The school network let me do stand let me earn

"I’m going up step by step, waiting for the sun to look at its face. Little days, big dreams, heavy shells, gently looking up……" Listening to Jay Chou’s snail, sitting in front of my favorite computer, to share my experience with the station. This experience may be no other students, such as unlimited scenery, and did not make much money, but she is my growth mark, but also regarded as a way to do the station.

in September 05, I came to Wuhan from Shandong and started my college life. When I left home for the first time, I felt like I was alone. I used to surf the Internet and look for my former classmates. It was this opportunity that I knew. At that time, the school network, not many people, I looked for us in Tai’an, one of the students, it seems that only a few people. At that time, I felt that there were two places in the school network, one was the personal page DIY and the other was a group (there was a secret of "graffiti board" at that time, and there were tens of thousands of people there. I just found the search for common words, what the "Shandong", "love", "friends" ah what are many related groups, but when I search for "girlfriend" even when a group has no chance, ah, I would build a playful name "Oh to find a girlfriend". At the same time, for fun, I also casually built a fellow villager group, called "Shandong people in Wuhan."". After turning several attractive posts from MOP, I didn’t manage the two groups very well.

imperceptibly, the past two years, the twinkling of an eye to the junior, sophomore summer I went to a software company in Hangzhou software park of heaven made one month internship, now knowing what are not actually (I study computer)…… At that time, I would like to seize the time, do more things, learn more things. Just on the eve of the eleven, my girlfriend’s sister know we are asked to learn the computer, we can help her to change their school website, it is purely static, she would like to change to publish news that she (what all don’t understand, not on the network, we have to learn that is this. -_- sweat!…… The previous few pure HTML pages were spent 2000 people to do…… ). Did not wait for girlfriend joke, elder sister, my head is hot, unexpectedly full mouth promised to come down: national day seven days, after seven days, take out a website. Girlfriend began to understand, and later things really set, and then began to strongly support me (I do what she supports, wife, I love you), I will go online every day, run the library to find information, learning dynamic web site design. First I want to do with JSP (because I practice in JAVA company), so I do on your own machine, and set up a WEB server, and MYSQL what, when all is ready, ready to start, I suddenly remembered the sister school server may not support JSP (like home the few support, impulse…… ). Later, I found that the PHP script was good, except "", isn’t that C? Ha ha! ". For convenience, I apply directly to a 1G space on the Internet (3 day trial), for someone else’s code and copied and changed, learn to use, > three

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