My four year garbage website is a station experience

has been in touch with the Internet since 2004, and the changes in the Internet have made a big difference in my life. The first time to enter the Internet bar, in 2003 November 14th, when nothing understood, even do not know how to type with the keyboard, that day is also the first time to talk about QQ, the first time on the website, from now on, infatuated with the network. The network world is really wonderful, and I’m just one of them.

started studying web pages in 04 years, and now has several of its own. Some stop, some still still, how to say, he is also a still in the growth of the webmaster, come here today to their own years of experience and future goals to share with you.

1. At the beginning of the site, in fact, I still do not know what it is, a computer idiot (MA and uncle of a mile), what the virtual host server, what, what domain name, what ASP, PHP, dynamic, these words are out of order two years before that, as can be imagined, before the station is very failure. At that time, just learning, just full of enthusiasm, it made a station, more than half a month to do more than 400 pages, all static ah. Now think of it, then really have momentum, ha ha. At that time one of our class I still do it best (get the lead out, could not eat.


2. About SEO. Listen too much is keyword optimization, page optimization, and even Taobao have online shop decoration, e-commerce people are cattle, and anything can be used in the network above. In fact, my experience of the past few years, I do not understand what SEO, I do not do anything to optimize the code, and never pay special attention to popular keywords, but I put those search engines have played (a bit too much). How do I say, I got a real-time update each search engine small program, what hot words immediately generated, so a do, every day from search to IP is really good. But the first time the situation is very bad, I have fourth day long movie network website love pass up the night after I BAIDU you have included the more than 300 pages, then die of laughter, the feelings of this BAIDU spider or love my garbage station, can get up in the morning check again, mom, almost I didn’t die, 0, sleep to zero. Later, BAIDU caught a fan with me, a little while, a moment cleared. You can say, I’m a SEO, it’s terrible.

3, a garbage station, in fact, several stations had to do all that garbage station, although I do not want to, but there is no way, although the definition of garbage station is not very clear, but I know what I stand for IP every day is not a lot, there is no gain in the number from above money, like many unfortunate people, although has done a lot of efforts to change the station’s situation, but ultimately did not result, trash is rubbish station, further efforts are in vain. So now I just want to be a little better at the garbage station

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