Finally stepped into the ranks of the webmaster

I’m from Xi’an, in mid October 2008, I finally escaped from the evil of the office cubicle, started to move a webmaster, concentrate on their own website, although just started, I was full of hope, the past few months, from now can be absolutely ignorant of, and the people in the chat some professional things. Although my website is not big, but I like it very much, all have one after another, plan oneself experienced, in the website bigger, think about this not long not short a few months, really memorable

well do not cut down, back to station after all to the virtual host, domain name, and the need to be hosting or hosting, so repeatedly consult all the friends in the jar.

with all the enthusiastic help, my website is still very smooth. Fast and affordable. Site jar introduced, let Xi’an’s network help to make, after all, in Xi’an, what problems are also easy to solve?. So click on the site. Because the trial is hosting their sites, could have been sent, but the process of making me curious website, requires the help of my own making, and network technology, it has made some friends, there are any problems, regardless of whether or not their problem, they are still very enthusiastic help me to solve. The friend in this jar is really good, introduced me to be a good IDC service business

anyway, thank the jar either help or not to help my friend, let’s hope that the jar more fire, if you want to start their own webmaster career, although I am a novice, but still very willing to share my experience of free, of course, I hope you can give me more support.

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