s the family SNS model feasible in China

China is a focus on kinship countries, at present SNS mode in the world, China also launched a similar FACEBOOK campus network and network at home, there are some marginal SNS website, for example, if the neighbor contact home etc.. So, is it possible to use SNS as a family opportunity in China,


according to the author’s observation, the current China has launched nearly more than 10 families such as the SNS website, I show my family (www.5j5x.com), (www.famioo.cn), but even more distinctive but not much, I show my focus and tracking family, its core product is a family tree. And each family is even more family contact between friends. Whether it’s my home, my show, or my family, it’s still in its infancy in China. The technology of its 2 websites is very cattle. The key is to see how the market will work in the future.


China is a perfect fit for the home SNS model, why?


1. China is a country which pays great attention to family blood relationship. Since ancient times, the tradition of genealogy has been taken. The Confucius family, for example, has provided subsidies for each dynasty to repair the genealogy. Has lasted for more than 2000 years, it can be described as a wonder of the world. Since China has such excellent traditional virtues, so the traditional repair genealogy and maintain kinship to the Internet, did not succeed? Just to maintain the family blood relationship with the Internet, you need to make some modifications to the network tools, play more fully.

2. is more likely to promote the development of the family in the SNS website, the most exquisite China reciprocity, in reality is a kind of etiquette courtesy, so in the network to do? In more convenient, with the popularization of network and we accelerate the pace of life, many people are more and more choices through the Internet or SMS to contact relatives and friends friends. To provide a convenient service platform and SNS website for people in the family.

3. family life pattern need more SNS site service, the people of Shanghai, Beijing and other big city are living in a closed building, between friends and relatives around less, mostly through QQ, MSN, E-MAIL or SMS calls, but these tools although played a certain role but, not to focus on, not to have the blood relationship of relatives and friends together for the China business management, SNS and SNS are constructed on campus business friends or classmates, and the family blood relationship as the core of the site is not SNS. Belong to a blank market.


has Chinese family SNS website on the survival and development of soil, so much the prospect of how? China population, naturally family, but the family is China 80% population in rural areas, so the family is not optimistic about the prospects of SNS website. Secondly, the profit model is also very vague, >

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