Six major tips for getting more targeted users in product operations

products operation covers a wide range, which runs through the whole process of products, from initial design to final sales promotion, and want your products have a good sales must be vigorously promotion of your products. Although many of the Internet in the promotion, but most promotion methods are identical, so we must identify the target user (the target user is refers to the enterprise according to their own ability to specific customers with a specific connotation of the product value, the specific customer is "target user") for the promotion of, and trying to attract more target users, only in this way can promote the enterprise sales.

one, build user portrait

in the process of making the product, we need to introduce PERSONA, that is, user portrait. User portrait refers to the user information label, that is, the analysis of consumer social attributes, habits, consumer behavior and other major data, the perfect abstraction of a user’s business panorama. Any product that has its target user Persona, it can help enterprises to quickly find the precise user groups and user needs more extensive information feedback, can focus on some of the vertical community, forum, community, can achieve a multiplier effect.

two, regularly update product

The user experience of

data is the best proof that we can from the user of the advantages and disadvantages of the various functions of the product data, imperfections should be timely upgrade, to provide users with the best products, the only way we can retain users, so as to attract more target users. The revision and upgrade is the most important part of product operation, need careful treatment, learning, innovation and even imitate speed are likely to affect the final results of operations, to maximize the effect of product operations, must work closely with operation and products.

three, in-depth understanding of user

if you want to have a better development of the enterprise or your start-up companies want to achieve growth, so the key factor is to know your users, is the so-called "know thyself, know yourself". You must know that the user is currently the biggest demand is what? Whether your solution in the real sense to help them solve the problem? What they are most interested in the topic? Only understand these problems, can we understand the needs of more users, then the corresponding promotion measures, according to the user requirements such as: material incentives encourage your customers, let them help you find new customers.

four, use word of mouth effect to spread

Between the

and the most important is to communicate, but perhaps some people are not good at communication, not gregarious, but as long as you can establish a good relationship between the user and the user, then your reward will be unexpected. If you can, like Tianjin website construction – – rate technology, as sincere customer service, pay attention to the effect of user experience, focus on providing excellent >!

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