Talk about how to change the development mode of local rental network rote

local real estate network appears to reverse the local portal a dominant situation, now a lot to buy a house, rent friends are in Baidu search in a gently place names + real estate network ", this is one of the sources of local real estate network traffic, but I found a problem, many local real estate network the operation mode is basically the same, to attract people, profit, which seems to have become the industry’s unspoken rule, take the rental network as an example, I run a Xianning rental network before, when each transaction price is fifty percent months rent head, so I was trying to improve the housing price this makes a lot of housing, and the users feel more expensive fees.

in a user housing, a user scolded me, saying I earn HeiXinQian, then I fainted, I think it is ah, are all out of work is not easy, why the charge is so expensive? I remembered from entering the industry began to me just copy the experience of predecessors, to scold the outcome, and now my website was praised by the local people, because I learned to change their own website, here I talk about my ideas change.

first, conversion operation ideas, through ideas change value


property has a shortcoming that is not much traffic to a website, all the traffic we are formed to make the conversion rate of flow, because a flow may represent is money, but I was at the site of the change process of the first point is to transform this business idea, I decided to the property is not the local traffic to enter my site by low prices to attract, website operation ideas before the transition is a flow of gold and gold as possible; website operation ideas after conversion is: low prices to attract traffic, traffic will promote the quality of the site. These are two different extremes, but I think if you’re willing to stick to it, then you’ll beat your colleagues and take over most of the city’s real estate flow.

second, offering low price news, so that more renters

You can open any

a real estate website to see, I dare say not a real estate website is just like me for the user, because of changes in the second step I is trying to suppress the rental price, for the sake of users. In the rental room almost in the city in a single room, my rental price is 400/ months, while some sites reached 600, and even reached 800, but this mode of operation is also suitable for the needs of social development? And my site opened a special low price information bar, every day. Will announce the latest price information, the public way to let the user know my price, then when they go to other sites or consultation will find my website price is low, so users will naturally come again.

third, urban advertising, so that more people understand the website

friends must have seen it in the taxi

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