f you can’t leave Baidu your website can only stop here

Baidu, undeniably, is a very successful web site, and it does give the station more traffic search engines.

, but any webmaster site, its mainstream quantity can not unilaterally rely on Baidu!


this sentence, is the dream cold often to nearby webmaster speak a word. The fact is already there, and if you do know how to dig traffic at Baidu, then you might be the second Taobao tomorrow, but unfortunately you don’t have the strength of Taobao.

Baidu’s daily traffic is very large, these traffic is not available for each webmaster, but these traffic can be used for us? Obviously, we are not so tough to that point. For any website, it’s just a small, very small classification of the entire life circle. While Baidu is facing the general classification of whole life circle, here it was all but, cover and contain everything, if it was collected to divide each webmaster hand flow, then as a drop in the bucket.

a webmaster and Baidu who dig their flow, rather than consider their theme, then combining their own theme combined with peripheral products, with their high popularity. An ordinary bus station wants to get a superior flow at Baidu, unless you’re bidding, or you’re in the dark. But, you turned to the other car portal station, these sites are the lower threshold, the flow of course than Baidu, but its absolute flow than Baidu pure without thousands of times, and opportunities are much bigger than Baidu. Maybe one or two portal station and can’t give you how much traffic, but do a little more, at least can get real flow, always better than all day in that think how to get popular keywords, to come true,


a person only know how to make the search engine "ass", it finally got only a "fart" only; and a person who know how to use their own resources to improve their portal flow, it will not need any search engine.

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