Concentration is also one of the core competencies of SNS

because half of the fireworks, I am non professional writers, therefore, in the whole blog, there will be a lot of saliva of the text, ha ha, and later on in the article will not declare in particular. At present, many webmaster do SNS, including me, many of my friends have their own SNS operations, and they are getting more confused, why? Because they feel that they do not know what to do, because what has his SNS above, do not know which direction.

actually, what I want to say is that concentration is also one of the core competencies of SNS. Take the beauty Street talent network, the net friend knows that this site is a draft, but in fact it has achieved its purpose. If a SNS, a netizen above, do not know what you’re doing, so, this site you have no core competitiveness, because UCHOME is open source, everywhere is a face, you have the game, others have, because it is a game of roaming.

recently busy, very little bubble 5g, but its operation is very successful, at least I will often think up and communicate with the webmaster above. Because it focuses on the exchange of the Internet, more specifically, focus on webmaster communication. This concentration will make a big impression on others.

A few days ago in

Admin5 hair article, a lot of friends sent a message to me, let me take a look at their SNS station, after I found what results in, have their website, information, beauty, movies, music and so on, the equivalent of a comprehensive station. In fact, to a personal webmaster words, if the location is too wide, then operation success is very difficult, especially SNS this belongs to the concept of web site. We must learn to take back the net we put out and realize the final profit.

, for example, if your site is a local station, such as the XXX area, then, you should focus on the characteristics of the region, the area for the users to find what he needs Dongdong, such as playgrounds, line activities, area discount information, local news etc.. Let others really feel you this site useful, but also their circle. Because people, have a sense of belonging, such as the XX area, if the town has a relatively well-known SNS, then living in this area will often appear on this SNS, because there is no sense of distance for them. Guangzhou every time, every webmaster gathering is more, this type of community webmaster, and they are doing very well, many local businessmen advertising.

said so much, just want to explain, your SNS site once positioning, and then focus on doing, then your site will be valuable. Like beauty Street talent lottery, has attracted a lot of business vision.

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