Thinking under the keyboard how does the stationmaster duplicate the success

copy and paste can go far, the original copy and modify the pseudo original can see how long? Grassroots webmaster replication is thinking or copy a simple text only with a snapshot to a search engine? An article in which the value depends on the people, how to understand the value of. Some people see the others after the success of the sentiment is added as a beacon for their own growth, while others will be added to the content of the website Kongfa do, copy and paste too observant of conventional standards. copy paste, copy the traffic will be more hope. Such websites abound and fail. Under the keyboard thinking: what is reproduced every day for the webmaster? An article published just a few hours will fly over the Internet, what is the meaning of it? Who wrote the original, and who will pass it?…… Thinking under the keyboard, the webmaster how to copy success.

1: for whom and the original webmaster? Every day there are a lot of webmaster in the soft Wen creation, basically for two kinds of results: improve popularity, soft Wen chain. But no matter what kind of writing, all the articles can be said to be valuable, a worthless thing, no one will hold the reprint, waste of energy and time only. Secondly, worthless articles will not be reviewed by editors. However, the author’s efforts under a strict audit released, editing after the show in front of webmaster can say is the best thing. But inevitably lead to people’s thinking is: whether to read more, or to the machine read some more? If it is to read the machine why so much trouble? If that is to write something, why are there so many articles to be reproduced directly with pseudo original tools the sign of tampering with the out of order? Or simply remove the copyright. Don’t copy the text, you can copy the idea? See the emergence of new articles, happy and not have new knowledge but their joy was born, until finally the fresh content to feed the spider to eat faster. Such sites abound, and well known and anonymous are habitually copied. Webmaster for who the original, in the face of high copy the behavior of dog in the manger still does not cause more people to reflect. Every day, a large number of websites have been replaced and eliminated, and it has to be said that most of these sites have been forced to replicate, so how can the webmaster replicate the success?

two: what did the stationmaster duplicate? Everybody is in pursuit of success, including simple reproduction, also expect success, but also in the labor force. However, the choice of the wrong road, percussion keyboard copied to the text, even if it is reproduced again, is always the accumulation of quantity, can not achieve qualitative change. Some people are different. They do not copy the text, but copy the author’s thoughts. Each person’s ability is limited, can not be all of the experience all through the practice, then to accept the experience of others, and then through the analysis of precipitation due to their own things, otherwise things will never copy others own what success? What a master copy of dross and often in wealth? An idea. Every time someone make a clarion call > announced

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