nteresting use mobile phone station webmaster

 , who spent three hundred hours last autumn scouring out a BlackBerry on the Internet, was excited by the first contact. Slowly, all functions will be used, and then began to download resources and themes from the Internet, in fact, it is very difficult. It’s not like an ordinary mobile phone. Just download it directly. All kinds of things have to be translated into their own default format, for example, the picture is in IPD format. Ha ha, I haven’t heard of it before.

because of small memory, only 16M. So many things play enough, delete, Download new. But there is no heart, will be hard to find the resources abandoned. Then find a free SkyDrive deposit, the more I know the more deposits. Later ruthless cruel, bought a space, got a CN, my small station also opened. Ha ha,

tossing around for a long time, the mobile phone finally can access the Internet, ha ha, that happy. A strong point is, although only three hundred pieces of things. But support www Internet access, that is, and the same computer. At first, I just browsed through the web, and then inadvertently logged on to GGadsense and saw the account details. The accident and excitement ah, quickly landed under other sites, ha ha. Ali can also go to Germany, and even login diy.hichina.com management domain name. Now often so: the teacher on the platform big talk about Marxism Leninism, I landed below my small forum http://s.www.heimei.hi.cn management. Small station only a few dozen IP every day, even useful post machine to advertising, quickly landing backstage, blocked his IP.^_^

I BlackBerry model for low-end machines, a variety of settings more difficult, so as to experience the fun ~ ~ thousands of models also have, it would be no fun, but also so expensive. QQ251453158 welcome exchanges, play BlackBerry for half a year. .

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