Choose the network walked along the bitter Road two

A5 started in November last year in this network I walked inside the bitterness, I talked about the road network from November to April, today to talk about me from December to the present road network


many webmaster know, in December last year, the network storm prompted many individual webmaster have left the circle, and I do the industry belongs to the extreme industry —–> SF. Now, in retrospect, I felt a bit sad for the last few months. Want to feel at that time is in debt, I also checked the IDC for IDC, so just two months time for 10 IDC. As a result, the station has been K finished, and finally put all my stations are closed, and look forward to that glimmer of hope, so I’m here to give those novice Adsense reminder, do not change your IP frequently!


years after, the situation has improved, the IDC are not so strict, so I chose a IDC in a hurry and do it! So far I have started 10 a few stations, although still in a state of loss, but I believe that as long as we can win! < / p>

actually do this network is very promising, but very tired, this play is the mind and patience! We all know that some stations for one year, two years in a state of loss, perhaps some of this time choose to give up, and so the rest of the

is the winner!

finally, I urge all the webmaster to adhere to, no matter what line, as long as choose the right direction, then insist on success,


A5 starter, webmaster original, if reprint, please bring links,


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