2 months in the mother earned 10 thousand of the students the webmaster story

, a student awake in slumber, from the beginning to the present,

when the computer network, gradually contact us, when I was a junior high school students every day in addition to school is to go home, I didn’t even know what is the network, only seen friends to play computer, then I know the computer is really pitiful, not to mention the network, what about the website the network of things, when I was 2 at the beginning of the semester when the school bought a room, I was very curious, although only 2 classes a week but think it is the most hard at school. At that time, the school room or 95

?When the

in the beginning of 3 when surrounded by students began to play at that time I did not know what it is, just curious, when one day I really enter the cafe that sense of friendly and comfortable, the first time in Internet cafes playing computer, my classmates and I play the game hard at that time, every few days then we will go to the Internet cafe, not networking, then the grand legend just came out not long, very popular play, Internet cafe owners themselves across the legendary we started playing at that time do not know why so love to play the game, one day after the installation of the Internet network, first contact network, then No. QQ can not apply, can point the phone application, on call home for QQ, that was my first contact with the network, what is strange, what also do not understand, but only feel the feeling Very comfortable, friendly feeling. The first use of GOOGLE search is that I see our teacher, it let me on the Internet has no curiosity, want to know about it, because where I can find what, want as long as you can have many websites.

slowly in the online Bay self-help website, I want to say my name to how nice it displayed on the site, and since then I have this idea, I just start to apply for a 5M free space for their names at the input of the inside, feeling good, I have a few days could not sleep, the heart is all about website stuff, but after not long to see other websites is very good-looking, all have to do their own good, and later to see the kind of self-help website, like free 3 months later, all I applied for, in which to play around a few months, to the senior high school entrance examination didn’t go after the heart on the Internet, all senior high school entrance examination failed, as parents have been against me think Internet will hurt me I feel very mixed, people also think so, But I keep this occupation, high school senior high school entrance examination exam after we went to a town to go to school, we like those people despise me like that "service network" and I.

went to the occupation high school, I lost the direction just like a line kite, obsessed with playing games, 1 time every day to go to Internet cafes to play legend, for 1 months, finally felt tired, plus living expenses after the Internet will not, so put it the legendary account of my classmates to sell 5 yuan to sell, it really touched me.

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