site. In fact, so provide the soft text of the chain is easier to get the attention of search engine, so it is a high quality web site outside the chain. Conversely, although the chain outside the site increased by more, but there is no corresponding industry type, or retain the quality of the chain site is low, is a search engine update, eliminate the hidden dangers of instability.


may have to spend money to do the webmaster retorted, so the chain effective? A few stationmaster around at present in the A5 binary chain, for nothing, just because the chain of constancy and correlation, and do the chain website quality are relatively high-quality resources, so that is because the official A5 requirements: issued by the website Baidu snapshot update in a week, published articles, published by the keywords associated with the root of the soft permanently delete. Through the above screening, the final site is often more high-quality sites, save a lot of garbage outside the chain of existence, the search engine to eliminate the opportunity to reduce the site outside the chain, less and less.

two: A5, where is the advantage of the chain


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