What are the essential qualities of a station master

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nearly two years, the rapid development of the economy, for the development of the Internet provides a strong backing. Notebook prices are getting higher and higher, the desktop when the cabbage sold, the website server unimaginable cheap, all this development led to personal webmaster speeding growth.

today, although free source code is everywhere, there are fool guides everywhere, and it’s easy to build a website platform,

but what should we do if we want to get a website and want to have the ideal traffic?

want to build a super novice to look at the reference, I made the following suggestions:

1: will be the basic HTML code, not for other, for the website layout adjustment, ten thousand steps, you even simple HTML code will not, later you even advertising code want others to help you add.

2: be familiar with the operation of the site background, do the official station, we can spend 1 dollars to buy a domestic domain name, and then find a free space, the program system of several domestic famous Chuan up, familiar with the operation.

3: basic software operations. The site, several large software necessary are: Dreamweaver, Fireworks, FLASH, Photoshop, of course, this is for public speaking, maybe there are many Laoniao better software. Structure editing website, website image processing, image processing series advertising website, website framework and so on, are used on the above software, even if you can only simple operation or better than to do pictures to get online website fits well; to modify the source code, to Baidu know, go to the forum beg for others, is a painful torment.

4: basic knowledge of station building. At least you’ll have to upload FTP, build and backup databases, and submit new sites to search engines,

5: basic website publicity skills, editing and production of advertising related articles and pictures, people say the most cattle advertising is that people can not see you play advertising. The website propaganda believed webmaster net has also had N article, although mostly is the old saying again talks, but many of them also have many places which are worth our study,

6: content is king. See people all day is SEO, SEO what? Is actually cheating, get good, will bring short-term traffic and interests; rather, by engine feathers, all cast to waste effort! Why? If you want to SEO, your site is certainly not sticky, certainly by the search engines to flow. All, we must calm down, we must do our things well, do real, let people see your things, have harvest. Just like stationmaster net, if that day is plucked out, the visit quantity still can’t go down, why people remember the stationmaster net this website, because here can learn East >?

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