The micro blog brings business opportunities today you have a Bib

with the rise of micro-blog in foreign countries to the fiery, the whirlwind to thunder as soon as the wind blew to the other side of the ocean china. In 2009, the domestic micro-blog carried out a new round of restructuring operations, and statistics show that the major leading portals have launched their own micro-blog. This fiery continuous heating, users also have shifted from traditional blog to micro-blog. The network even spawned a popular saying: "today you blog?"

micro-blog is so hot because it has not only the powerful function of traditional blog, but also simpler operation. In addition, it also has advantages in portable use. Users in writing micro-blog do not have to adhere to the red tape on the writing style, with simple and popular words can also express their feelings, the mobile phone and it bound, but also anytime, anywhere to record their mood portrayal. Moreover, with the traditional chat tools (MSN, QQ), micro-blog broke one way to "traditional" information transfer, implementation of the "one to many communication channels", in this case, a point of information can become a broad news center. If a user has ten thousand followers, the information they publish can be instantly understood by ten thousand people, and if they are spread again, the coverage of the information is staggering. Therefore, micro-blog is actually a rapid, wide range, and can be targeted delivery of information dissemination.

and small hot has also extended to the field of e-commerce, more and more businesses to join the micro-blog marketing. Thus spawned e-commerce micro-blog business district. The reason why micro-blog marketing is hot is because of its unique features. It can not only facilitate the publication of products, businesses and product information, but also spread the speed of the broad, no doubt for businesses to increase publicity. Moreover, its cost is much lower than traditional blog and forum marketing. Interaction is also very powerful, can communicate with customers immediately, get timely feedback from users. Fans are also concerned about the spread of their own information, the coverage of a wide range of information, marketing is also difficult to assess the effect.


is on Twitter (twitter, commonly known as foreign micro-blog) marketing its own precedent, according to media reports, when many enterprises also blog, micro-blog as a corporate branding window, DELL has put the window into a profit "over the counter". From the relevant data show that DELL’s Twitter account above @delloutlet fans over 1 million 500 thousand, while micro-blog related marketing revenue has exceeded $7 million.

and micro-blog marketing is also a way. In the process of marketing, direct marketing products means is not the best solution, and for the purpose of customer first, to help businesses and customers to establish a good relationship, so that both sides can communicate and interact to produce a better marketing effect than you. In addition, excellent product quality, quality customer service experience, sincere communication, these factors are important factors in micro-blog’s successful marketing.


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