Post Bar fighting strategy the family Post Bar mixed experience

believe that many webmaster love in Post Bar or search inside to promote their website, publicity is good, traffic is very good, but these moderators are quite strict, a little inattentive letter of your IP or account, the most exasperating is the letter of your web site, then how to do after the Lord? And long-term "contest", summarizes the corresponding methods, and we explore here:

, let’s talk about search:

1, if the letter of your IP, we can use the browser proxy server to solve, there are many online search, I have collected some of that address in, do not want to find the webmaster can directly use the

I used

2, if your web site was blocked, it will prompt you not to post any ads or other domain names when you post it. Do not worry about this problem. We have a solution:

1., two domain name: a lot of free applications, a web page on your site is converted to two domain name, and then to send advertising.

2.: URL shortening has a lot to do with the web site on the Internet, is to convert your site to another web site, type two level domain name, I also collected a lot, the address is


3. cannot be anonymous posting that required by QQ, after landing before you can post, if blocked, the QQ number is discarded, that we can buy some coins left useless people steal, we actually landed a number of advertising, this kind of QQ is very cheap, only ten thousand a few yuan, search search, Taobao seems to have.

4., if you don’t want to be blocked, then some popular search, don’t go to post, go to some usually very few people stick it, hair a little more, the effect is almost the same, and safe

again, Baidu post bar

Baidu Post Bar more relaxed, I sent now, there has been no seal and IP account, but some Post Bar moderator is quite strict, often post was deleted, in that situation, we do not go to the bar to send the advertisement, free by the time you got.

other post bar has not tried, and if you are as enthusiastic as I am site promotion, make a friend, plus my QQ43136668, I hope we can exchange links

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