Throughout the ten years of domestic beauty website development process

saying everyone has the heart of beauty, love the beauty of the heart is a man has a look, the streets every day to estimate most people love beauty beauty not so free, and now the Internet has become most people work best way of leisure, now network beauty on the site which is a gospel beyond count, really we love the beauty of people.

beauty is a station of the good stuff, you can relax in your work, but what the country people have changed, beauty is the same, the early development of broadband network, due to restrictions, most of the sites are to minimize the use of pictures, so that when the beauty station rarely, very rare, remember I bought a 3.5 inch floppy disk, copy a few students from the Noriko Sakai company, the happy ah, now the broadband network is more and more big, the birth of a large number of pictures of the station site everyone to make money to engage in traffic to do, finally found the picture station if the color word is a bit of will the rapid increase in traffic, so now the most beautiful site with a color, and also many specialized in the dew point of the photo, called: the author holds that the human body art, art It does exist, but the online human art sites are 99% people who don’t understand body art. They just use art to attract traffic.

other beauty station wild advertising, you want to look beautiful, well, first I ad, a few enough to see you, and so you read to close the page when he will give you some substantial advertising pop out, make you laugh and cry.

some girls stand is ulterior motives, they do not stand to do beauty flow put advertising, but the Trojan virus, when you are flattered to enjoy the beauty, he has passed the Trojans into your computer, your computer what photo copy go, then tell you to retrieve photos, give me the money.

now has become a beautiful stand the common enemies of hatred, a lot of domestic space are specified is not allowed to place beauty site, of course, the space is not a fool, not to do business, but because of the environment, so many beauty stations are moved to the space to go abroad.

but I insisted that no more than the bad habits of the beauty station certainly still welcome, now campus beauty, beauty, beauty, city street shooting game beauty, auto beauty and other kinds of showgirl in each big website traffic is very high, the beauty of the heart that we have not changed. According to statistics, Chongqing is one of the most beautiful China City, and Chongqing city to promote the beauty as the name card also proved this point, in the Chongqing man is happy, Chongqing even specially coined a word: look, Chongqing understanding of touch is to see the beauty. There is a doggerel: know that the Beijing government, to Shenzhen to know less money, to Chongqing to know early marriage.

has never been to a friend in Chongqing

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