From heaven to hell how does the picture affect conversion rates

love you use pictures in the blog article? Yes, if it’s not too much trouble, I believe we are not on the mind to put some beautiful pictures to decorate the contents of the two kinds of consequences but your picture may lead to the following:

pictures will help you achieve your business goals, and may also hurt your conversion rate.

sounds very simple, but unless you can truly understand the picture of how to influence purchasing decisions, pictures of some nuances may bring different effect to your conversion rate.

so, starting today, don’t blindly add unnecessary decorative pictures to your website,


why shouldn’t you use pictures to decorate


if you often write sales copy or Landing Page, you may have heard it said: "the word is precious, a picture is worth a thousand words"

, this is absolutely a truth…… The premise is that you have used the correct picture.

‘s wrong pictures often make people feel confused and easily overlooked.

"what makes a picture just right, and it complements the content?"

first look at the following test:

if you just copied some pictures from Flickr or other popular picture sites to your website, you might have placed the wrong picture.

yes, you might think it attracts people’s attention, but unless the picture is directly related to what you are talking about, visitors will probably ignore it.

for example, T-Mobile on their website to highlight their spokesperson Catherine Zeta – Jones, perhaps she is ever to take a phone on the most beautiful woman in the ear, but for a potential customer to buy the phone, Who Cares


from the user interface engineering,

there is a old customer, he was interested in buying a button slightly larger, easier operation of mobile phone keys, when he cannot when any images to identify the size of the mobile phone keys on the site, he felt a little frustrated. And when he saw Catherine, Zeta – Jones carrying a phone he liked, banner, a huge advertisement in his ear, was completely upset. The customer told me: "she is a very beautiful woman, but I just want to see how big is the key. Never mind this big Mimi and her hair was vulnerable, vulnerable!"

why do customers feel this way,


, Catherine, Zeta – Jones was used as a decoration for mobile phones. Yes, she might really attract attention, but that would be good for T->

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